5 Simple Morning Routines for A More Productive You

5 Simple Morning Routines for A More Productive You

5 Simple Morning Routines for A More Productive You

Mornings are crucial; how your morning goes can easily influence your whole day. The good news is, it’s in your control. Building a robust morning routine with good habits is beneficial for your daily productivity.

But hey, I know sticking to good habits is hard. Days change mood changes. Keeping yourself consistent enough to do something regularly is not an easy task. Even dragging yourself out of bed can be difficult sometimes.

That’s why it’s important to keep it simple. A manageable morning routine will help you just enough to prepare and be ready for your day. Here are five simple morning routines to help you be more productive throughout the day:

Rise early (and keep yourself awake)

To have a morning routine, you need to wake up early in the morning. This is achievable through a good night’s sleep. Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule will give you enough energy to start your day. And of course, the earlier you wake up, the more time you have in the morning.

There’s no exact perfect time to get up. You might’ve heard about the ‘5 AM Club’ or such, but really, you just need to listen to your own body. It’s better to wake up at the right time than get up only to hit snooze again. When that’s the case, caffeine might be helpful. Get to your coffee machine as soon as you wake up for a quick energy boost.

Get moving

Another way to keep yourself awake after getting up is to exercise. Exercise, especially in the morning, is proven to be helpful in a lot of ways. Study shows that morning exercise enhances attention, visual learning, decision making, mood, and overall energy throughout the day. It also keeps your brain healthy from a mental decline.

Although exercise can sound daunting to include in your daily morning routine, no need to worry. Keep in mind that, like the whole routine itself, it doesn’t have to be complex. A trip to the gym might be ideal, but even following a quick 10-minute workout on your tablet can wake up your body to prepare for the day ahead. 

5 Simple Morning Routines for A More Productive You

Freshen up

Take shower

This habit gets a good rep in a lot of morning routines of successful people. A cold shower (especially after exercising) can be a refreshing part of your daily morning routine. There are many perks of taking a cold shower, but increased mood and alertness might be the key benefits to help you get energized for the day.

Eat healthy breakfast

There’s a well-known belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To start a great, productive day, you need to get a well-balanced meal as your energy intake. Planning and preparing the meal the night before might help you save time in the morning.

Some people are just not used to having breakfast. If you’re one of them, giving it a try won’t hurt. It might take time and effort to make it a habit, but it’s worth it.

Mindfully plan your day

Most of the time, we vaguely know what we’re going to do for the day: work, school, etc. Yet it’s extremely easy to lose focus and eventually waste lots of time without being productive. Planning the whole day ahead in the morning could be useful to avoid that.

It is also essential for us to be mindful while planning out our activities. A peaceful morning brings us the opportunity to remind ourselves about what’s important in life. This could also be a motivation boost to concentrate better throughout the day.

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Eat the frog!

No, don’t worry, I’m not actually telling you to have a living frog for breakfast. Quoting Mark Twain, eating the frog basically means doing the hardest task first before moving on to the less hard ones. It’s a great way to keep yourself from procrastinating.

When you ‘eat the frog,’ you trick your mind into thinking that you’re done with the hardest thing that you need to do today. It means that everything else after will be easier, and you can handle them.

There are dozens of ways to start a productive morning, yet it all comes down to yourself. Find your own reason, and you will be unstoppable for the rest of the day!

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5 Simple Morning Routines for A More Productive You

5 Simple Morning Routines for A More Productive You

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