Explanation to Difficult Knowledge Points of PMP Certification Exam

Explanation to Difficult Knowledge Points of PMP Certification Exam

Explanation to Difficult Knowledge Points of PMP Certification Exam: There is some hard knowledge of PMP certification exam. We hope the information can be helpful.

Project communication record is a project profile recording the process of managing communication. The record may include the subjects of communication, time, communicators, opinions, and decisions. After the communication is done, a paper document may need to be complied and sent to parties engaging in the communication. Targeted communications centering on important subjects, signing up of parties will be required. A complete project communication record can provide significant evidence for later auditing of different projects.

The function of “monitoring communication”. First, you should notice the implementation of the current communication management plan, try to discover the existing problems and take measures to solve it. These problems may include: the problems resulted from the misunderstanding of the content, form and language of the communication.; inappropriateness caused by communication channels, methods and misuse of technology; the leakage problem caused by communicating with a wrong party or ignoring a party, or fail to inform the relevant parties.; the problems caused by unreasonable communication time and frequency leading to insufficient or meaningless communication. Besides, monitoring communication needs to track the changes of the need of communication.

The following situations may bring the changes of communication demands:

  1. A new relevant party appears whose communication demands should be satisfied.
  2. The geographical positions and other factors of the relevant parties change. Therefore, the manager should communicate with them actively and adjust communication methods, technology or channels. 
  3. The role of relevant parties plays in a project will change. Correspondingly, its rights such as to make decisions or to know the truth may also change.

The purpose of communication management under the agile environment is the same as that of plan-driven project, aiming to make sure that the parties are informed and make them support the decision. Under an agile environment, decision-making is required to be quick with more information. Therefore, the opted communication methods, technology, and channels must be beneficial to the quick spread and feedback of the information. From the perspective of communication methods, the interactive method is preferred. The oral communication method is taken instead of the paper one. As for the communication channel, the face-to-face, telephone or video meeting is adopted rather than e-mails. To realize the above-mentioned oral communication, collocation is required. Even the relevant parties can be invited to join in the collocation. When the team report their work to the organization, the oral reporting method can also be adopted instead of turning to the detailed project paper report.

The interaction between project communication management and other knowledge fields.

  1. The interaction with stakeholders

First, communication demand is always part of demands of stakeholders. Through communication, stakeholders can know about the project and engage in the project. Second, the inappropriate communication will pose direct impact on the engagement of stakeholders, which may bring the failure of managing stakeholders. 

  1. Interaction with other knowledge domains. The communication management in fact serve the conduct of other knowledge domains.

Good practices and key factors for success

  1. Make a detailed communication plan

Communication management has three major management processes. The first one is to make a plan including the communication scenarios of compiling and sending various reports, the content of reports, the language, form, receivers, sending channels, technologies, time, feedback requirement and so on.

If the planning and organizing of various meetings are the communication scenarios, then the subjects, agenda, time, place, participants, records of the meeting should all be clarified. Furthermore, the communication management is a gradual process while conducting the project. Therefore, you cannot clarify all the communication demands at one time. Therefore, the plan should also consider the aspect. 

2. Attach importance to management work of project conferences and make sure that each meeting can be brought into effects. The meeting is an important and regularly used tool mentioned in the PMI project management Basics guidance, PMBOK. Many tools and technologies will be applied during a meeting. Meeting management is another tool mentioned in PMBOK. A series of steps should be taken to realize the expected effects of a meeting.

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Factors need to be considered. When preparing for a meeting management, you should pay attention to the following stuff:

Prepare and release the agenda which includes the goal of the meeting and relevant materials. Make sure that the meeting start and end at the certain time and make sure that relevant parties invited and attend the meeting. The theme of the meeting should match the goal. Deal with the expectation and problems. Record the whole meeting.

PMI PMP exam is not a very difficult exam. As long as you have taken the best PMP exam prep, you are likely to pass the exam successfully. PMP certification online classes can also help you understand the knowledge of PMBOK. Timely review and check your learning progress are important.


Explanation to Difficult Knowledge Points of PMP Certification Exam

Explanation to Difficult Knowledge Points of PMP Certification Exam

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