Best Rocking camping chairs for this 2022

Best Rocking camping chairs for this 2022

Best Rocking camping chairs for this 2022

Whether you’re planning to sit around a campfire on your next camping trip in the woods or sunbathing by the sea, you’re sure to need a comfortable, durable and reliable chair to relax correctly. However, not all rocking camping chairs are the same, so we took on the task of comparing the best and most popular camping chairs and made a list of the best you can find on the market. Keep reading that we are more than sure that here you will find the ideal chair for your next camping trip.

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Hurry? No problem! Check out this list of the best chairs by category, or continue to see our full list with in-depth reviews.

  • Best Overall Camping Chair: ALPS Mountaineering – King Kong
  • Best Budget Camping Chair: Coleman – Camping Broadband Quad Chair
  • The Best Two-Person Camping Chair: Kelty Low Loveseat
  • Best Camping Beach Chair: Helinox – Lightweight Beach Chair
  • The best camping chair with the best seat support: Kijaro – Double Locking Portable Camping Chair
  • Best Reclining Camping Chair: Nemo Stargaze – Deluxe Reclining Camping Chair
  • Best Lightest Camping Chair: MARCHWAY – Ultralight Folding Camping Chair
  • The Best High Back Chair: Ghlevo – Lightweight Folding High Back Camping Chair
  • Best Camping Chair with Cooler: Coleman Cooler Chair
  • The most compact camping chair: Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair
  • The most durable camping chair: ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair
  • Best chair for the beach: Tommy Bahama – Beach Chair
  • The most luxurious camping chair with the best price: LHNLY-Reclining Relaxing Loungers
  • Best Multi-Purpose Chair: GCI Outdoor – Portable Folding Rocking Chair
  • Best Inflatable Camping Chair: Mockins – Inflatable Camping and Beach Chair

The Best 10 camping chairs

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The important thing in a camping chair

1. Price

It is unnecessary to spend a fortune on your new camping chair, but in our experience, spending what is required is often the difference between a chair that will last for years and one that ends up failing. The following beach and camping chairs are the ones that will give you the best value for your money. Best Price Camping Chairs: ALPS King Kong, Kelty Low Loveseat, Kijaro – Double Locking Camping Chair, Coleman – Cooler Chair and Nemo Stargaze.

2. Weight and Portability

It’s always a good idea to consider things like storage and portability, even when weight and portability aren’t that important in camping chairs. If you have extra space in your car and don’t plan on taking a camping chair very far, we recommend you consider comfort over portability. On the other hand, if you have limited space for your trip or need to constantly move with your chairs, such as at concerts or backpacking, choose a portable chair that is easy to carry on your shoulder. The best portable camping chairs are Tommy Bahama – Beach Chair, Helinox – Lightweight Beach Chair, MARCHWAY and Ghlevo. Chairs with the perfect balance between comfort and portability are Kijaro – Double Locking Camping Chair, ALPS King Kong, GCI Outdoor – Portable Folding Rocker.

3. Height

If you want a chair for a concert, trips to the beach, or a movie screening in the park, low chairs are best because they’re more portable and don’t block the view of whoever’s behind you. Chairs with high seats are ideal for people with joint problems since it is easier to get in and out of them and be very comfortable when used for very long periods. The best low back chairs for camping are Helinox – Lightweight Beach Chair, Kelty Low Loveseat, Nemo Stargaze, and ALPS Mountaineering King Kong.

4. Comfort

For many, having comfortable support in a chair is essential. After all, the purpose of bringing a camping chair is to avoid the hard ground. For others, having a high back and a headrest, in addition to being able to recline, is essential. Fortunately, some chairs have all these comforts: Nemo Stargaze, Tommy Bahama – Beach Chair, GCI Outdoor – Portable Folding Rocking Chair and ALPS Mountaineering King Kong.

5. Resistance and Durability

Whether you need a chair that supports those extra pounds you gained last year, or if you are looking for a chair that will accompany you for many years on your camping trips, we have prepared the most robust chairs you can find on the market. Remember that strong and durable chairs are usually heavier and bulkier, so they are not as easy to transport. Still, this disadvantage is offset by quality, comfort, strength and durability. The best, most durable and sturdy camping chairs are ALPS Mountaineering King Kong and Kelty Low Loveseat.

