What is a good average number of keystrokes per hour?

What is a good average number of keystrokes per hour?

A good average number of keystrokes per hour depends on what you are practicing for. For average home typing, I would say 40 – 50 wpm is sufficient.

If you are looking to put it on a resume 60 WMP (0 errors) would be acceptable. If you are looking to make money as data entry or transcriptionist I would say a minimum of 80 wpm (0 errors) would be essential if you are getting paid per word, per page, or per audio hour. There are a lot of great sites to practice typing and to help you increase your speed online.

With 3600 KPH (keystrokes per hour) you are faster than 90% of people who type casually. That is 60 WPM (words per minute) x 60 (mins)

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average number of keystrokes per hour
average number of keystrokes per hour

Though it depends on what you are typing.

For ordinary spoken text with very little effort, you can achieve speeds of 100–150 WPM x 60 mins = 6000–9000 KPH with a free voice to text software

And what about the spelling correction? the Free version of ‘Grammarly’ software will pick up most of the typos, grammatical errors, and nonsense the software generates – meaning that with 2–3 minutes per hour you can correct most errors.

There was a time I was researching the possibilities of improved speed with a Dvorak keyboard, and I came across some statistics.

Most typists type at about 60 words per minute. Since the average English word is about 5 letters long, adding one more for space, we get to about 360 keystrokes per minute or 21600 keystrokes per hour. That is assuming perfect efficiency and no fatigue.

Unless this question is for some very repetitive work, where the typing speed will not be hindered by thinking speed, I would say that 50–60 words per minute, at least 50% of the time is a good speed.

What is a good average number of keystrokes per hour?

Measurements are usually in words per minute, as most jobs won’t have you typing for hours at a time. If you are looking to improve your WPM you can try touch typing, using a better keyboard, or just practicing not looking at the keyboard.

So, assuming you are focused for a full hour with no interruptions it’s a simple equation.

30 WPM * 60 Minutes = 1,800 Words per hour

60 WPM * 60 Minutes = 3,600 Words per hour

100 WPM * 60 Minutes = 6,000 Words per hour

120 WPM * 60 Minutes = 7,200 Words per hour

Words are defined in this case as 5 keystrokes, excluding keys like shift, caps lock, etc.

If you would like to focus on learning how to type faster, you can use sites like Ranked Typing to improve your WPM.

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