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discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023

discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023

discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023

Some possible reasons include Discord settings: Discord may enable certain settings to adjust the user volume levels automatically. For example, the “Automatic Gain Control” setting can automatically increase the volume of users who speak softly or decrease the volume of users who speak loudly.

Why do we have to be 13+ on Discord?

You don’t have to be 13; you must act like 13. It is so that you are mature enough to know who you chat with and make friends with.

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If your 15 year old son was making $ 75k per year through his online sneaker business, and wanted to start paying you $500/ mo in rent, would you accept it?

Here’s a great parenting tip.

Do not tell him about this, but accept the $500/month for “rent.” Let him keep believing you’re pocketing the money, just like a landlord would. Instead, every time he gives you the $500, put it away in a separate bank account or something similar. Don’t take any money out, don’t let your son know.

When he is ready to move out, withdraw all the money you’ve collected from him for “rent” over the years and give it to him as a moving away gift. Every single one of my friends whose parents did this is so appreciative of what their parents did. First, it taught them what paying bills was like.

That prepared them for the real world, and they knew what to expect when they moved out. Second, it teaches them the value of money as well as how to spend it. What I mean by that is instead of spending all their money on the latest trends (this was high school), these kids had to pay “rent” first, and then they could use the leftover money to spend.

This habit sticks with them after they move out. Third, the money you give them at the end helps them out. It could go towards a security deposit for a new place to live. It could be put away for emergency money or even just regular savings. It could help with a few months of bills while your child seeks a better job. You get the idea.

My 12-year-old daughter is talking to older people via “Discord”. She refuses to let me see her phone. What do I do?

Because she knows you’ll end up something like:
“Who’s this, Why did he say this, What does this mean.”
and she doesn’t want to answer that because she is uncomfortable with it.
Gain her trust, and she’ll tell it to you without you asking.

Why would a 16-year-old boy spend several hours every night talking to my 13-year-old son via Discord, and not about gaming? How do I know this person is actually a teenager and not an adult with ulterior motives?

I’m 14, I talk to a 22-year-old, and it’s never about gaming; it’s just us talking about stupid stuff and whatnot. I’m sure it’s nothing wrong that they’re talking about, and if it’s even remotely weird, it’s probably nothing a 13-year-old wouldn’t already talk about at school.

You don’t need personal information about the 16-year-old or anything; it’s just that you can look at their private messages if you think it’s that bad, and boom, the end. If it’s bad, it’s bad. I don’t get why parents believe that if a kid isn’t talking about a stereotypical topic, it’s immediately suspicious, and they should alert the authorities. Like in some cases, sure, but Jesus Christ, how unfaithful are you of your children?

How do I stop Discord from updating automatically?

If you’re on a desktop, it’s easy.
Press Windows + R and type in “%LOCALAPPDATA%
Go to C: Users[User-name]AppDataLocalDiscord. Make sure you find the “Update.exe” file. Right-click on it and set it to read-only. It won’t prevent it from checking for updates, though it will prevent it from downloading & installing them.

Why did my mom delete my Discord? I’m 12 years old.

She probably doesn’t trust Discord server owners to adequately filter out all the foul language and subject matter so prevalent on Discord.
Also, why are you on Quora? Isn’t the minimum age 13?
Lastly, I confess that Discord is a huge distraction and time-waster. I wish my mom would delete mine, so I stopped, but if she knew about it, deletion would not be her mode of operation. She’d make me delete it in front of her and then talk about how much time I wasted on it, dragging it out until I was probably in tears and begging her to let me do my homework.
Feel blessed that you have it so easy.

What’s the difference between @here and @everyone on Discord?

@here sends a notification to everyone online and they can see the channel where someone did @here, while @everyone sends a notification to everyone, online or offline, that they can see the channel where someone said @everyone.

So offline people won’t get notified if you say @here in a channel. If you say @everyone, then everyone receives a notification, even if they are offline.

Is Discord bad for kids? Is Discord okay for a 7-year-old?
Hell no. There are pedophiles, porn servers, etc.

