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Do guys fall in love with kind girls?

Do guys fall in love with kind girls?

Do guys fall in love with kind girls?

Yes, some guys can fall in love with kind girls. Kindness is one of the attributes that some people look for when they want a partner. Research has found that men find a kind, caring side as an essential quality in a woman. 

In general, people look for a partner who can make them feel safe and loved and who positively impacts their lives. Kindness is a top priority for those looking for a long-term partner. 

Women are naturally more caring and empathic, so it’s time to use that to your advantage. Research has found that men find a kind, caring side as an essential quality in a female.

People, in general, are attracted to kindness, and this holds for both men and women. Kindness is a positive and desirable trait that can make someone more appealing and likeable. Being kind is often seen as a valuable quality in romantic relationships because it contributes to a healthy and supportive connection.

It’s important to note that individual preferences and priorities vary; not everyone may prioritize kindness similarly. Personality, interests, and compatibility also play significant roles in romantic attraction. While kindness is generally appreciated, other qualities and factors contribute to the complexity of romantic connections.

Do guys fall in love with kind girls?

Ultimately, the key to a successful and fulfilling relationship involves a combination of various qualities, including kindness, communication, trust, and shared values.

Yes, and cry over them, especially when they end up with a bitch after she’s gone.

Yes, but don’t be a fold.
Don’t just fold over and subdue yourself to whatever a guy wants you to do. There’s a difference between being nice and being submissive.
Confuse is excellent for submissive, and you’ll attract weak men who want to dominate you.
I’ll speak for me and men like me:
Be independent and friendly.
Stand on your own two feet in front of me. Look me in the eyes as an equal.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as everyone has different preferences, and what one person finds attractive may not be the same as what another person finds beautiful. However, it is generally believed that kindness is an attractive trait in any person, regardless of gender.

Kindness is often associated with other positive traits, such as empathy, generosity, and compassion, and these qualities can be very appealing to many people. When someone is kind, they are more likely to be considerate of others, to be a good listener, and to make others feel valued and appreciated. All of these qualities can make someone more appealing as a romantic partner.

That being said, while kindness can be an attractive trait, it is not the only factor determining whether someone falls in love with another person. Other factors, such as shared values, interests, and personality traits, can also play a role in romantic attraction. Ultimately, whether or not someone falls in love with a kind girl will depend on many factors, including individual preferences and the specific circumstances of the relationship.

Why do guys always prefer a good-looking girl over an honest, kind-hearted one?

In my class, a girl looked so cute that the entire college was behind her. I had an added advantage as we did schooling in the same place. We became friends. There was another girl who was not at all attractive. She was fat, old fashioned, always with oily hair and worst spectacles. 

In the second year, classes were reshuffled. The cute girl went to another department section, and the fat girl became my batch mate in all my labs. We started to chat and eventually became friends. We became closer day by day. At the end of 3rd year, we became close friends. I forgot the cute girl. The adjectives have also changed from fat, oily hair, and old-fashioned to intelligent, funny, and caring. 

I started to fall for her, and so did she. Lab hours were the most beautiful period of my college life. I proposed to her, but she was too shy to accept it. I didn’t try to convince her, but I should have. That is the biggest mistake of my life.

Boys fall for beautiful girls but not men. If someone chooses something just because it looks lovely, how do you call that behaviour? Childish. Men won’t do that. If he does, he is not mature.

It is a true story.

What are things that girls do that guys secretly find sexy? 

Oh, I have a lot of these!

  1. Ponytail hair, especially when I saw her tying and showing her nape. Instant jaw drop.
  2. Glasses, I’m a sucker for nerdy women.
  3. Hard laugh, big smile, to anyone. What kind of man who doesn’t like these?
  4. Redhead/Brunette/Blonde or any non-black hair colour and. I will tilt my head and admire it as long as I can.
  5. When she’s lost in time doing her hobby, I love watching women when she’s doing something that resonates with her spirit. And I don’t even want to disturb her.
  6. When she’s sweating, especially when she’s doing her hobby. Can’t love it more.
  7. When she’s showing her intelligence generously, it’s enormously sexy.
  8. A reasonable dose of goofy, nerdy, funny, and shy.
  9. When she reads, so I can look at her face peacefully.
  10. When she shows compassionate feelings towards other people, animals, and the environment.
  11. She provides solutions rather than complaining when things are going unexpectedly wrong.
  12. She doesn’t care much about her looks and image, especially when not taking selfies.
  13. When.

Damn, this is getting hard!

I’m pretty sure I have a lot more!

What is it that makes a guy fall in love with a girl?

