Are CBD Flower Strains and Medicinal Cannabis Strains Similar?

Are CBD Flower Strains and Medicinal Cannabis Strains Similar?

Medicinal cannabis has indeed become fairly popular in the last couple of years as a legalized alternative method of treatment, but most people out there don’t know that its uses have been present in mankind’s history for the longest time. The uses of medicinal cannabis go back for quite some time, even being present in the history of old Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Asian culture, and it was introduced to the Western culture around the ’80s.

Back in the day, it was mostly used as a form of analgesic. It was combined with beverages made out of tea leaves, wine, and it was also smoked with the use of pipes and, later on, using cigarette-shape-like things that were afterward be known as blunts. Although it was mainly used to alleviate pain and inflammation caused by injuries and diseases, some people used it to fight anxiety, stress, and sleeping disorders such as insomnia.

Its Uses in Today’s World

Nowadays, although its uses are still fairly similar, the way it is used is much more specific, and even though it can also be used for recreational purposes, medicinal cannabis has become commercialized all around the world with different methods of consumption.

Still, the most popular method of consuming cannabis is through smoking, and cannabis strains are among the most used products in the current market. 

However, a new alternative method of treatment has gained a lot of presence, a method of treatment that is very similar to cannabis. Known mostly by its acronym CBD, commonly referred to as cannabidiol as well, it is also possible to find CBD-based strains that are capable of providing similar results. 

In this article, we will cover both methods of treatment and talk about their similarities and differences, and consider which one is better based on different circumstances.

CBD and Cannabis Strains

First of all, you have to know that there are way too many variations of the cannabis plant. They differ heavily when it comes to their chemical structure, but two main compounds can greatly influence the outcome of their use: CBD and THC. 

THC is the compound that provides the plant with its psychoactive capacity, while also producing health benefits. CBD is also capable of granting these benefits as well, and although it is still under research, there are a lot of claims showcasing its capabilities

The thing about CBD-based products is that they are derived from a derivation of the cannabis plant that contains almost inexistent THC levels, barely reaching 0.3% of its chemical structure. This derivation of the plant is known as the hemp plant. 

Are CBD Flower Strains and Medicinal Cannabis Strains Similar?

Because cannabidiol itself is non-psychoactive, cannabidiol-based strains derived from the hemp plant can’t get people high, contrary to medicinal cannabis. Most flowers provide effects similar to Indica strains, which is one of the main categories of cannabis.

Medicinal cannabis, or marijuana, has higher levels of THC in comparison to CBD-based medication, and according to these levels, they enter different categories. The main three categories that characterize cannabis strains are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids.

An Indica strain is known for causing relaxing effects and it is the type of strain that is used for medical purposes. Sativa is known for providing energizing effects, and it is the one that is mostly used for recreational purposes. Hybrids are a combination of the two, and their capabilities depend entirely on the source strains. If you are interested in more information, you can check

Which One is Better, Though?

Between the cannabis used for medicinal purposes and the products derived from the hemp plant, there’s hardly any difference in their medical capabilities besides the fact that one option is capable of getting you high while the other is not. Generally speaking, people prefer to use cannabis for recreational purposes just because of this reason, but when it comes to alleviating pain, inflammation, and anxiety, both are very capable. 

With that said, not getting high can be an important factor for a lot of people, especially those who want an alternative method of treatment that can be used during working or studying hours without having to consume a psychoactive medication.

Ideally speaking, strains are fairly strong in comparison to other products such as oils and edibles, and smoking a cannabis strain is bound to cause a psychoactive outcome. However, although a cannabidiol-based strain is stronger in comparison to other products, it is still possible to be a functional person while under its effects because it is non-psychoactive.

Are CBD Flower Strains and Medicinal Cannabis Strains Similar?

However, depending on your circumstances, other products might be better. If you suffer from a pain-inducing condition or inflammatory disease with moderate severity, and you still need to take care of specific responsabilities, oil and edibles might be better because, although they take more time to react, they won’t get you under a strong effect. If you are interested, you can always check out Cheefbotanicals for more details on the products you can get. 

Strains and any form of smokeable products might cause a much stronger effect. This, for some people, might be overkilling it, but for those who suffer from more severe conditions, they are more recommended. Deciding which one is better is all up to you and your specific situation.

Ideally speaking, you should take some time to do your research, but if you are new to the community, starting with slightly weaker products might be the wisest approach. Among the options, I believe oil is the perfect choice for beginners, but if you are accustomed to smoking, maybe going for strains is the best choice for you in particular. 

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