Best camping chairs

camp chair
Best Rocking camping chairs

1. ALPS Mountaineering – King Kong

The best camping chair overall

The place of honour goes to ALPS Mountaineering – King Kong. After testing chairs in our camps, King Kong is still the best of all. Thanks to its lightly padded fabric, it is ideal for long rest sessions. The seat is very roomy, if a bit baggy, and the frame is incredibly stable. The weight capacity that it supports is 800 pounds (1763.7 kilos), which makes its fabric very durable. Its storage compartments are much appreciated on all occasions: two cup holders, two side pockets, and an additional small pocket behind the headrest. The assembly of this chair is so simple that you could do it with one hand if you gained such a skill.

So much functionality comes with some downside. With such added features comes extra weight, making the ALPS King Kong one of the heaviest single-person models we’ve tested. The chair lacks a headrest, which doesn’t make it ideal for napping. On the other hand, it’s great for camping, fishing, lounging on the beach, you name it. We think that this model will satisfy all your needs. If you need a comfortable chair for regular camping and don’t mind the bulk, we recommend King Kong.

  • Weight: 5.6 Kilos
  • Advantages: Easy to assemble, comfortable, versatile, breathable, multiple compartments, adaptable cup holders, economical
  • Cons: Short back, cup holder won’t hold thin containers

2. Coleman – Camping Broadband Quad Chairs

Best budget camping chair

The Coleman Camping Broadband Quad Camping Chair is a simple and affordable option ideal for sitting around a campfire, on the beach, or anywhere in between. What sets the Coleman apart from other budget chairs is that it’s made from highly durable and breathable mesh, meaning it will keep you cool and comfortable even in the hottest of places, as well as dries quickly if it gets wet. It’s also worth noting that the cup holder can hold large bottles, but, like many chairs, you may struggle to have small, skinny bottles. The arm height is adjustable and includes a bag for storage. The Coleman is a simple and elegant chair, but it does the job very well and stands out in its quality from the other basic camping chairs.

  • Weight: ‎4 Kilos
  • advantages: Breathable, comfortable, versatile, easy to assemble, cup holder, holds large containers, inexpensive, includes a storage bag, arm height is adjustable
  • Disadvantages: Short backrest, less stable cup holder for slim or small containers

3. Kelty Low Loveseat

The best camping chair for two people

The Kelty Low: Loveseat chair for two people surprises more than one with its innovative design. It is comfortable for two people, even if they are not in love. The model is very stable, with a low seat height than traditional chairs. Short users report being able to rest their feet on the ground with no problem; Kelty also makes a version that is several inches taller. Its materials are very durable. In reviews, the Kelty Low–Loveseat users report excellent resistance when holding a couple of overweight people and their dog for prolonged periods. A couple of friends have been using the Kelty Low – Loveseat for a while, and they tell us that after several years of regular use and severe sun exposure, it feels a bit faded,

Being padded, it is less breathable on hot days, but it absorbs less heat and is hardly noticeable with its light colours. Due to its remarkable durability and comfort, as well as its extraordinary capacity to hold more than two people, we think the Kelty Low–Loveseat is worth considering as your next chair for two.

  • Weight: 5.2 Kilos
  • Pros: Comfortable, holds two people, stable, durable, easy to assemble, ample cup holders.
  • Disadvantages: Heavy, bulky, poorly breathable due to its padding

4. Helinox – Light beach chair

The best camping chair for the beach

Big Agnes impresses us with this valued member of her Helinox line of chairs. With a fantastic level of portability for a chair of its size, the Helinox Beach Chair combines impressive durability and comfort. One detail that many Helinox users appreciate is that the storage bag can be easily stuffed and fastened as a pillow or glued to the back so it won’t get lost. The flat legs keep it high above the sand to enjoy a day at the beach and enjoy memorable moments.

This chair sits relatively low to the ground, challenging for tall people. It’s also tricky to put together, which involves a bit of a learning curve, but nothing to write home about. The price is also steep, and you can expect to pay even more if you want the full mesh version. However, if you are looking for the ideal beach chair, this model is the best option for your days on the sand.

  • Kilos: 1.4 Kilos
  • Advantages: Stability in the sand, a bag that works as a pillow
  • Cons: Low seat, price

5. Kijaro – Double Locking Portable Camping and Sports Chairs

The best camping chair with the best seat support

If you are looking for a sports chair that feels different from the others, the Kijaro is what you are looking for. Once assembled, the frame holds the seat and back fabric taut to provide a firm base. Another aspect to note about the Kijaro is the seat height, which is considerably higher than the rest of the chairs. The back panel has a comfortable angle which helps this chair maintain a cosy rather than stiff feel. Thanks to its carry strap at the back, you can feel free to leave annoying carry bags at home. Once folded, it is straightforward to pick it up and transport it back home. All this added support and height makes it one of the most Ad Hoc chairs for camping. 