There’s always a difference between a man’s and a teenage boy’s mindset of who a perfect girl is…

Teenage boys feel the rush of hormones in themselves during puberty, so they are bound to get attracted to things which their friends find appealing, and it creates an illusion that a specific group of girls with a particular physique are the perfect ones for them, which is not valid.

Adult men are more in control of their feelings and hormones, so the ones who are not a douche bag, they know that a perfect girl is the one who is intelligent, sensible, caring, and loving at the exact moment. Girls who are understanding are the ones everyone loves because, in a relationship, understanding each other plays a significant role in making an excellent and stable relationship.

I’ll always advise you to be YOU! Don’t fake yourself for anybody’s attention because it’s not worth it! Just remember that REAL girls get guys who are loyal to them and love them, while the FAKE ones get all the attention from the douche bags and you’ll realize that a guy is suitable as a person when he’ll accept you for the way you are no matter what….

What are the small things girls do that guys like?

  1. The way she adjusts her hair while talking with us.
  2. The two-second prayer she does while crossing the temple/church.
  3. The childish face she makes while we tease her for the makeup.
  4. When she holds our hands and asks cutely in her sweet voice, “Can you do this for me?” or “Can you come with me till this place?” or “Can you please be for some more time?”OK, I am flattered!
  5. When we go to a temple with her, she puts the booth/kumkum to us and the way she prays.
  6. Fondling our hair while appreciating/playing with us.
  7. The way she eats and scolds us if we waste food. Most girls don’t waste their food.
  8. We are in a restaurant, and when she says she will pay the bill.
  9. When we stop her from paying, she keeps the money in our wallet, which we know only after reaching home.
  10. The way she hugs us closely in theatre and holds our hands when a romantic/horror scene comes

What kind of girls do guys fall for?

I saw a girl wearing a black salwar-suit, with coloured bangles, decorated earrings, and a teeny-tiny bindi.

She was beautiful. Okay, she was not beautiful. She was mind-blowingly gorgeous. And…and…SHE WAS LOOKING AT ME.

Still, that was okay. The sight needed to be better, and it wasn’t for me to avoid reading my book in the metros. The thing I love the most.

I opened my book and started reading.

I had planned to finish the book on the metro and was progressing well. But then, I heard someone telling her a breakup story.

‘He was so toxic that despite having a job he used to ask for money. I had to take extra money from my parents.’

A girl sitting beside her was telling her story. The girl with coloured bangles was continuously listening. Nodding. Listening. Nodding. And when it was time to add something, the other girl wouldn’t let her speak.

She kept on speaking (the other girl) until her metro station was there. But the girl-with-coloured bangles was listening patiently, like a wall.

In the meanwhile, of course, SHE WAS LOOKING AT ME.

I adore girls who are great listeners. But I had to complete my book. I started reading again, but she had a book in hand when I craned up.

A beautiful girl with a book in hand, save me, please!

I looked at her. She looked at me. And I was melting despite the metro swaying chilled waves. I HAD TO COMPLETE MY BOOK.

I was determined.

I picked up my book, yet again, and resumed reading. I was there. Almost there in the last few pages. But then, my friend said something, and I replied to him.

I had the urge to look forward. She had a diary in hand with a sketch pen when I did. She was sketching something. I told my friend about her. I told her how artistic girls pull me like a magnet.

He smiled.

I gave up on reading. I started talking to my friend, and concurrently, I noticed her. We were making eye contact. That eye contact where you know you like each other, and it’s going to last.

I thought about my past experiences with girls and thought about dropping the idea to look at her. But then, she took out a pen and started writing in her diary.


Someone has got to be kidding me. A girl who reads. A girl who sketches. A girl who writes. A girl who looks as beautiful as she can be. A girl with a traditional dress. A girl with such alluring eyes.

A girl. That girl. Such girls.


We all are gifted,

What kind of girls do guys fall for?

I will explain my species by providing some of the most common patterns of excitement we share about what’s attractive in the other species at different ages. It will enable you to arrive at an easier understanding of something that’s already easy to understand. So here goes:

Age 10-15:

Some of us fall for the cutest and the shyest in the class, and some fall for the bossiest and the most popular one. No logic/thought/reason behind it whatsoever. Even if we are about to fall for girls in other categories, we forcibly retract our very hearts for the holy cause of blending into ordinary boys.

Age 15-19:

Here’s when things start getting interesting.

One guy goes, “Dude, check her out! She has the prettiest eyes, man. OMG! I think I am falling for her!”

One guy goes, “Dude! I accidentally unplugged my headphones at the cafe today while listening to Stairway to Heaven. This girl behind me in the line said, ‘To be a rock and not to roll! How deep is that!’ OMG! I think I am falling for her!”

