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Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Weight Loss in 2024

Best Pre-Workout for Weight Loss

BBest Pre-Workout Supplements for Weight Loss in 2024

Welcome to Tecnoreviews. Do you train a lot and do not notice results? The mistake may be in the absence of pre-workout supplements.

Maintaining a good diet and adequate supplementation before and after training is essential for those who exercise regularly, be it bodybuilding or aerobic training.

Pre-training helps with performance, facilitates increased load and reps, and prevents injury. But to get the most out of these benefits, you need to choose the right supplement, which we will talk about in this article.


First, the most important

  • Pre-workout provides the energy needed for a workout with more focus, intensity, strength and performance.
  • This type of supplement has several stimulant compounds that are aimed at increasing performance in various sports, such as weight training and aerobic exercises.
  • Pre workout can be found in powder, capsules, or tablets. The supplement should be taken 20 to 40 minutes before training, as it is absorbed quickly.

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Best Pre-Workout Supplements: Our Suggestions

To choose the best pre-workout, you need to analyze your training style and your goals. You find stimulating, thermogenic, hypercaloric pre-workout, among others.

Knowing some good options will also help you find the best supplement for you. With that in mind, we prepared a ranking with some purchase suggestions, take a look.

The most complete pre-workout

NewNutrition’s Endurance pre-workout is a complete supplement, as it contains carbohydrates (maltodextrin, waxy corn and isomaltulose) that provide energy, whey protein, which provides protein to rebuild muscles, and B vitamins.

This supplement causes vasodilation, which generates an increase in blood flow, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the exercised muscles. Endurance is a powder supplement, you must mix 40 g (2 scoops) in 250 ml of water.

Best Pre-Workout for Weight Loss Ultimate Guide
Best Pre-Workout for Weight Loss

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Great option for recovery and muscle gain.

NewNutrition’s pre-workout formula is composed of carbohydrates, which provide energy, amino acids (BCAA and Taurine), which aid in muscle recovery and mass gain, caffeine, which increases strength and endurance, vitamins, and minerals.

The supplement is powdered, comes in 400 grams, and the recommended use is one serving (20g / one tablespoon) before or during exercise. This supplement is available in grape, lemon, and watermelon flavors.

The best energy option.

Cellucor C4 Pre-workout is one of the favorite supplements for those who practice weight training, as the formula contains arginine, dopamine, caffeine, and vitamin B12, components that provide energy.

This supplement also promotes vasodilation, which aids in the distribution of nutrients and oxygen and stimulates muscle development. Available in three flavors: watermelon, strawberry, or orange.

Shopping guide

Regardless of the physical activity you do, it is important to have high energy levels to increase performance, strength, and endurance, and prevent fatigue and possible injury.

The pre-workout can be a meal or a food supplement, consumed before or during training. In this Buying Guide, we will talk about the supplements in the pre-workout category. Enjoy reading and increase your performance.

The pre-workout supplement will give you a lot of energy to train. (Source: The Lazy Artist Gallery / Pexels)

What is a food supplement?

Having a balanced diet is essential to achieve a body that is healthy on the inside and beautiful on the outside. But in the rush of everyday life, meals are skipped, processed foods are consumed in excess, and you stop taking in needed nutrients.

Food and sports supplements have been developed to provide the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, and proteins your body needs in concentrated form.

You find various types of supplements. Choose the product according to your needs, preferences, and goals. (Source: ball / Pixabay)

For those who practice physical activities, the supplement is even more important, since it provides the necessary energy to perform the exercises.

The secret is to use it as a complement to a balanced diet and to choose a suitable product for the type of exercise practiced and the desired objective (gain mass, lose weight, define, etc.).

Ideally, find a nutritionist for professional to indicate the ideal supplement for your needs. It is also important to consume the recommended daily dose because, in excess, supplements can overload the kidneys and liver.

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What is a pre-workout?

Pre-workout nutrition or supplements provide the energy you need to exercise. It is made up primarily of carbohydrates, which, when synthesized by the body, increase blood glucose levels and provide energy.

Did you know that the lack of carbohydrates is very harmful to those who practice a high caloric expenditure since it can affect the quality of training and damage health?

With a lack of carbohydrates, the body uses other sources of energy, such as protein, causing it to lose lean mass.

Food sources of energy are oats, bananas, sweet potatoes, bread, rice, and pasta (the latter three should be consumed in the full version). If you prefer, opt for a supplement, you will find powder, capsule, or tablet versions.

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, pre-workout foods and supplements will help you in this process. But it’s important to align food and supplementation with your physical profile, needs, and goals.