Its attractive design makes it somewhat long once folded, something like less than four feet. This length doesn’t make it ideal for trunk storage, though it probably isn’t a deal-breaker. It’s also not very durable. Friends tell us they had problems with a broken locking mechanism and a gradual loosening of the post frame. That, combined with some sloppy stitching, oddly flexible frame joints, and a willingness to stain at the slightest hint of dirt, leaves us unsure this camping chair is ideal for very rough use. But it offers excellent support and might be the kind of comfort you’ve been missing on your outdoor excursions. 

  • Weight: 4.2 Kilos
  • Advantages: Its locking mechanism increases stability, carrying strap, very comfortable backrest angle, easy to transport
  • Disadvantages: Very long when folded, Not very durable, Stains easily

6. Nemo Stargaze – Deluxe Reclining Camping Chairs

best reclining camping chair

This deluxe camping chair has been a favourite with family and friends for years, thanks to its quirky design and uniqueness. The best parts of the NEMO Stargaze are the rocking motion and comfortable high back that cradles your head and neck. It also stands out that it automatically adjusts as we recline and settle into it. Another great advantage is that the Stargaze dries very quickly, so it is no problem if accidentally left out in the rain. While the price of the Stargaze is something to consider, it is a high-quality piece of camping gear and one of the most comfortable camping chairs we’ve ever landed on, making the price worth it. On those nights under the stars.

Made with materials similar to climbing gear, the Stargaze feels solid and durable while remaining relatively light and compact for portability. If you’re one of those who fidget a lot when sitting, prefers to relax lying down rather than upright, or want something new, the Stargaze Deluxe Recliner will be worth your investment. 

  • Weight: 3.1 Kilos
  • Advantages: Comfortable, high back and headrest with a pillow, reclining, can be rocked, breathable and quick-drying.
  • Cons: Takes one to two minutes to install, somewhat expensive

7. MARCHWAY – Ultralight folding camping chairs

The lightest camping chair

If you’re looking for a super portable camping chair, the MARCHWAY is the chair for you. It only weighs about a kilo due to its lightweight aluminium frame and folds up to fit in a bag no bigger than a water bottle. THE MARCHWAY CHAIR’S NYLON SEAT supports your back in a slightly reclined position and is just the right height for your legs to spread out comfortably, making it ideal for camping outings or relaxing by a river. We have tested it, and portability is the best thing about this camping chair. If you are looking for maximum portability without compromising comfort, we recommend the MARCHWAY.

  • Weight: 900 Grams
  • Advantages: Comfortable, light, compact, multiple colours
  • Cons: Very short backrest, no cup holders

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8. Ghlevo – Lightweight Folding High Back Camping Chairs

the best high back chair

If portability in your chair is still an issue, but you don’t want a chair without a long back and a trusty cup holder, you’ll like the Ghlevo. It’s lightweight and compact, but unlike super-portable camping chairs, the Ghlevo has a comfortable high back to support your head and neck. Although there are similar chairs, ultimately, the Ghlevo was the best for us due to its stability, durability and comfort, even if it costs a little more than the rest of the super-light ones. If you want a chair that covers your back like more miniature portable chairs, but you’re still looking for maximum portability, the Ghlevo is the middle ground you’re looking to sit on.

  • Weight: 800 Grams
  • Advantages: Compact, high backrest, comfortable, resistant, light
  • Cons: No cup holders, no armrests

9. Coleman Cooler Chair

best camping chair with cooler

If you have a tight budget, the Coleman camping chair is the best you will find on the market. The Coleman chair is simply unique because of its cooler that keeps up to three drinks (not to mention ice) ice cold. It also has a cup holder and a large pocket to store something to read, a phone or other small items. Overall, it’s an affordable chair that gives you everything an expensive chair could offer without sacrificing quality, a quality that Coleman products are well known for.

  • Pros: Comfortable, affordable, more relaxed for up to three drinks, padded seat and back, available in three colours
  • Cons: Not very breathable, less durable than more expensive chairs, bulky

10. Trekology YIZI GO – Portable camping chairs

The most compact camping chair

The Trekology YIZI GO saddle is similar to the MARCHWAY, which we prefer for its travel bag, but if you have a slightly larger budget, the Trekology YIZI GO will give you a little more value for your money. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a comfortable chair that’s light enough for trekking but can also be used for long camping trips.

