What is Ethical Implication? What are the examples of this?

Ethical Implication

What is Ethical Implication? What are the examples of this?

Generally, “implication” refers to a consequence of an action or proposed action. To be an ethical implication, it would be a consequence touching on ethical decision-making and/or attitudes.

Let’s say that increasing numbers of people decided to stop tipping waitstaff. There would be material implications for their workers, in the form of reduced wages. But there is also the ethical implication that, if people don’t value their service, then the servers may not provide the best service possible – along the lines of: “If nothing I do is good enough, then why bother?”

Now consider a restaurant embracing the policy of paying servers a living wage off the bat, raising prices enough to meet this, and informing customers that separate tips are not required because of this.

There are two possible ethical implications: (a) customers approve and begin to patronize the restaurant more, leading to increased profits and wages; (b) customers do not approve, voicing their disapproval and/or no longer patronizing the restaurant, leading to decreased profits and wages.

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The first implication could see a further implication of increased employee morale and good service (“Hey, they value our work!”); the second may produce any of several consequences, up to and including bankruptcy for the business.

Anticipating ethical implications to any action is difficult, not least of which because human psychology and culture are so complex and nuanced. But general trends may be predicted, and perhaps in the future when we have a better understanding of human nature, we may refine those predictions.

~~~ Perhaps if you knew what ‘ethics’ are?

‘Ethics’ are born of unconditional Love;

“Do NOT do to others what you do NOT want done to you!” (correct translation)

Laws are for those with no ethics.

What is Ethical Implication? What are the examples of this?

Just off the top, ethics meaning a system of values and implication meaning suggestion I’d say it’s an open area where forms themselves suggest a proper/healthy way of being interacted with.

Our usual education in ethics proceeds by giving the object a value. This value scale varies because people vary. So far this method has yielded strife.

This is because the field of focus is wrong. It is not between people and objects but between people and people.

An ethical implication is simply considering the matter from an ethical viewpoint. It may undermine an otherwise valid argument or a position derived from considering things other than ethics.

For example, from a legal perspective, capital punishment means the state is sanctioned to kill murderers. The ethical implication is that it is still wrong to murder people, even if they themselves are murderers, and therefore the state or the person killing the murderer themselves becomes a murderer.

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It could mean that from a moral or ethical standpoint the action you or another is taking could be considered as being wrong. Ethics is a tricky concept to deal with as there are no true absolutes when dealing with any situation.

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After considering what seems correct a person will have to do whatever feels right to them and there will always be some that disagree with your choice no matter how virtuous you try to be.

What are the examples of ethical implications, and how do you relate?

“Ethical Implications” refers to the consequences that might take place if a particular action is taken or a particular decision is made. An example might be the carrying of a weapon such as a gun into a volatile situation.

If the volatile situation involves a place where alcohol is consumed and an argument or angry confrontation takes place, instead of walking away the gun is pulled out and is inadvertently or deliberately fired and someone is hurt, perhaps fatally.

The result is that criminal proceedings take place and a prison term is a result. That may be an extreme example but it illustrates that a decision to carry a gun has “ethical implications”.

In fact, there are no ethical implications, for technology has as its aim to make life better. The question is, therefore, what a good life is. Notwithstanding the fact that there can be lots of details with regard to technology with ethical implications.

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According to Heidegger technology implies hidden metaphysics. It orders nature, as he says, to our benefits, and neglects by this the true essence of nature, to reveal being. By technology, we lose the proper sense of being and become subjected to  Seinsvergessenheit, the fall into the oblivion of being.

Technology, including technical bureaucracy, produces an artificial sense of being, why being and its unveiling as truth enters a dimension beyond nature, why all traditional ethics simply cannot apply anymore.

Ethical Implication
Ethical Implication

What are ethical implications in youth work?

The main problem with youth work is that when having kids becomes a viable option to make more money then people will have more kids which increases population as well as decreases that amount of care that children can get on a per child basis.

Due to strict child labor laws in some places, this doesn’t occur leading to an overall higher life standard for the society that exists without child labor.

Humanity has a duty to ensure proper treatment and care of those that will take over this world in the future. Children need to be loved, taught kindness, compassion and empathy.

They should never be treated as anything more than a way to make their parents more money. Any move to make child labor legal and less regulated could lead to highly unethical actions. This is not something that should be allowed.


Please see the article in Wiki. Here is a snip.

Moral hazard also arises in a principal-agent problem, where one party, called an agent, acts on behalf of another party, called the principal.

The agent usually has more information about his or her actions or intentions than the principal does, because the principal usually cannot completely monitor the agent.

The agent may have an incentive to act inappropriately (from the viewpoint of the principal) if the interests of the agent and the principal are not aligned.

What is Ethical Implication?

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What is Ethical Implication? What are the examples of this?

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