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10 Best Snowboard Bindings – Buying Guide

10 Best Snowboard Bindings Buying Guide

10 Best Snowboard Bindings – Buying Guide

We all agree that you cannot snowboard without good bindings. Bindings are, without a doubt, one of the most important factors when it comes to this sport since, without them, we would fall off the boards, and the manoeuvres that we love so much would be impossible to perform.

These beautiful objects have the task of keeping your feet always firm, in a good position and glued to the snowboard, with just enough comfort so that you can do all your favourite tricks with great confidence and security.

As you probably already know, the market has to offer you many varieties of snowboard bindings. There are different sizes, colours, and brands, and each one stands out for something in particular. When making your purchase, you must make sure that the bindings you choose are of high quality and resistant to avoid any problems while using them.

On the other hand, we want to make a very particular recommendation. It is more than clear that it is the best on the market and you will not regret it if you choose it. The Burton Freestyle Snowboard Bindings is the right choice for you due to the excellent quality and incredible fit it presents.

However, suppose you need more options to make a decision. In that case, we tell you that we, together with our best researchers, have been in charge of looking for those bindings that we know will be easily adapted to the needs of many users. It will allow them to practice this sport in the best way for them to continue to stand out and progress to be the best.

If you are a true fan of snowboarding, you will surely love knowing all the options that we have found for you. We have made this top 10 with the idea of ​​making it easier for you to read all the information in one place and to be able to choose the perfect option. 

Top 10 Best Snowboard Bindings

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1. Burton Freestyle Snowboard Bindings


  • very lightweight
  • Made with suitable quality materials
  • Very versatile 


  • It only has sizes M and L
  • Not recommended for beginners 

As you have seen above, without a doubt, this model is the best on the market and our primary recommendation. It stands out a lot for the great comfort and versatility it offers to each user.

Despite only having sizes M and L, these bindings quickly adapt to almost all sizes of snowboards. For that reason, many athletes prefer them. 

They are made of polycarbonate. This product is extremely light and also resistant, so you can carry out all the manoeuvres you want in a simple way. Thanks to this material, you will notice that it resists falls much better than other bindings—ideal for most experts who need to perfect their techniques day by day.

Finally, we think it is essential to tell you that this pair of bindings are made with recycled materials. In this way, waste is reduced much more and helps the environment. Without a doubt, it is an ideal option to function very well while you are in the snow.  

2. Burton Smalls Snowboard Bindings


  • It has the best security 
  • resistant materials
  • Two different colours 
  • ergonomic model 
  • It fits children and adults 


  • Not recommended for larger foot sizes

For true lovers of adrenaline and skill, these bindings will be the best option for you. They stand out a lot for the excellent security they have, thanks to the straps, which are well padded so that they do not damage your boots or cause pain to your feet. In addition, the buckles are specially reinforced, and we assure you that they will never come loose.

We tell you that they have a handy damping system regarding the safety of these bindings. This system allows you to perform all your favourite manoeuvres and fall without feeling the hard hits. It will make you have better resistance and, in addition, total confidence in yourself.  

It has two colours. Black, for fans of the classic, helps combine with everything and gives it an exquisite touch to look very professional in the snow. It also has a turquoise model, ideal for those users who prefer a slightly more youthful and different option. You can choose them in sizes S and L, which will adapt perfectly to several users without any problem. 

3. Nitro Snowboards – Micro ’20 All Mountain – Unisex Snowboard Bindings


  • unisex model  
  • Quick and easy assembly 
  • Absolute comfort from the first use 


  • Only available for children

This model is specially designed for the smallest of the family. It has a fresh and also very striking design. Without a doubt, it will make your son look like never before, and he will be able to demonstrate all his skills while he is on his snowboard. 

So that you feel complete peace of mind, we tell you that this format allows you to have the best security. This unique grip will give your child much more confidence, and he will be able to perform many manoeuvres without fear, thus perfecting himself more and more in this sport. In addition, it is straightforward to assemble and place it on the board, and you will see that you can put it in a matter of minutes and without the need for tools. They offer you a great flex, ideal for those little ones who love extreme challenges. 

The ankle strap helps keep your feet firmly on the board and prevents them from falling off, and they are ideal for impeccable stability. And, of course, they are bindings that stand out for being ergonomic. By using them, children will feel absolute comfort that will make them enjoy their snowboarding sessions much more. 