I’m a minor (13). On Discord, someone sent me sexually explicit content. I didn’t ask for them. I’ve never contacted or even noticed them before. What should I do? I live in Middle Tennessee.

Sup. I use Discord frequently, so I can give you a good idea of what I’d do if I were in your shoes.
Gather screenshots of the person sending you the contact; make a screen recording for extra measures.

Go to Discord’s rule breaker website; it can be found near the bottom of the article that can be found by clicking the link above.
Fill in the form, and block the user. You should receive an email from Discord staff soon about the matter, do as they say in case they request anything from you.
Hope this helped!

My 12-year-old daughter has Discord but tells me she only talks to her friends about it. Should I just let her be?

No. Could you not take it away? I’m sorry you have such little faith in your child. That doesn’t mean you can take it away, especially out of the blue.
You’re the parent, not an investigator.
You’re the parent, not the interrogator.
You’re the parent, not the bully.
Talk with your child about your concerns. Ask them nicely. Try to relate with them. Try and TALK. Your parents have no idea what most of your kids are going through, much less other kids. The problem with your generation of parents is that you don’t know how to communicate with your child.

Your generation of parents doesn’t know how to understand your child. Be responsible and sensible. Talk, don’t fight. Keep your temper and try and solve the problem if you hear something you don’t like. Your child might be going through things too.

Is it okay for my 13-year-old daughter to go on Discord chat rooms with people she doesn’t know?

Okay, so I’m 13, so I can answer this.

I don’t see any problems with it.

I’ve made many friends on Snapchat who live all around the world! (We got the UK and Australia) and they are my really good friends, and even though I don’t see them, we FaceTime all the time.

So I’m not going to lie; I don’t have Discord.

 But I know all about it since I’ve seen it on YouTube, and many of my guy friends use it when playing video games. discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023

Also, note that Discord is 13+

Edit: There are people on Discord who are pedophiles; just make sure your daughter understands this and that if she ever feels uncomfortable, she can report and block them

My teenage son uses Discord to video chat with his friends. It has to do with gaming in some way. What problems or dangers should I be alerted for?

Originally Answered: My teenage son uses Discord to video chat with friends. It has to do with gaming in some way. What problems or dangers should we be alerted to?

My teenage son uses Discord to video chat with his friends. It has to do with gaming in some way. What problems or dangers should we be alerted to?

Discord is just another group chat service. You might remember IRC, ICQ, and AIM. Have you ever used Skype? Discord lets you have the text and voice chat and lets others see what computer games you’re playing. Not just games—I’ve had friends ask me about Scrivener when it showed up in my information.

You make it sound like there’s a problem with gaming per se. Gaming is just an activity that engages the imagination, and some multi-player games have a social element. We are social creatures, after all.

I remember back in the ’90s when the internet was young; this fear was born of ignorance that you should be wary of talking to strangers online. None of those fears ever panted out between then and now.

Unless you want to keep your son unduly sheltered, there’s no cause for concern.

How do I grow a Discord server?

It is a huge topic of community development that takes a while to get the hang of, especially considering the constant changes in the Discord meta. Here are some of the first things you must consider when growing your server.

1.) Don’t worry about the member count.

Umm, what? Isn’t that what growing a Discord server is? Increasing the number of members? Well.. not exactly, although it’s a significant part of the process. You see, I always see these communities growing rapidly and boasting their member count like it somehow reflects the amount of value it brings to those members, but when I take a closer look, I realize that a majority of members aren’t active or even dislike the community.

What’s most important about growing your Discord community is the value you bring to each member there. If you bring them great value, the community is healthy, and your systems are scalable, then your community will become a black hole for members to get sucked into, and you can start looking at practical methods to increase the numbers. Increasing the member count of an unhealthy community will only make it less healthy.

So, once you know that your community is healthy and scalable and that it provides good value, you can start looking into these things:

2.) Develop partnerships

You’ll hear about many variations of the concept of partnerships. Affiliations, collaborations, merges, and teams are some of the more popular variations, but they’re all based on the same principle: Your server and another server connect in some way that creates a fair exchange of exposure for both servers.

