What are the best Omegle alternatives in 2021?

best Omegle alternatives

What are the best Omegle alternatives in 2020?

For increasing our social outreach, there are various online site which help us to socialize with people and meet them in real . But sometimes, you can video chat online and feel like the other person is sitting right in front of you visually.

Omegle is one of the most famous websites which allows human to converse to each other through webcam or video chat.

Due to highly-trafficked and over the crowd, Omegle hasn’t remained the best. There are alternative sites to Omegle like TinyChat, Chatroulette, ChatRandom, Fruzo, and FaceFlow.

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5 Top Alternatives of Omegle:

Tiny Chat: TinyChat is used by many users. It consists of chat rooms which consist of 12 videos per room.

This site does not cost anything and people from local circles can also join the room. You can create your own topic to start chatting in the chat rooms.

Chatroulette: Chatroulette allows webcam video chatting with strangers and connect with them. If you don’t like the person, you can totally leave the chat regardless of the person.

This chat has a unique feature that you can filter offensive and violating content. It is one of the most safer webcams chatting site.

ChatRamdom: CahtRandom has gained more ratings than Chatroulette. This site allows users to globally to form different countries and allows different languages so that users are more comfortable with webcam chatting. It allows one to one interaction, group interaction, and many more features.

Fruzo: It is an online dating site. In this site, people connect by filtering gender, age, location, etc. It can also be used on mobile phones.

FaceFlow: Faceflow allows multiple users while webcam chatting. In this site, you can

create a profile and share pictures and videos.

With the advancements of socializing, people have started using better sites than Omegle and enjoy having a great time with webcam sites and making new friends online.

Omegle is one of the best-known platforms for making friends online the best part is that you can hide your identity. It is all for fun!

There are a number of sites like Omegle which provide similar services. The purpose of sites like Omegle is through away your boredom and loneliness and meet with happiness.

However, just do it with little awareness. One of the best resources I found for Omegle alternatives is here.

Personally, I have not tried any of these but you can just check the online reviews before trying it!

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What are the best Omegle alternatives in 2020?

There are a variety of chat sites. But most of them cannot replace the human interactions that have body language in them.

  1. Omegle: Has the question option where you can discuss a question and answer it between you and the stranger. Some questions are really well formed but most aren’t. I guess that’s the big problem of using this feature. Most people want to promote their own interests and it’s really hard to get a discussion going. The other option in omegle is the random stranger conversation. Most of the time you will run into a bot, or a male wanting to talk to a female. There’s not much else to it. You really have to work on your character if you want people to stick around.

Let’s look at your other options.

  1. Chatroulette, Has the option of logging in, and talking to people through webcam. But most people tune out within the first five seconds of meeting you. Unless your someone famous. Which is rare. But it can happen. Then people will want to talk to you because you have made a difference in there life in some way. Again a similar problem occurs, where men want to talk to women and teenagers, well you know how teenagers are with their hormones. Not blaming them, just stating what reality is.
  2. `Strangermeetup: Most people tune out within the first three seconds of the chat. This is when you state your gender. Again men want to meet women on the stranger meetup site. It’s really annoying.

I guess there are more sites, but I can’t be bothered reviewing them. If you want to chat with interesting people you should try and make conversations with strangers on the street.

Much easier. And they most likely will not tune out in the first three seconds of the conversation. As there is body language involved and rapport building can be done at a much easier level.

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The list of sites like Omegle-


Holla is one of the best used and popular applications just like Omegle. But there is a big advantage that here you can select the language button by means of which you can connect to the strangers who speak the same language.

Friends, HOLLA is the best random video chat app out there, offering a unique and exciting way to instantly meet fun people and discover the world!


Azar is really one of the best alternatives to Omegle. Which provides user free interface with lots of useful features. Azar lets you connect to random people with every swipe of your finger.

Friends, Azar allows you to talk and make friends with people from over 190 countries.

  • Over 400 million downloads worldwide!
  • More than 80 billion matches!

