Creatine Nitrate Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Reviews Does Work

Creatine Nitrate

Creatine Nitrate Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Reviews Does It Work 2022

The speed of muscle shortening and consequently power seems to increase in the presence of nitric oxide (NO). The availability of NO increases when consuming nitrates (NO  ). Different studies have suggested that the intake of beet juice (rich in nitrates) increases muscle power in untrained adults. 

The results of a study have recently been published ( Rimer et al, 2015; Int J Sports Physiol Perform 2-Dec) whose objective was to determine whether nitrate supplementation could acutely improve muscle power also in trained athletes. 

With a double-blind crossover design, 13 trained athletes performed 3-4 s maximum character tests, immediately before (PRE) and after (POST) consuming a product rich in nitrates (NO3) or absent (PLA). A jump test was performed to assess maximum power, as well as optimal pedaling rate. 

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Participants also performed a maximum 30-s isokinetic pedaling test to assess the effects of supplementation. The results showed that the maximum power increased significantly more after ingesting NO3 vs PLA. No differences were observed in the 30 s test. The authors suggest that acute supplementation of NO  appears to increase peak muscle power in trained athletes.

Creatine Nitrate Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Reviews Does It Work 2022

The results of this and other previous studies suggest performance improvements in explosive actions as an immediate response to the ingestion of nitrates. The recommendation for nitrates is likely to be extended in the coming months, positioning itself shortly as an effective ergogenic aid. Beet juice seems to have all the options to become a staple in the diet of athletes. We will see if it is confirmed in the future.

What is creatine and what benefits does it offer?

Creatine is a molecule made up of three amino acids, l-arginine, glycine, and l-methionine, which is found naturally in the skeletal muscle of our body, as well as in foods such as beef, chicken, or rabbit, however, approximately 30% of the creatine contained in these foods is destroyed through cooking.

In our body, creatine behaves as a stored form of cellular energy or ATP, which is available faster than glucose and therefore allows cells to withstand great efforts with high intensity.
Creatine is stored in the form of phosphocreatine and during exercise it releases cellular energy, producing a greater gain in strength, providing greater permeability to the muscle (which implies a greater blood supply), and improves anabolic processes.
It is one of the most used supplements in the sports field since it is an excellent aid to increase sports performance and develop muscle tissue.

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What is creatine nitrate?

The first creatine supplement that was designed was creatine monohydrate and all the formulas developed from that moment on had the objective of improving the absorption of this compound by the body.
Creatine nitrate is made up of a nitrate bound to a creatine molecule, it is one of the most soluble and bioavailable formulas, which also produces great hydration within cells, and not in the external environment.

Another important characteristic of creatine nitrate is that it stimulates the production of nitric oxide not through arginine, but through nitrate itself and without the need to activate the enzyme NOS (arginine-nitric oxide synthase).
Creatine nitrate uses the “nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide” pathway for the production of nitric oxide and this same pathway regulates the tissue’s reaction to hypoxic conditions (lack of oxygen) typical of anaerobic exercise.

Creatine nitrate supplementation

Creatine supplementation has been extensively studied and has also been shown to be very safe if the maximum dose is not exceeded, causing only mild stomach upset in some cases.
Creatine can increase body weight, but this is only due to a higher level of hydration, returning the weight to normal once supplementation has been interrupted.

In any case, it is important to follow all the recommendations specified on the product labeling, since not all supplements do not work with the same type of creatine or use the same concentrations. Creatine nitrate is one of the most powerful creatine formulas, being one of the most effective supplements to increase athletic performance and gain muscle tissue.

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Ingredientes EspecialesCreatine
MarcaAPS Nutrition
Forma del artículoCapsule
IngredientesGelatin, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Blue #1.
Información sobre alérgenosGluten Free

Sobre este artículo

  • nitrato de creatina por APS le ayuda a aumenta la masa muscular magra y le ayuda a mantener más tiempo entrenamientos con, no necesita carga
  • Soporta excelentes ganancias en fuerza, resistencia muscular, y plenitud.
  • Creatina que tiene mucho mejor solubilidad que cualquier creatina de agua hasta mucho mayor
  • Según un estudio de UCLA, nitrato de creatina es 1000% más soluble en agua que Creatine Monohydrate o otros creatina derivados. sin precedentes de agua solubilidad garantiza una mejor absorción y absolutamente ninguno de los suplementos de tradicional los efectos secundarios de la creatina.
  • Contiene Creatine Malate que combina Creatine Monohydrate y ácido málico en una fórmula, puede ser utilizado para promover la masa corporal magra, la fuerza muscular, la explosividad, durabilidad, Focus, y en general atlético.
Creatine Nitrate
Creatine Nitrate

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Descripción del producto

Creatine Nitrate for Revolutionary Rapid Gain Matrix For Vascularity, Strength, ATP Elevation, And Recovery!

Creatine Nitrate by APS is vastly superior creatine that has much better water solubility than any creatine thus far! You will experience full, swollen muscle bellies complimented by road map vascularity all wrapped in a tight, dry show quality package. Nitrates are the answer all physique enthusiasts have been waiting for, not only do they make the ingredient they are bonded to more effective but they also provide more vasodilation and vascularity than ANY current N.O./pump product offers.

In fact, nothing else even comes close. The most exciting non-hormonal muscle building, skin tearing, vein-popping product to ever hit the market. Basically, You have the best representation for two of the biggest categories in sports nutrition (creatine and nitric oxide) all in one bottle. This will go down as one of the biggest discoveries in sports nutrition history and for good reason. Don’t wait another day to start this revolutionary scientific breakthrough!

What does creatine nitrate do?

Enhance ATP (muscular energy) production during intense exerciseSupport increases in muscular strength and sizeImprove muscular endurance and peak power.

Does creatine nitrate cause weight gain?

On average, you may expect to gain 1–2% of body mass during the loading phase — which is partially water weight ( 8 ). Still, increases in total body water due to supplementing with creatine are short-term and typically resolves a few weeks after the loading phase ( 11 ).

Can you take creatine and nitrate?

While both nitrates and creatine should help enhance performance similar to taking both ingredients alone, little is known about the safety of creatine bound to nitrate when ingested regularly.

Are there nitrates in creatine?

With creatine nitrate, the creatine molecule is bound to a nitrate group, which gives it a number of interesting properties, including increased water solubility. Creatine nitrate isn’t just more soluble, however. It also has something to offer that creatine monohydrate doesn’t: namely, nitrates.

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Creatine Nitrate Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Reviews Does Work

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