Another guy goes, “Dude! I was at the library today, and I accidentally dropped my Atlas Shrugged, and guess what? This girl picked it up and said, ‘Ayn Rand is such an obnoxious bitch. She needs to get her idea of morality straight’ Who is bold enough to say that these days. OMG! I think I am falling for her!”

So you get the drift.

Age 20-25:

One guy goes, “I think I find her most compatible with my madness. She may not be the prettiest, but she understands me. And she loves me for what I am.”

Another guy says, “She can converse with me longer than the other girls I have met. She gets my jokes, man. She is patient and guess what? She knows how to cook, too!”

Another guy says, “She is the hottest girl I have met. She has an attitude that I love to challenge. She is beautiful.”

So you get the… Wait! You don’t!

From the above analysis, there is one constant set of men who remained identical, simple, unassuming boys until they were 25

, while another set of men have matured by age and changed their priorities. The former set calls the latter ‘losers’ and ‘settlers’ while the latter calls the former ‘kiddos’ or ‘hopeless romantics’. So it’s hard to simplify this because, let’s face it. Men are complicated, too. We have our baggage and insecurities. Some of us like to chase beautiful damsels, while others want to stay content with what we (or think we) deserve.

But if you want a simple answer, please! Come closer! It’s a secret no man would ever admit openly: We fall for girls who admire us and acknowledge our coolness. Yes, that’s true! Everyone is brought up and taught to be responsible and caring, but deep inside, we all want to be taken care of. All of us want to be appreciated. Even if it’s for once, that’s our weakness. Call it an ego boost, but it goes a long way because sometimes we are what we are just because we want to impress you. I hope it answers your question :

What is the real reason men “love” us women?

You will never fully understand the depth of a man’s love for a woman. It goes beyond, more profound than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Yes, sex is a big part of it, but it goes so much deeper than that. We can have sex with damn near anyone – and it’s essential – but what we seek is intimacy. Someone who “gets” us. Someone who encourages us. Someone who, when we come home wounded and half-dead from the slings and arrows of Life that have been thrown at us, BELIEVES in us, brings us back to health and vitality, and gives us the strength to go out there and fight another day…

Someone who keeps the home as a sanctuary, a Safe Place where we will always be honoured and revered

Someone who nurtures the children, raising our daughters to be Real Women and our sons to be farmers and warriors. That is what we seek. And for the damn few who find it, it’s what we love about women.

Do men like nice women?

  • Men love nice women but don’t want a woman who agrees with everything.
  • We want a woman who can stand on her own 2 feet.
  • We want a woman who has her dreams
  • We want a loyal woman
  • An honest woman
  • A kind woman, one who acts genuine, even when no one is looking.
  • Is she likeable enough to herself?
  • Does she love herself?
  • Does she have confidence in herself?

Does she believe in herself?

A woman can tell me she is nice all she wants, but I have to see it in her actions

Why do guys like adorable girls?

Because they remind us of the love of our mothers. The love of a mother is unconditional; it is adorable. An adorable girl has the potential to be extremely friendly to me and our possible kids, so I like cute girls.

What do guys find most attractive about a girl?

Say the girl I’m attracted to has the name Vini. Say she is short and dusky with deep and dark eyes. She is far from the perfect figure, the kind of girl most guys would drop their jaws for.

Yet, there is something special about her. Something that makes her the most attractive person I know. Why is it so? Keep reading, and you’ll know.

  • She doesn’t think of me as weak when I cry. Instead, she lends me her shoulder and wipes off my tears. I do not have to pretend to be a strong, confident person who is perfect. She understands that I’m imperfect and appreciates my acceptance of it. This understanding that Vini holds with me attracts me to her.
  • She knows I like playing, dancing, singing and jumping around like a 12-year-old. So she tags along. She plays, dances, sings and bounces forth with me. Being with her has always been like reliving my childhood. And I love my childhood. Vini’s accommodating nature attracts me to her.
  • She is someone who has no barriers or awkwardness when talking to me. Be it sex, periods, STDs, politics, porn or economics. I can speak to her about whatever comes into my head. And she always responds and talks back. It’s always very affirming and comforting for me. Vini’s soothing and boundary-free nature attracts me to her.

I can go on this way, pointing out various reasons. But now I would like to sum up.

I do not go by the looks. Instead, I prefer talking, knowing and then forming my choices regarding my relationships with people. And when being attracted to a girl is the case. Then, she must make me feel comfortable and understand me. She must be the person who does not demand or desire for me to change. Instead, enjoy the differences between the two of us.

Now, that’s the kind of girl who I’m attracted to.