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4. Burton Scribe Women’s Snowboard Bindings, Size S, Black


  • Elegant design
  • Very light for comfort
  • Perfectly absorbs impacts 


  • Exclusive for women
  • They can be expensive 

This pair of bindings is specially designed for the last of women’s feet, without a doubt, it will give you a comfort never seen before, with the necessary cushioning so that your feet quickly get used to it from the first use. Being designed with a shell covering up to the ankle area prevents you from feeling any pain, and you can enjoy every moment. 

And, speaking of pain, these bindings have a high-tech damping system to absorb and withstand falls much better, and you will also feel much fewer vibrations while you are on your board. It offers a unique flex that other models do not have. 

Suppose you can’t decide on one type of snowboard, and you want to get bindings that quickly adapt to all of them. In that case, the best option is this article because it is easy to adjust and will give you the necessary freedom to do all your favourite activities in the snow. 

5. SP Snowboard Bindings Private White 39-42 EU for Men and Women


  • Good padding for greater comfort
  • Unisex 
  • Better adaptability than other models


  • only in white colour

These bindings are a perfect option for both men and women because they are designed with a type of shell that can be adapted very quickly to the last of the feet of different users. It makes it a super versatile and ideal binding for those just starting with this sport. 

As for safety and comfort, as we just said, it has a particular casing, which gives you the best protection of all, with well-padded linings that provide you unparalleled comfort from the first use, avoiding those inconveniences that usually appear in the heel part. Without a doubt, these bindings have the right size to cover your heel and keep it permanently attached to the snowboard so that you can have much more security and, above all, confidence when snowboarding.

They also provide you with a lot of comforts, since they have the ‘auto-release and memory’ system, thanks to this, you won’t have to be adjusting them every time you use them. All you have to do is put them on quickly, and they will already have the perfect fit for you.

Finally, we think it is essential that you know that these bindings are perfect for freestyle due to the good cushioning. In addition, they will always remain well adjusted for that type of activity and will not accumulate snow anywhere.

6. Burton Grom Bindings, Unisex Kids


  • very ergonomic
  • cool design 
  • Versatile


  • It only has two sizes.

It will be the most suitable option for little snowboarding fans, and they will love them from the first moment. This style of bindings are the ones that allow them to have a freedom that they do not have with others; without a doubt, your children will be able to practice nonstop, and you will be able to verify that they will have the best resistance, no matter how long they use them, they will always be in the best condition. 

As you can see, it is a design that is not seen every day. That is also a factor that we think is important to highlight. Thanks to this very peculiar constitution, you can be calm knowing that your children will have the best security. In addition, they come with an excellent slide to make it much easier to put on and take off super quickly.

These bindings are made with recycled materials and, despite only having two sizes, they are compatible with most mounting systems so that you do not complicate your life and can have a good purchase. 

7. Nitro Zero Snowboard Bindings


  • Available in 3 different colours
  • Guaranteed comfort from the first moment 
  • Great style
  • It covers up to the ankle area 


  • Quite a high price 

As can be seen with the naked eye, these bindings have many comforts for users. It is a modern and elegant design, ideal for those who love to maintain a unique style even when snowboarding.  

It has two rigid and very resistant plastic buckles; with them, you will be able to secure your feet to the maximum but still have absolute comfort with the indicated pressure so that your feet do not hurt or anything like that.

They are very versatile bindings. They are available in black, for those who like the classic and simple, also in white and in this aqua green colour that is very striking and beautiful to look at. In addition, they are bindings that have sizes M and L, having excellent adaptability for standard feet and a little longer.

It is the perfect option for athletes just starting in this sport since they provide you with a lot of security, completely covering up the ankle area. It will ensure that your feet and legs always remain firm and straight, preventing them from bending and suffering from any painful experience. 

8. Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings


  • Made with first-class materials
  • Perfect fit and support
  • Good shock absorption
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Available only in size S
  • its price is high

Continuing with one of the safest products in our entire article, we present these bindings, which stand out, as we have mentioned, for the significant security they offer. They are specially designed to cover up to the highest point of your ankle and keep your feet in good posture. 