The most basic form of this is partnership channels, in which you advertise their server, and they do the same for you on their server. Some servers are more advanced and professional, with certain requirements for certain partnership tiers.

Partnerships are great if you do them correctly, but they can be harmful if you do them incorrectly. The main thing to be mindful of here is that you don’t sell out. Don’t partner with 40 servers to get random members. It would help if you were particular about who you partnered with. 

What servers will bring your community the most value? What can this server offer your members that you don’t currently offer them? What do you offer your members that that server doesn’t offer their members? You have to remember my first point: It’s not about the member count, but the value that the members find on your server.

3.) Form and Ectomunity

A what? No, that’s not a real word, but it has a very real meaning. Your community is the community outside of your server. It means you have a YouTube channel, a Twitch channel, a guild in the video game your server is about, or a subreddit. 

Any place outside of Discord that:

  1. Fosters the same atmosphere, interactions, and content as your Discord server.
  2. The same people organize it as your Discord server.
  3. It is home to many of the same people as your Discord server, your community!

A community is important for many reasons, but I’ll stay relevant to the question. Your community provides massive exposure for your server, which is directed to people who will find great value there.

So what does it look like to build a community? Well, that depends greatly on what your server is all about. I’d happily discuss it in the comments and offer straightforward advice.

4.) Encourage Boosting, Voting, Bumping, etc.

Put your Discord server on server listings like a, Discord. Me,, and others. These are great websites where people can find your server based on tags and categories, and some great analysis tools give you insight into how many of your members are coming from what websites.

How you encourage voting/boosting/bumping is very important. You don’t want to push it onto members, and you don’t want the bribe members either. Make it a team effort. Make it a game. Make it fun and fulfilling. If you do this right, you’ll get a ton of exposure from these websites, but if you do it wrong, it’ll be awkward for the members.

discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023

Unless you can vote/boost/bump in pretty high volumes, it’s not a very effective strategy. I recommend introducing this system once your server reaches 100 members. Then, when your server reaches 150 or 200 members, your community will be an unstoppable voting/boosting/bumping machine.

These are just a few things you’ll learn about on your fantastic Discord journey! There’s a whole world of community leadership and server management to be explored, and you’ve just taken a huge step forward. Take this valuable information and grow your community!

Also, I’ll be in the comments answering all the questions I can!

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How do you send an embed on Discord as a user?

Unfortunately, you cannot send an embed on Discord if you are a regular user.

However, there are relatively easy alternatives, such as webhooks! If you have permission to create webhooks on the server you want to send the embed in, you can create a webhook by going into channel settings → webhooks → creating a webhook.

Then, once you’ve made one, you can start customizing the profile picture and the webhook’s name. When you’re done with that, copy this link from here:

Voila – you can now customize the embed and message! When you’re done, hit that Send button in the top right corner next to the webhook link, and it’ll send in the channel! Hope this helps! 🙂

My son is communicating with older people on Discord, he says he is starting a business but he’s 12 years old. I’m concerned because he now is asking for me to send money to his online coworkers. What should I do?

Being 12 years old does not preclude him from having a business or having a successful online business.
He shouldn’t need to send money to his online co-workers. So, do what your gut says: DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY FOR THIS.
But, you also take a look at the “business” structure.

— This is a perfect teaching opportunity if it is a scam. Learning to recognize when someone else is trying to steal your money is never too early.
If it is an honest but ill-conceived venture, that’s another teaching opportunity. Show him how to assess a business venture’s probability of success. He has no life experience to do this on his own. Your job as a parent is to teach him life skills, including this one.

If it is an honest and well-conceived venture, he should still not send money to his co-workers. He might be responsible for paying part of the business’s legitimate business expenses, but there should be a formal agreement (which he is not old enough to sign or enter into) and business accounts (which no bank will allow him to initiate without a guardian’s signature) for outlining and handling the money aspects.

discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023

If there is a bank account, you must determine whether someone old enough to open the account did so or if someone “pretended” to be old enough and opened an online account. Both are red flags if the person responsible for paying the bills solicits money from 12-year-old children.