What kind of girls do guys fall for?

I would fall for a girl

  • Who Loves me the way a thirsty man loves water in a desert?

Who made me a writer when I fell in love with her.

  • Who turns me into a lover when she touches me gently with her soft hands.
  • Who would make me forget this world when her tender lips feel mine?
  • Who turns me into a poet when I see her beauty.
  • Who turns me into a dancer when I see her dancing in the rain with her hands in the air.
  • Who teaches me how to live life to the fullest when I see her dancing and smiling through the ups and downs of life.
  • Who let me brush her hair when it fell forward over her face?
  • Who makes me swim deep into her big black eyes when I look into them.
  • Who makes the whole world stop and stare when she smiles.
  • Who makes me feel like a baby when she pampers me?
  • Who turns me into a dreamer when she talks about her dreams.
  • Who makes me a guy who stares when her beautiful pink lips move?
  • Who makes me breathless when she whispers in my ear,” I LOVE YOU, BABY.”
  • Who makes me an alcoholic when she leaves me?

Girl, if you are reading this, PM me now. I have been looking for you since I started breathing, baby.

Madhuri Sen, Thank you so much for A2A. I will thank you in person when I meet my girl. I wouldn’t have written this answer if you hadn’t asked. 🙂


Are guys afraid to fall in love with a good girl?

Hell no, at least not in my case. I am not afraid of falling in love with a “good” girl. The only way I can see myself being fearful of falling in love with a good girl is if I somehow feel like I am not good enough for her or that she deserves better than me.

If I am afraid of a good woman not feeling the same way about me, I can be fearful of falling in love with her. But then again, my feelings can get the better of me and result in me ignoring the possibility of having my heart broken. That Miley Cyrus song called Start All Over immediately comes to mind.

OK, now let’s define what a “good girl” is. Well, to me, it’s a woman with the following characteristics:

  1. She’s capable of deeply loving, caring for and respecting me as a human being. Ideally, she’d believe in love like I do and be willing to commit to a long-term relationship.
  2. She’s someone I’d enjoy spending my time with and want to spend much time with.
  3. I can trust that she loves me primarily for who I am.
  4. She’d be faithful to me like I’d be loyal to her.
  5. She’s honest and trustworthy, like she’d expect me to be.
  6. She isn’t afraid of commitment.
  7. She believes in gender equality in the sense that she doesn’t see herself as being inherently above me or below me based on her gender. I want a woman who sees herself as equal, not superior or inferior to me.
  8. She expects to be treated with loving kindness and respect from her boyfriend/husband.
  9. She has a kind heart and possesses good ethics. She doesn’t need to be perfect or utterly immune to making mistakes. But her heart and intentions have to be in the right place.
  10. She’d love the attention and affection I’d give her and would also. Be willing to provide me with a similarly adequate level of attention and affection.
  11. She’s humble, empathetic and good-natured instead of arrogant, insensitive or malicious.

I’d say a woman with all these characteristics is a “good girl”. I’m not afraid of falling in love with these characteristics specifically. A good woman might have other factors that could make me feel undeserving or insecure. But I’m not sure if I’d be afraid of falling in love with such a woman, nor am I convinced that I can say that such fears of feeling inadequate would necessarily stop me from falling in love with someone.

What is the most important thing about a girl that makes guys love her?

For me intellectuality. If a girl is able to grab my attention for the first 5 minutes with her talks, I am all hers. She should have a passion and be well off to talk on any topic. She should read books.

For me, more than beauty, what’s inside is essential. I will fall for a girl only if she is intelligent, not in maths and science, but in a more general way. She should be as brilliant as Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory. Not weird like her, but yes, intelligent like her. She should give me a challenge at every point. I like using my brain. She should challenge my intelligence and my experience.

If she can challenge me on an intellectual level, I am all hers.

What is the most important thing about a girl that makes guys love her?