LiveMe is very similar to the Omegle app but here you get some more features like video streaming and broadcasting. As the company claims there are almost peoples from 89 countries with whom you can video chat anytime.

LiveMe is one of the top live broadcasting apps

  • Make new friends in your area and around the world!
  • Chat with stars and celebrities like Roman Atwood, David Dobrick, Khalid, 2 Chainz, and MORE!
  • Watch your favorite videos by category, such as singing, dancing, gaming and more
  • Be part of exclusive offline events like VidCon, Playlist Live, Ultra Music Festival
  • Multi-Beam with your friends
  • Compete against your favorite broadcasters with H2H
  • Features include gaming broadcasts, Shorts, Star Codes, stickers, and so on.

Enjoy and share your moments and memories.

Meet Stars:

LiveMe Official routinely hosts some of the hottest celebrities, including top YouTubers and talented influencers! Vote to tell us who you want to see next time!

Become a Star:

Join millions of users worldwide and watch performers share their talents, or you can start your own channel, build up a fanbase, collect virtual gifts. Find your true self and show off your talents!

LiveMe Features:

  • Broadcast, browse and view content by category
  • Get recommendations for broadcasters nearby or across the globe
  • Save your replays on your personal page; View replays on the pages of other broadcasters
  • Live chat lets you comment during the stream
  • Grow Fan Base + Meet friends Online:
  • Connect and share with friends from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more
  • Create groups to interact with people who have shared interests
  • Invite friends to join your broadcast and share interesting moments together.


  • Check-in for free experience points and stars
  • Enter contests for your chance to win coins, tickets to events, other prizes
  • With VIP function, unlock more gifts and special title beside your name

All New Game Stream Feature:

Watch, chat, and guest broadcast with top gamers playing Minecraft, Clash of Clan, WOW, and others on the mobile phone, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC in real-time.

  • Set up your channel to become next super Gaming Star
  • Share your own tips and tricks and chat with friends

Multiple languages are supported. You can meet people from different countries, areas, cultures!

VIP subscriptions:

  • Pay $19.99 per month to become a VIP
  • One-time coins package of 1000 LiveMe coins
  • Check and claim 20 LiveMe coins daily
  • A VIP-exclusive gift to send
  • VIP-exclusive flying comments
  • VIP special badge

IMPORTANT NOTICE: VIP subscription is not auto-renewed. For more information, please refer our Terms of Use: http://www.liveme.com/protocol/terms.html

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Wakie is not really an alternative to the Omegle app but because of its most unique feature, I have to add it to this list. This app is actually only one of its kind. It is basically an alarm clock with anonymous chat voices.

A safe space where you can be your true self

No judgment and no limits on sharing your emotions. Wakie is a pseudonymous community where we are free to set any nickname and express our true emotions. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

Wakie converts strangers into friends

True friendship is a rare thing nowadays. Being extremely open is rewarding because other people can relate to what you say and provide sincere support.

Fill your life with joy and excitement

Wakie is your free world to get rid of boredom and have fun!

best Omegle alternatives
best Omegle alternatives

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As the name suggests it is an application where you can meet strangers all overworld and chat with them. It is estimated that there are people from almost 200 countries and different languages.

StrangerChat is a great way to find new friends, people from almost 200 countries use our service.

Chat with strangers from the whole world. You can also add your newly found friend to your contacts and continue the conversation later on.

Our app offers a free text chat and dating service where you can chat with strangers in private chat rooms. Our app is:

  • Blazing fast! Connect with people in no-time!
  • Secure. We use an encrypted connection to our service. The only personal details seen by others are your alias and country origin.
  • Fun! It has never been easier to get penpals from the whole world. It is really fun and educating to learn about the culture in other countries.

Account details, contacts and message history is also accessible on our website https://strangermeetup.com

Hope this answer helps,

What are the best Omegle alternatives in 2020?

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What are the best Omegle alternatives in 2021?

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