They all lead back to “Do not give him money for this.”
What if you check it out and it is a viable business opportunity? Then offered to assist him in independently setting up a similar or competing business. If he lacks the skills to run it independently, you have two choices: help him or tell him to acquire the skills first – then help him get the skills. He’s interested in running his own business, which should be encouraged. discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023

In any case, you are liable for the harm your child causes, intentionally or unintentionally, to others’ property and finances in most US states.

Example: If your minor kid “borrows” a car (or uses yours) and gets into an accident, you are responsible for the damages. Another example: If your kid accidentally breaks your neighbor’s window with a baseball, you are financially responsible for the loss.

There is probably insurance that will cover the costs, but most insurance has deductibles. You would morally, if not legally, be responsible for the uncovered costs.) You need to be actively involved so you can determine what the potential liability is for your family.

discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023

A question that comes up on Quora many times is a variation of: “My teenage child is running a successful business online.” What should I do about the X aspect of this situation? I mention this so you understand that this circumstance is not uncommon.
In previous times, teenagers running lawn/yard care or babysitting/housecleaning businesses were not uncommon.

I knew one young man who started at 12 years old with a push mower he bought at a yard sale for $10. He put flyers on all the doors in the neighborhood to find his first customers. By the time he was 16 years old, he had 40+ lawns he had mowed every week, a riding mower he had paid for and serviced himself, an employee, and a pick-up truck to drive his equipment to job sites. discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023

His parents signed for the business insurance and co-owned his bank accounts until he could not legally enter into contracts. He paid employment taxes for his employee, filed a tax return, and had a Roth IRA that he later used to help fund his college education.

I also currently know a young man who runs an online gaming server. He’s over 18 now but was only 15 when he started it. At first, it was just for his friends, but it expanded. He sold “donor” ranks and enhancements to the players, maintained the server, and provided the administration. Moderation and updates for the site himself.

discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023

It nets about US$2000 per month (His server is located in the USA, and his revenue is in US$. His players are located worldwide.), enough to support himself and his family in his country and provide for him to attend university.

The last scenario is probably similar to your son’s involvement with his “co-workers.” There are a few recurring costs, but the most common expense is the monthly fee to rent space on a commercial game server.

If he’s part of the “management team,” he may have committed to paying a portion of the monthly rental fee if the income from other players doesn’t cover the cost each month. If that is the case, it is probably only a viable business if it is in its first few months of existence. Even if it is: DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY FOR THIS.

Instead, refer back to the original paragraphs at the top of this post – assess the business model, etc.


Why does Discord’s user volume keep resetting?

Discord user volume can keep resetting due to incorrect audio settings, outdated drivers, conflicting applications, or Discord updates.

How can I fix Discord user volume resetting?

You can fix Discord user volume resetting by checking your audio settings, updating your drivers, closing conflicting applications, disabling exclusive mode, and disabling Discord’s automatic gain control.

What is Discord’s automatic gain control?

Discord, automatic gain control, is a feature that adjusts the volume of users based on their microphone volume. However, it may also cause the volume to reset.

How do I disable Discord’s automatic gain control?

To disable Discord’s automatic gain control, go to User Settings, Voice & Video Advanced, and toggle the “Enable AGC” option off.

Can Discord user volume resetting be fixed permanently?

Yes, you can permanently fix the user volume resetting issue by making sure your audio settings are accurate, updating your drivers, and avoiding conflicting applications while using Discord.


Discord user volume resetting can be frustrating, but incorrect audio settings usually cause it, as do outdated drivers, conflicting applications, or Discord updates. Following the solutions we provided, you should be able to fix this issue and have smooth conversations on Discord. Always check your audio settings, update your drivers, close conflicting applications, disable exclusive mode, and disable Discord’s automatic gain control if necessary.

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discord user volume keeps resetting Causes, Solutions 2023