On the other hand, it is a very well padded model to give your feet a feeling of greater comfort. The straps and buckles that it comes with are made of a super resistant material so that you can adjust them until you feel comfortable and be entirely sure that they will never break no matter how hard you do the most complicated manoeuvres; In addition, the damping system is superior to many others. 

It is one of the most accessible bindings for mounting and adjusting on your board. You can do it in a matter of minutes and without the need to use tools. It is compatible with most mounting systems, so you will have no problem adapting it to the rest of your equipment.



  • good hold
  • Easy and quick to put on
  • Economic option


  • Slightly tight ankles
  • Not compatible with 3D tables, nor Chanel Burton

These bindings are the ideal choice for on-piste and off-piste fans. They provide the indicated support for this modality that requires a lot of speed. In addition, it adjusts super quickly and effortlessly.

As for the sizes, despite only having two measurements, they cover many numbers. On the one hand, with size M it covers from 36 to 41 and, on the other hand, size L covers from 42 to 47. We are more than sure that you will not have any problem adapting quickly to these sites.

They are one of the cheapest options you can find today and more knowing their excellent quality. Without a doubt, the perfect choice for those users who like to take care of their economy. 



  • Easy to put on and take off
  • maximum comfort
  • Excellent adaptability to different boots
  • very cheap


  • They can be a bit cold.

The final product in our great top 10 is these bindings for children. They are the most suitable option for them due to their design. This format allows them to put on quickly; since they only have an extensive adjustment strip, they will learn to put on the bindings by themselves. 

So that they can learn this wonderful sport with maximum safety, we tell you that this fastening system achieves total shock absorption with EVA foam, which is located in the front area of ​​the fingers and the heel. It will help protect them much more in risky situations.

We also think it is essential to highlight that size S ranges from 34 to 38 cm, so your child will be able to use these bindings for several seasons because you can adjust them to suit them as they grow. In addition, it is a super-economical option and of excellent quality that will surprise you every day. 

Children will entirely fall in love with this model and will be able to enjoy it to the entire thanks to all the comforts it offers. 

What to consider when buying

When purchasing bindings, we know that we are presented with many unknowns, which makes us hesitate at the time of purchase. For that reason, we take it upon ourselves to thoroughly research the features needed to make a good pair of bindings. Here we will tell you the best tips to have in mind while looking for your ideal product. 

The first and foremost thing to consider is the type of modality you want to practice. Because there are bindings for freestyle, all-mountain, and freeride, you need to look carefully if the ones you wish to are capable of the type of activity you will be doing. They must have the necessary hardness to resist these snowboarding modalities perfectly.

Materials also matter and influence a lot when buying. To get the ideal fixings for you, you must ensure that the product in question is made of good quality. With this, you are assured that it will last a long time, resisting no matter how you use it daily.

Being made with premium raw material, you will have better shock absorption in the event of a fall, and this will prevent the bindings from splitting or breaking in any way. It is essential to know that some brands decide to make their bindings with recycled materials, but don’t be scared! Because they also have excellent quality. 

Other items that must be considered are the adaptability and the size you are going to buy. The first is related to what we said about the modality. To be satisfied with your purchase, the bindings must be able to adapt perfectly to both your board and your boots.

And, as for the size, you must bear in mind that, although the bindings can adjust, they mustn’t go small, and for that, you must measure the contour of your boot, and thus you will know what size you need.

We are sure that you are ready to find your perfect bindings with these tips. 

Frequent questions: 10 Best Snowboard Bindings Buying Guide

How do I know if I am buying the correct size?

Knowing which size to choose is elementary. First, you must acquire the boots and the snowboard and, finally, the bindings. When doing this, you only need to measure your shoes and board to ensure that the bindings will fit perfectly with the rest of your gear.

Is there a correct way to care for bindings?

They do not need much care, but we always recommend drying them perfectly after each snowboarding session and storing them in a cool place. It will prevent the material of the bindings from rusting, and without a doubt, following these precautions will make them last much longer, in perfect condition, as newly purchased. 

Are the bindings compatible with all snowboards?

It will depend a lot on the bindings you have. They are almost always compatible with all tables, although there are, of course, some exceptions. What we recommend you do is check the specifications of each one carefully.

10 Best Snowboard Bindings – Buying Guide

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