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  • Food Complements
  • Supplement available in capsules, powder, or tablets.
  • Various effects: weight loss, performance, or hypertrophy
  • Various flavor options


  • It does not replace meals
  • The product must be purchased frequently.
  • For the product to give the expected result, it is necessary to do the treatment for a few months.
  • Some people are bothered by the taste.

What is the correct way to take a pre-workout supplement?

How you will consume the pre-workout supplement will make all the difference in the effects it will provide, because each product has different characteristics that influence how you use it.

One to two hours after a meal, you should consume the pre-workout supplement and wait 20 to 40 minutes before starting your workout. Check the recommended usage on the back of the package.

It is important to consume the pre-workout supplement 20 to 40 minutes before going to the gym. (Source: Mark Bowden / 123RF)

It is important to follow the dosage recommended by the manufacturer. If you consume less than the recommended serving, you may not notice any effect. The reverse is also true, too high doses can be bad for your health.

Despite the name, the use of the pre-workout supplement is not just limited to that time, you can also consume the product during training to ensure energy, or after training, to replace glycogen.

What are the types of pre-workout supplements?

There are some types of pre-workout supplements, aimed at those who want to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve performance during sport. We will talk about the main ones in this section.


Creatine is a nutrient that acts on muscle contraction, acting as fuel to complete physical exercises. This supplement is ideal for those who want to gain strength and muscle mass.

Regarding the increase in lean mass, creatine retains water in muscle cells, increasing cell volume and stimulating protein synthesis. As an amino acid, it helps build muscle mass.

The supplement is also recommended for those who want to improve performance in high-intensity, short-duration exercises. With creatine, you can shorten the recovery time and increase the load.

Creatine is the ideal supplement for those who want to gain muscle mass. (Source: FabianoAdversiting / Pixabay)

It simply should not be consumed by those who have kidney problems. If ingested before physical activity, it helps increase energy, improve physical performance, prevent loss of lean mass and collaborate with hypertrophy.

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BCAA is an amino acid supplement (isoleucine, leucine, and valine). This pre-workout is quickly absorbed by the body, providing energy during exercise.

You can consume it before, during, and after physical activities. The product also helps in muscle recovery, avoiding possible injuries. Other pre-workout benefits are:

  • Helps prevent catabolism.
  • It operates in protein synthesis
  • Contributes to hypertrophy.


Caffeine is the base ingredient in supplements that are used to give you strength, energy, and energy to optimize your performance during training. It also acts in the mobilization of muscle calcium, favoring the contraction of the muscles in high-intensity and short-duration exercises.

And it is not only for those who practice physical activities in the gym that caffeine is indicated, the supplement is also recommended for triathletes and athletes of other sports.

The caffeine supplement works as follows: after consumption, the substance is absorbed and metabolized in the liver, then travels throughout the body and acts in all systems for approximately six hours.

The caffeine supplement works for about 6 hours so it’s good to avoid it after 6 pm (Source: PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay)

In the nervous system, caffeine binds to cells, stimulating concentration, improving mood, and reducing feelings of mental fatigue. The substance also stimulates the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

For those who want to lose weight, caffeine is also an excellent option, as it speeds up the rate of metabolism (facilitates fat burning), provides readiness during training, and helps suppress appetite.

But beware of excessive stimulation, as adrenaline in large amounts in the body can be dangerous. Overuse of caffeine can cause nervousness, insomnia, an increased heart rate, palpitations, and gastritis.

Another side effect of the caffeine supplement is the diuretic effect, which can affect hydration during prolonged physical activities.

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Taurine is an amino acid that helps increase energy and disposition, improving physical performance. With this supplement, the person can train with more disposition, concentration, and concentration.

The taurine supplement will give you the energy to get where you need to be. (Source: William Choquette / Pexels)

This supplement reduces muscle fatigue, prevents cramps, muscle pain, and accelerates muscle recovery.

The substance also helps in the process of muscle contraction and vasodilation, increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and organs.


L-carnitine is formed in the liver and kidneys from amino acids and residues stored in various tissues, including muscle. This substance helps the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, a place where fat is metabolized for energy.

Without enough carnitine, the fat molecules return to the blood and increase the number of triglycerides.

That is, in addition to promoting energy, L-carnitine also helps burn fat, lose weight, and reduce measurements. This supplement also increases endurance, decreases fatigue, increases physical performance, and aids post-workout recovery.


