6 study tips for college students

6 study tips for college students

6 study tips for college students

College education in the USA and UK is a challenging and arduous process. No wonder that many novice students find themselves in a tight spot trying to deal with their newfound responsibilities. Hard and complicated work causes them to lose motivation with each day, and even the most fascinating topics seem less and less attractive. If you combine academic work with having a job, as many students do, these issues become even more prominent.

Indeed, becoming adjusted to college takes a lot of energy and effort, but it pays off in the long run. So what to do if you feel at a loss and remembering all the new courses seems impossible? We combined the best tips proven by practice that will help you get used to college life and significantly increase your academic performance.

Plan your work

Plan the whole semester ahead and distribute the studying sessions throughout this time to avoid exhaustive studying before exams and trying to cram all the knowledge in your head in one week. You can develop your plan in a notebook, specialized planner, or even just on your phone—any convenient method will do.

Furthermore, creating a plan for each day is an excellent way to put all essential work in order and complete it without fail. Select the most important learning affairs and put them on top of your list to do in the morning—soon, you will notice how efficiently this approach helps to save time and ease the workload. Write down your goals for the day—this way, you won’t forget anything important.  Planning your day also helps to develop a consistent routine and find a rhythm that works for you. However, don’t forget to take small breaks during your studies—timely rest beneficially reflects on your well-being and productivity.

Create a comfortable learning space

Studying should be comfortable, so if you’re learning at home, spend some time establishing a home office. We considered a few tips on how to make it comfortable and suitable for working on your studies.

  • Choose things that help you concentrate—it can be your favorite music in the background, some snacks or tea to replenish your energy during study sessions, or nice decorations that you associate with learning.
  • Ideally, your learning space should be used only for work so that you won’t be distracted—that’s why studying in your bedroom might not be the most practical idea. Just dedicate a small space for your little study cabinet and try to eliminate anything that can divert your attention.
  • Remember about your health and invest in adjustable furniture that suits your complexion. Such an approach helps to ensure that you are feeling comfortable during studying, increases your productivity, and even protects your health in the long run.

Make notes during learning

Write down the main points from the learning material during lectures—it will help you structure the information in your head and remember it better. This way, you will be able to take your notes with you and review them when you have a bit of free time. Try to return to your notes periodically—just a few additional reviewing sessions will help you understand the topic and memorize it thoroughly.

Also, reread your notes before each lesson to be prepared for any question and will be able to demonstrate your knowledge to make a good impression on a professor. Moreover, creating hand-written notes can be an excellent additional practice for your English skills.

Use outside help

If studying by yourself is still hard, don’t despair—just try to use outside assistance from someone who has more experience with academic work. You can hire a tutor, ask your professor for tips or try to work together with a more successful student.

Moreover, if you have a problem writing an assignment, using a quality example of an essay is immensely helpful—you can see all potential mistakes in your papers, learn the proper structure and formatting. You can search for free examples online or buy a custom-written paper from an academic essay writing service Custom Writings, or similar writing companies. This way, a professional writer will develop personalized and cheap essays for their customer’s needs. To choose such services properly, pay attention to reviews from any independent website and weigh all pros and cons.

Test your knowledge

The best way to become ready for a quiz is thorough practice beforehand. Create custom questions and answers from scratch or find them on the Internet, and start checking your abilities. This way, you will easily notice any gaps in your knowledge and review better-known terms to strengthen your understanding of them.

Probably the most efficient way to practice is with a friend, as another person is more likely to ask you tricky and unexpected questions that vividly reveal any weaknesses in your knowledge. It would also be more practical, as you will be able to ask questions and tutor another person, which is also beneficial for memorizing and comprehending the material.

Reward yourself

Hard work should be rewarded, so whenever you understand a complex topic, successfully write an interesting and original essay, or conduct thorough research, give yourself a small prize. Of course, everyone’s preferences are different, so choose what you like the most and don’t deny yourself!

Such an approach will create good associations with studying and motivate you for new accomplishments. It would also lift your mood and provide you with additional energy to proceed with your studies. Thus, rewarding yourself for dedicated work will definitely do a good service to your grades.


Studying in college can be quite a tricky process, but learning becomes much easier once you get the hang of it. By establishing a routine and planning your semester, you will learn your courses in due time and won’t forget any important assignments. Your environment undeniably affects your productivity, so create a comfortable learning space and eliminate all distractions.

Create notes during lectures and regularly review them to remember everything correctly. Another helpful idea is using outside assistance, ranging from tutors to examples bought from proficient writers. Of course, testing and checking your knowledge is vital—once again, such an approach is more efficient if you work in another person’s company. Reward yourself for successes, and don’t let your mistakes discourage you. Remember—practice makes perfect, and dedication will definitely help you become an expert in your field.

6 study tips for college students

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6 study tips for college students

6 study tips for college students

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