  1. Kindness: This is different from appearing to be excellent. It means being aware of those around you who need help and acting on it, whether planned or spontaneous.
  2. Being direct/assertive- being non-direct is ingrained into the behaviour of many women, and that’s fine; I get it. But if your guy is not picking up on the signals you’re giving and you allow yourself to get upset before telling him exactly what’s on your mind, that’s not very classy.
  3. Being different/unique/authentic – I talked with a girl once who, after a little conversation, told me she used to play Dungeons and Dragons. While I might have read some Tolkien in my day, I’ve never really been into D&D, but it was pretty hot because she told me that about herself without worrying about me judging her.
  4. Being non-judgmental- speaking of passing judgement….now, I know that making judgment calls is part of being human, but if you constantly make comments that express disdain for every little thing under the sun, expecting him to agree, that gets old.
  5. Allows you to be yourself and loves you for it – this one is related to both 3 and 4 above. I dated a girl once who, after the initial courting period and we were official, it became more and more apparent that she didn’t like me. She wanted to have a guy around who she could say was her well-spoken boyfriend, who knew how to be charming around her family and friends. She didn’t care about my interests unless she said, “I just don’t know why you’re into that stuff.” She was stunned when I finally walked away.
  6. Nurturing – men often feel like they’re supposed to be the frame or solid foundation in the relationship when both partners should fulfil that role. There are times when men feel like they’ve been undermined, or despite their hard work and best intentions, things turn out the opposite of how they were supposed to, or they are just plain defeated and depressed. A lot of guys won’t complain because they have been trained by society not to. They might appear whiney and thus unmanly. I won’t be hypocritical here and say you must. It’s always pick up on this. But if something’s wrong, chances are you will know. The last thing you should do is press him about it. He may not know how to express what’s happening and needs time to process his thoughts. In the meantime, just let him know you’re there for him and try to be responsive to his needs. He’ll snap out of it and appreciate that you were there for him even if you felt like you didn’t do anything.
  7. Intelligence: I know guys are in two different camps on this one. But I was shocked to learn on this platform that not only are some women willing to feign low intelligence to attract confident guys, but they coach each other into it. It just seems to me that the kind of guys who want lower IQ partners are most likely narcissists, maybe even sociopaths. But if a woman can teach me something new, whether it’s related to an interest of mine or not. Well, it doesn’t get much sexier than that.
  8. Finally, it doesn’t hurt to initiate bedroom time occasionally by simply making eye contact and pushing him aggressively onto the bed on his back to show him non-verbally that you do desire him. Trust me, it means a lot. In this case, a push is worth a thousand words.

What kind of girls do guys like the best?

The sassy ones.

The ones who are unpredictable, and every moment with them feels like a new adventure.

The ones who are funny and sarcastic

The ones who correct me when I am wrong.

And most importantly, those who I know will stick with me no matter what.

What is the first thing men look for in a woman?

Eyes :

The first attraction comes directly from her eyes. But everyone’s choice is different. As for me, I like the girls having eyes like the 1st one. If you have this kind of eyes, I’m already impressed.

Hair Style: Yes, men all notice a woman’s beautiful and healthy hair. As for me, I like women with long hair. Most men adore long hair.

Stop there. I have also seen many ladies with short hair, emo cuts and stylish colours; they look brilliant. It all depends on the style which suits you.

Physical Appearance: This one is common. Honestly, we are attracted to your physical appearance. But we don’t want a magazine model or a nude Instagram freak or MAKE UP OVERFLOW.

Assets: Please don’t kill me (Hiding my face behind a pillow). Honestly, this one also matters. But not an incredibly sexy figure. A perfect balance, you know what I mean.

Dressing Sense: Oh, Come On! You ladies have better dressing sense than us. A lady with a good dressing sense attracts everyone. Also, being too fashionable and exposing is not appreciated, but at least she should know which dress suits her and which doesn’t. A perfect balance of style and decency.

Nature of our Mom: When a True Man looks for his better half, he tries to find his Mom inside you. Your caring nature, loyalty to him, friendly nature, ability to understand his mood and emotional intelligence attract him the most.

Be like my Mom, but please don’t be my Mom. 🙂

Beauty with Brains: Men often fall for your beauty, but your boldness and smartness can smooth the relationship.

Smile: Yes, Mary Gable is right. A beautiful smile is one thing most men first notice in a woman. A smiling woman is considered to be much more attractive and approachable. She sends a signal of happiness and optimism. Thus, starting a conversation with a smiling woman is much easier.

Girls who wear a smile on their faces attract everyone.

Loud but Soft: We love it when she speaks loudly with her soft and smooth voice. We hate extra loaders.

Fake Feminism & Attention Seeking Drama: All men hate this shit. Trust me. Please avoid this.

Personal Hygiene: Please take care of this lady. I have seen many girls having good personalities & decent looks, but they lack personal hygiene and believe me, it’s awful.

Women are symbols of beauty and fragrance.

Men hate it when you smell like hell.

Your nails are like the nails of workers working in mines.

Your exposed underarm hair.

Your mouth smells like rotten chicken curry.

Conclusion: True Men do not want an incredibly sexy, fair woman with very trendy clothes, over make-up and a fake personality. We like simple, sweet and cute women with perfect balance in everything.

Where can I find jobs for 16-year-olds that doesn’t require a lot of traveling?

Do guys fall in love with kind girls?