Best Female Music Artists from the 2020s

Best Female Music Artists from

Best Female Music Artists from the 2020s

We have seen some iconic music and artists come from 2020, with an abundance of women releasing some of the best songs of the decade. From disco revival to dancefloor fillers and everything else in between. 2020 was a great year for music, and here are some of the best female music artists and some of the albums they shared with the world.

Soccer Mommy – Color Theory,

The first album from Soccer Mommy saw her rise through the ranks with her lustrous talent and polished performances that didn’t sound to be overly perfected or buffed, but only in the best way. This album led to her signing with a larger record label, taking this indie star to new heights and giving her the platform she always deserved. The new vision of her music could be executed and stylized to greater accuracy, filled with much more intent. 

One of the most special things about this second album is that the loss of vulnerability hasn’t been seen. The lyrical content is just as striking and thought-provoking as ever before. Color Theory is a masterpiece to behold and something your ears will thank you for.

Halsey – Maniac,

The third studio album from Halsey is maybe her best yet, still showing her inventive creations and her piercing melodies. This album seems more special when compared to the previous; although it will still always hold a special place in the heart of many fans, the experimentation and adventure seen on Maniac hold a new light to Halsey. Listeners are taken on a journey through the psyche of the artist. You are allowed to feel the highs and lows of emotion at the time as the artist wrote the song.

Best Female Music Artists from the 2020s
Best Female Music Artists from the 2020s

Kesha – High Road

Kesha sparkled onto the scene in 2009, and the world fell in love. Her glitter-fueled attitude and arrogance gave her audiences something to cling to, while the media loved her way with words, comparing herself to the likes of P Diddy. Eleven years after this, Kesha is here, and it seems perfect. 

High Road is Kesha’s fourth studio album and features the same uplifting voice full of metallic energy, giving the listener a familiar taste of something entirely new. The album is a celebration of pop music as it used to be, along with some added spice that can only be offered by the amazing brain of Kesha. Society is left behind with her song topics, singing about pretty much anything. The labrum is electric, and you’ll feel like Kesha is in the room with every listen.

Megan Thee Stallion – Suga

Although she rose to fame at breakneck speeds, it doesn’t mean that Megan Thee Stallion is going to slow down. Her second EP, Suga is a nine-track thriller of unpredictability, excitement, and animation. This EP is all out Megan, showing her true self in a pure 24-minute lineup. 

‘Crying in the Car’ shows a different side to Megan with her gospel-like vocals and lyrically vulnerable content, while ‘Savage’ is arrogant, sassy, nasty, and makes you want to boogie all at once. Although it is a short selection of songs, there are many favorites that all fans will love.

This album has allowed Megan to showcase her true potential. Through her creativity and exploration, she is effortlessly swerving around different genres to create something truly unique. The simplicity of the EPs production gives listeners something to be excited about. The potential of new heights awaits everything she deserves and so much more.

Best Female Music Artists from the 2020s

Selena Gomez – Rare

Gomez’s best album has to be her newest release, Rare. You can feel her pain through her songwriting, balancing the struggle of heartbreak and mental health with the tune of a dancing beat. The 27-year-old has really found herself in this album, and the self-discovery is something awe-inspiring.

The vocal techniques that Gomez implements are better than ever, showing that she is maturing as an artist as well as a woman. Her whispery-styled singing is more effective than ever, finding a new prominence within the verses. This album seems to let us know that we should never mistake quietness for weakness, as her strength in vocal clarity and direction alters through her style. The newfound love of herself is easily found with each listen, adding a new sense of grace we haven’t seen from Selena in previous work.

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Best Female Music Artists from the 2020s

Best Female Music Artists from the 2020s
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