  • Weight: 900 Grams
  • Advantages: Light compact, at an excellent price
  • Cons: No cup holders, no armrests, a bit heavier than other compact chairs

11. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Saddle

The most durable camping chair

You can imagine the safety of ALPS by calling their chair the King Kong; the chair is re-sis-ten-te, as well as durable. With sturdy construction and bracing in all the right places, the King Kong is one of the only chairs strong enough to support up to 1,700kg comfortably. In cooler climates or seasons, King Kong’s quilted fabric insulates the body much better than a mesh chair, meaning you won’t get cold on your back late at night in front of the bonfire. That said, it can be a bit hot on summer days and doesn’t dry out as quickly.

In conclusion, it is a heavy chair and not the most portable option, but if you are looking for a chair that lasts and supports you, the King Kong camping chair is one of the best chairs you will find. Team King Kong!

  • Weight: 5.6 Kilos
  • Pros: Durable, Heavy Duty (can support 3,500+ pounds), High Back, Insulated, Adjustable Armrests, Large Storage Pockets 
  • Cons: Bulky, Heavy, Non-breathable, Slow Dry, Not Easy to Carry, Too Warm for Weather Conditions heat

12. Tommy Bahama – Beach Chair

The best beach chair

For more than one reason, the best beach chair on the market. The Tommy Bahama Backpack is portable, comfortable, and convenient to store your belongings in its large pockets. More than one loves that the Tommy Bahama Beach Chair can be reclined entirely and has a comfortable built-in pad for napping or sunbathing. It also has a towel rack, a cup holder with a pocket for your phone and an insulated “cooler” to keep your snacks or drinks cold. The Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair is not the lightest, but its straps make the chair portable, and you can keep your hands free when carrying it. Overall, the Tommy Bahama Backpack is our favourite, especially for beaches and concerts.

  • Weight: 3.4 Kilos
  • Pros: Comfortable, sturdy, built-in pillow, high back, five recline positions, low profile (great for concerts), carrying straps, storage pockets, and cooler.
  • Cons: Heavy, low seat

13. LHNLY-Reclining Relaxing Loungers

The most luxurious camping chair with the best price

The LHNLY Lounger is the best valued by users who prefer luxury outdoor chairs. It has a high back with a headrest, neck pillow, recline options, and full leg support that make it a truly comfortable chair. The LHNLY Lounger is the least compact and portable of all the camping chairs we’ve tested, and it’s too heavy to carry more than a short distance, but if comfort and luxury is a priority for you, this chair is sure to come in handy among your camping gear. If you have a lot of space to store the LHNLY Lounger and you don’t mind loading it, it is one of the best options on the market to beautify your country house, take it camping or relax in your garden.

  • Weight: 9 kilos
  • Advantages: Solid, durable, reclining, leg support, high back, headrest
  • Cons: Expensive, flimsy, heavy, bulky

14. GCI Outdoor – Portable Folding Rocking Camping Chair

best multi-purpose chair

The GCI Outdoor folding rocking chair stands out for its durability and comfort. The rocking motion is an excellent feature for those who like to rock and roll, though the struts can get a bit creaky over time (nothing the good old WD40 can’t fix). For those who hate how the seat of some camping chairs sag, the taut seat and back of the GCI Outdoor Folding Rocking Chair may be the firm support you’ve always wanted in a camping rocking chair.

The GCI Outdoor rocking chair is quite bulky even when folded, and it’s also a bit heavy, which could make it a challenge to carry or pack in small cars. But if portability isn’t your concern, this chair from GCI Outdoor is an excellent option for lounging around the fire pit or on the patio and is sure to last through years of use if treated with care.

  • Weight: 5.5 Kilos
  • Advantages: Comfortable, lockable, robust, durable
  • Cons: Bulky, heavy, can get a squeaky, flimsy cup holder

15. Mockins – Inflatable Camping and Beach Chairs

Inflatable Camping and Beach Chair
Best Rocking camping chairs

The best inflatable chair for camping

The Camouflaged Inflatable Camping Chair from Mockins turns out to be an inflatable couch that can be set up in 30 seconds. No need for pumps or other tools! Supports weight of about 300 pounds (about 136 kilos). Our friends advise that you are less likely to have air leaks if you fill with air to 70% complete or a little more. 

If for any reason you doubt the quality of this Mockins inflatable chair, know that a lifetime guarantee backs it. It speaks volumes about their quality and confidence in their product. The inflatable chair is constructed of lightweight, portable polyester material. That makes it very durable and lightweight. Thanks to its anti-tear technology, it is perfect for taking to camping, festivals, concerts and all kinds of outdoor trips.

  • Weight: 900 Grams
  • Advantages: Sturdy, durable, lightweight, portable, various designs, perfect for all kinds of occasions
  • Cons: A bit of manoeuvring to inflate, as much support as an inflatable chair can provide

Best Rocking camping chairs for this 2022

Best Rocking camping chairs for this 2022

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