Changing the Approach to Education in Colleges

Changing the Approach to Education in Colleges

Changing the Approach to Education in Colleges

One of the best ways to equalize and promote education in college is by encouraging students to improve their study skills. It’s funny that most students are never taught how to study in school effectively. A good example is note-taking. Very few students are advised by their tutors on how to improve this skill. Most of them are instructed to take notes but never advised on what to record on their writing pads. Fortunately, reliable information on how to study online exists. Students and tutors need to change the approach to education if they want to improve their productivity and performance. Here are some of the best ways that tutors and students can work with each other to change the approach to education in colleges.

  1. Improve student-tutor contact

Frequent contact between student and instructor both in and out of class plays an important role in enhancing student involvement and motivation. Feedback from the tutors allows students to get through difficult times and keep on keeping on. When students can interact with their tutors, they’ll improve their intellectual commitment and enable them to think about their plans and values. Student-instructor contact can be improved by:

  • Sharing education values, attitudes, and experiences
  • Coming up with activities that will encourage students to ask questions
  • Knowing all students in your class by name
  • Attending and supporting events hosted by student groups
  • Seeing and treating students like human beings
  • Taking students to events related to the course that they are taking

How students combine work and study

Like any other activity, college essay writing and learning is improved when students work in groups instead of doing everything alone. Effective learning is social and collaborative. If it’s isolated and competitive, tutors need to make some changes. A student who has a part-time job works with their colleagues and seeks studyclerk help with my essay to save time and get good grades. Sharing your ideas with others, using essay maker, and responding to other peoples’ reactions will not only improve your thinking but also deepen your understanding. Students who have part-time jobs can improve their performance by:

  • Asking other students to share information about their academic interests and background
  • Encouraging other students to revise for exams together
  • Asking other students to exchange their work and give honest feedback
  • Encouraging colleagues to cooperate outside of class

Active learning

The traditional way of learning where students spend a huge portion of their day listening to professors, memorizing concepts, and working on assignments is not effective. Learning is effective when students talk about what they learn, relate it to their past experiences, and apply it in their lives. Learning needs to be a part of them. The approach to education can be changed by:

  • Requesting your students to present their work in class
  • Giving students real-life situations to analyze
  • Encouraging students to use journals
  • Using technology to promote active learning
  • Working on exciting projects during class time

Giving feedback

Students need regular feedback to boost their productivity and performance. To get started, students need help in assessing their knowledge and competence. They need opportunities to perform and receive feedback to improve. At different points in college, students need opportunities to reflect on what they’ve learned. You can implement this idea by:

  • Marking and returning tests promptly
  • Scheduling meetings to discuss student progress regularly
  • Preparing exercises that help in giving students feedback immediately
  • Give quizzes frequently to help students see how they are progressing
  • Communicate with students regularly via email about different aspects of your class.
  1. Set high expectations

When you expect more, you’ll always get it. High expectation is essential, especially for students. When you hold high expectations for your students, they’ll be motivated to put in the extra effort. And this will result in good grades. You can implement setting high expectations by:

  • Telling them that you expect them to put in the work
  • Discussing their performance periodically in class
  • Allowing students to revise
  • Being energized while interacting with your students


When tutors and students work together, they’ll both achieve their goals quickly and easily. Effective studying will always yield good results. By using the tips that we’ve discussed in this article, you’ll not only get ahead in your career but also help students who pass through you to land their dream jobs. Always encourage your students to prepare for their classes and exams. Preparation is the best way to beat the strongest enemies, especially in the academic world. What are you going to start doing today to move forward either as a tutor or student?

Author Bio:

Brandon Krieger is an experienced proofreader and writer. He is passionate about assisting young professionals to achieve their career goals. He enjoys reading books and interacting with others. 

Changing the Approach to Education in Colleges


Changing the Approach to Education in Colleges

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