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Best portable pool: the comparison

Best portable pool: the comparison

Best portable pool: the comparison

Are you looking for a portable pool? These pools have a series of advantages, such as their affordable price, safety, portability and easy maintenance. Therefore, more and more people are launching to acquire one.

In the market, you will find different models available that can complicate the decision. For this reason, we have prepared a buying guide to present you with the essential aspects that you will have to assess and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The portable pool

Portable pools are an ideal solution to enjoy at home without having to spend large amounts of money and without the need for complicated installations.

In addition, there are different types, shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your family.

The best portable pools of 2021

Not sure which model to choose? Take a look at the top three portable pools of the year from each of the price ranges. In this way, even if you have a tight budget, you can get one of them without problems.

The best value for money

With this model, you can have fun and refresh yourself without spending a lot of money. This garden pool features a rigid tubular steel frame that offers superb strength and stability. In addition, the anti-corrosion coating provides excellent durability.

The best high-end model

If you want to enjoy a refreshing summer, nothing better than setting up this pool in your garden. It is circular, removable and has a metallic structure of independent pieces that, when assembled, form a very rigid frame that offers maximum stability and safety.

The best cheap model

Removable rectangular pool with a metal structure and independent pieces of steel with an antirust finish. In addition, it is straightforward to assemble, and it will be ready for use in approximately 30 minutes.

Comparison of the best portable pools

Before making a decision, how about taking a look at these models? We have prepared this comparative analysis in the form of a table designed by the Lo-Mejor team so that you can choose the portable pool that best suits your needs:

Why buy a portable pool?

When you decide to put a pool on your patio, two options automatically come to mind: in-ground or portable pools. The popularity of portable pools is growing very fast as it is an affordable way to cool off in the summer.

To have a pool that is easy to move.

With a portable pool, you will have the advantage of taking it wherever you want since the installation of pools is quick and easy. Depending on the type of pool you buy, the process will vary. However, it will not take you more than 30 minutes. You’ll have to inflate the top ring, prop up the vinyl sides, and pump into the water in many cases.

Furthermore, cleaning and maintaining these pools is also simple and less expensive. They do not require regular cleaning and filtration. The operation of the pool is equally simple, and it does not take as much water to fill it, as the capacity is usually less.

To enjoy a dip whenever you want

Portable pools were initially designed with children in mind. Still, with increasing demand, they have been devised in different shapes and sizes to accommodate adults and slightly larger groups of people.

You can find a model that fits your individual preferences, as portable pools are tailor-made to meet all needs. You will see that there are all the possible forms and measures. So you will indeed find the one that suits the space that you have available.

Portable pools offer the same fun and excitement as extensive facilities but with the tranquillity and comfort that you have at home. The pools can be equipped with water fountains, diving boards and waterfalls to provide maximum fun.

Best selling portable pool

Do you still have doubts about which model to choose for your garden? Pay attention to the best-selling models of the year that we present in the following table:

How to choose a portable pool?

There are many different models on the market, each of them can meet different needs. The size, shape or materials of manufacture are key factors when deciding which model to buy.

The materials

One of the essential aspects that you need to evaluate when buying the pool. It is the material with which the pool is made. Some have a steel structure; others are inflatable or tubular plastic.

The steel ones have the advantage of being more resistant, so you can mount them and leave them all year long. However, plastic pools risk getting punctured, so they should disassemble them at the end of the season.

Above ground pools often use a soft vinyl or PVC for their walls; while inflatables can have an inflatable ring that raises the walls each time it is filled. On the other hand, the tubular ones can incorporate steel bars to support the vinyl or PVC pool liner.


After choosing the most suitable place to place the pool and taking measurements, it is time to look at the shapes and sizes that will suit your garden. When choosing the form, you can choose between a circular, rectangular or oval design.

Rectangular or oval models are the best option if you want to have more space to swim or if you fit the pool in the corner of your patio. Circular pools are easy to assemble and disassemble, and it is also a typical shape for most inflatable pools.

It is essential to leave some free space around the pool, so you should choose a slightly smaller one from the available space.

The capacity

Most of the raised pools have heights that vary and can grow to be more than a meter. It, along with the dimensions of the pool, will influence the capacity of the pool. In the adult model, they are capable of holding thousands of litres.

If you have young children, consider a shallow pool to put their feet on the ground and have their heads as close to the surface as possible.