Beta-Alanine is a compound that acts on the muscles and has the following effects: it increases muscular strength and endurance, optimizes performance, and offers even more disposition in long and heavy workouts.

The supplement also reduces acidity in the muscles to prevent fatigue and muscle cramps. Another interesting effect is the “pump”, that is to say, swelling after training, which stimulates muscular irritation and increases the absorption of nutrients.

With Beta-Alanine pre-training, you will be able to do high-intensity and long-duration workouts. (Source: Pexels / Pixabay)

Beta-Alanine is ideal for athletes in different sports that require muscular strength, power, and endurance. You will be able to do extra repetitions in weight training and optimize time in other activities such as running and cycling.

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But it is important to consume a dose of a maximum of 1 gram, because, above that dose, you may feel a tingling or itching sensation.

Purchase criteria: factors to compare the different types of pre-workout

Practicing physical exercises regularly, having a balanced diet, which includes adequate supplementation and rest, provides health benefits, for the body, increases the quality of life and performance in training.

And the supplement is important for muscle stimulation, preservation, and recovery. With that in mind, we have prepared some tips for you to choose the ideal supplement before training, see:

  • Purpose
  • Vasodilator effect
  • Presentation
  • Product quality

We will explain each of the elements throughout this section.


To choose the ideal pre-workout supplement, you need to consider your biotype, your nutritional needs, and your goal with training: weight loss, performance, or hypertrophy.

Thermogenic pre-workout helps burn fat.

If you want to lose weight, look for a thermogenic pre-workout. The product contains substances that increase body temperature by stimulating the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. Thermogenic pre-workout helps burn fat.

If you want to improve performance, prefer a stimulating pre-workout with ingredients like caffeine and/or taurine. A supplement with these components increases your mood and gives you the gas you need to train for longer.

If you are looking for hypertrophy, give preference to creatine or BCAAs, these supplements have carbohydrates, proteins, and amino acids that stimulate muscle development.

With the pre-workout supplement, you will conquer the body you have always dreamed of. (Source: Sabel Blanco / Pexels)

You can also combine more than one supplement. For example, for those looking for hypertrophy, in addition to BCAAs and creatine, it is important to invest in a pre-workout that provides energy, that is, with caffeine and/or taurine in the composition.

You can also find supplements that combine carbohydrates with energy substances. That way, you have more energy and disposition during training and have high glucose levels.

But before combining supplements, you need to run some tests to check your health. If there are no contraindications, you can take full advantage of the benefits of combining pre-workout supplements.


For those who are in a hurry for results or want to recover more quickly from extremely strenuous exercises, we suggest purchasing a pre-workout with a vasodilator effect.

This product makes the veins dilate. With the vasodilator, oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles even faster and more effectively.

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The pre-workout supplement can be found in powder, capsules, or tablets, depending on the formula.

You find pre-workout supplements in powder, capsule, or tablet form. (Source: NejroN / 123RF)

The capsule or tablet versions generally have few ingredients and are more concentrated in an active ingredient, such as caffeine. In the powder version, you see an increase in ingredients, such as carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Product quality

When buying a supplement, either before, during, or after the training, look for recognized, registered, and sold brands authorized by health surveillance (Anvisa), this means that the product has passed all quality and safety tests.

Is pre-workout good for losing weight?

By taking pre-workout supplements before you hit the gym, you’ll increase the intensity of your workouts by pushing yourself harder, running faster, or lifting heavier. In turn, this will cause you to burn more calories during every gym session, helping you to lose weight faster and more efficiently.

Which drink is best before a workout to lose weight?

The 8 Best Weight Loss Drinks

  1. Green Tea. Share on Pinterest. …
  2. Coffee. Coffee is used by people around the world to boost energy levels and lift the mood. …
  3. Black Tea. Like green tea, black tea contains compounds that may stimulate weight loss. …
  4. Water. …
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks. …
  6. Ginger Tea. …
  7. High-Protein Drinks. …
  8. Vegetable Juice.

When should I take pre-workout and fat burner?

The best time to take your fat burner is when you wake up in the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast. This is because your body’s metabolism slows down when you go to sleep. Taking your fat burner first thing in the morning will act as a kick-start to your day, allowing you to complete a more intense workout. That being said, clenbuterol for sale is also a good compound for weight loss that will also help you get a good physique altogether

Is pre-workout bad for cardio?

Why You Should Consider A Pre Workout Before Fasted Cardio? Pre-workouts can give you that extra oomph when it comes to energy, endurance, and strength for your workout. So if you’re looking for a temporary boost in your training programs, it may be helpful to consider.

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