The accessories

Today, portable pools can include a wide variety of accessories to improve the user experience and maintenance. Among these accessories, we can find the following:

  • Protective covers for winter or summer.
  • Pool cleaners and net.
  • Water treatment plant and pump.
  • Floor protector.
  • Access stairs.
  • Water heaters.

The resistance

If you are looking for a resistant pool that can last for many years, pay attention to the materials that have been used in its manufacture. As we have mentioned, plastic pools have the disadvantage of being punctured at any given time, so the steel models are more resistant and durable.

In addition, today, these models offer a multitude of finishes, such as wood imitation, stone walls, rattan, or natural wood panels. Everything so that your pool adapts to the style of your patio.

The different models of portable pool

Today, there are a wide variety of pools available, so there is sure to be one to fit your needs and budget. In general, you can find the different types of portable pools.

Wooden model

Wooden pools are also available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be round, oval or rectangular.

They incorporate an exterior coating that protects them from breakage and gives them durability to be installed all year round.

Plastic model

Plastic pools, also called tubular pools, are resistant but with a higher risk of suffering a puncture, as they do not have a coating of wood or steel.

However, they have the advantage of being more affordable. It is also quick and easy to install and do not require a lot of maintenance. That is why they are ideal when buying a pool for the first time.

Inflatable model

The inflatable pools are in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are a good option for young children and those who are not. They generally have a ring around the top that inflates and allows the pool wall to rise as you fill it with water.

Quick to install and easy to disassemble, they don’t need much prep work, and they’re an affordable option.

For your purchase to be successful, do not forget to compare the prices of various models, analyze their characteristics, and consult other buyers’ opinions. Our advice is to buy a pool considering the dimensions and whether children or adults will use it.

Portable pools on sale today

If you want to get a quality portable pool at the best price, enter now to take advantage of the best promotions of the moment:

How much is a portable pool worth?

A portable pool is also an investment in the long run because instead of installing an underground model, you can opt for somewhat more affordable options that do not require construction or large installations.

In the market, you will find different models whose price varies depending on many aspects. However, it is possible to find a quality pool at an affordable price.

For example, the Bestway Children’s Deluxe Splash model costs around 180 euros, while the tubular pool Bestway 56406 has a price of about 215 euros. On the other hand, the RBH children’s pool, which is removable tubular, has a rectangular frame and is easy to assemble and disassemble, costs about 480 euros.

How to set up a portable pool?

The pool assembly will vary depending on the model chosen, so we strongly recommend that you have the instruction manual in front of you when installing the pool.

On the other hand, you can install these pools on different surfaces, such as sand, concrete or directly on the lawn. Soil preparation is an essential step to help protect the pool bottom from tears and punctures.

First of all, you will have to decide where to install the pool. To make the right decision, you will have to consider the terrain, the slopes, the distribution of space, etc. For example, you can’t have an inflatable pool near bushes, gravel, or on a hill.

To prepare the ground, the best solution is to dig about ten centimetres and cover the surface with a geotextile mesh, which is used to protect the pool. After cleaning the floor of excess dirt, stones, branches, and any other material that can damage the pool’s base over time, you can fill the hole you have made with sand.

A good option is to mix the sand with a bit of cement, as this mixture will increase the resistance of the base. It needs to be well levelled. You can then extend the geotextile mesh to match the dimensions of the pool. Once this is done, you can start to assemble or inflate the pool.

How to clean the bottom of the portable pool?

In addition to having to keep the water generally clean, the bottom of the pool is essential. It is advisable to use a pool cleaner or pool robot. Some are manual, and others are automatic. Thanks to them, getting to the bottom will not be a problem.

How to empty a portable pool?

If you need to empty the pool for winter storage or to repair a leak, these are the steps you will need to follow:

  • You have two options for draining a pool: using a submersible pump or diverting the water with a garden hose.
  • Before you start to empty the pool water, you will have to think about where you will throw it.
  • You can then cut a few feet from each end of a garden hose to create a siphon or use a complete garden hose and faucet. If you are missing the hose, submerge the entire hose in the water and then, while covering one end with your hand, quickly pull that end out of the pool and point it down below the surface of the pool.
  • If you decide not to cut the hose, you need to connect it to the valve and fill it with water.
  • For complete drainage, the quickest method is to suction it out with a pump or wet-dry vacuum.

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