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Gmail search by date

Gmail search by date

Gmail search by date

I may have already migrated to G Suite for Education on campus or are waiting for its release date, but I receive this question all the time in training and thought it was time to publish it.

Friends, if you are looking for an email or chat in your Gmail files on a specific date, follow this simple search technique.

If that is not enough, we have included some more advanced search terms to help you.

As of date, when you have to search for Gmail then your headache increases if you do not know about it properly.

Personal CRM Gmail

To find emails after a specific date, use After YYYY/MM/DD. So, for example, if you’re trying to find emails from before or after, type into the search bar and hit Enter. You can combine both keywords to find emails between two dates

How to Search by Date in Gmail?

  1. Open Your Favorite Browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your User name and Password.
  4. Click Sign in to log in to Your Gmail Account
  5. Find the search bar, located on the top of the web page.
  6. To find Mails Before a Specific Date.
  7. Type in “Before: 2021/23/06”. This will show all your mail before 6th June 2021.
  8. You can also find mails from a specific person By adding From: and the person name next to it.
  9. To Find Mails After a specific date, Just Change Before to After.
  10. This is How You Can Search Mails By Date in Gmail.

Lets us go to step by step

  • Open Your Favorite Browser.
  • Go to
  • Enter your User name and Password.
  • Click Sign in to log in to Your Gmail Account

Type in “Before: 2020/01/01″. and Hit Enter This will show all your mail before 1st January 2021.

You can also find mails from a specific person By adding From Name and the person name next to it.

Example: I type here From: Hostripples and then click Enter. it’s showing the same person Hostripples‘s all Mails.

To Find Mails After a specific date, Just Change Before to After.


Do not use a different format for the date.

Entering the date with the year at the end instead of the beginning, for example, will display the incorrect results.


  1. Before: 01/01 2021
  2. After: 2021/01/01
  3. From: Name (John)

This is How You Can Search Mails By Date in Gmail.

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If multiple pages of results appear and you want, for example, to delete all those messages.

Be careful: remember that garbage is permanently removed after 30 days in Gmail), you can see the “Select All” box in the top left corner.

Now my search tells me that I have 09 email pages dating back to 2021.

You can go through each page and select and delete all, or make things easier, Gmail will display a message asking if you want to select all conversations matching this search. Huh.

What you give up by going to Outlook will far exceed the benefits of using Gmail.

On the flip side, I’ve been driven to use Outlook (desktop, 2010) by my workplace, and what makes me craziest, in order, are

  • Search – stupid! Outlook is double digits exponentially slower than Gmail. God forbid you must search ‘all folders’ in Outlook – make coffee while you wait. Enrol in a barista class and learn to make a spectacular espresso drink while you wait.
  • Search – so stupid! Can Search be first AND second place? It damn well should be. I calculate that once I’ve become an expert at making a double whip, no foam, half-caf, caramel macchiato, I will nail the ginger iced, gluten-free, lemon poppyseed scones.
  • Folders – stupid! Maybe just me, but I like to sort emails into folders based on the project to which they refer. God forbid someone emails you with info on two different projects. In Outlook, you must pick the best folder and ignore the others if you keep everything in your Inbox and use Search (see above). Gmail labels solve this perfectly.
  • Threading – crazy stupid! Outlook threads conversations. Except for your replies that live in ‘Sent Items’. So you get to consult two different folders to try and re-construct your conversations. Unless you (and everyone else) reply, you get a supreme mess.
  • Sent Items – just un-fucking-believeably stupid! My list of Sent Items in Gmail displays who I sent a message. In Outlook, my list of sent items prominently displays the sender in case I wonder who sent an email to my account.
  • Contacts – I can’t even see straight stupid! In Outlook, I can choose between Suggested Contacts, My Contacts, Public Contacts, and Resources – WTF! How about Contacts that are just Contacts? Why do I need to search multiple lists of somewhat overlapping contacts?

In every case, Outlook was designed by engineers who wanted to pack in every feature possible, regardless of the greater usefulness. And if the feature set you need is primarily searching endlessly for past emails, easily group scheduling meetings for more than two people, and covering your ass with your two cents and ‘Me too and lots of ‘Reply All’s’, maybe Outlook is for you.

Gmail feels like a product that thinks how I do and works how I want to.

That and Outlook is a delivery cycle based on corporate buying and product release cycles, and Gmail is (likely) updated every time you log in.

That’s why Outlook 365 is pushing its way into existence.

Makes me angry just writing about it!

Is there a way of sorting emails by their size in Gmail?

Yes, you can (more or less) show messages of certain sizes by filtering. You do it with Gmail’s advanced search operators. You can search for the following:

  • Emails of a certain size by typing “size:[insert size]” in the search bar. Searches are in bytes.
  • Emails larger than a certain size or smaller than a certain size by typing “larger:[size]” or “smaller:[size]” in the search bar.

In the examples, don’t use quotes; replace the bracketed area with the size you want to filter. For example, to find all emails larger than 15000 bytes, type:


in the search bar.

Can you sort-starred emails by star colour in Gmail?

 In Gmail?













What is your review of Coding Ninjas?

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How can I recover my Gmail password without a recovery phone number or email?

I have no phone at present; It has returned to the factory setting, and I need a verification code to set up my account. Gmail is not accepting my password .. what can I do. I am not receiving email from my account either to allow a code

Is there a limit on how many Gmail accounts you can create?

No limit exists on how many Gmail accounts you can create, but it depends on how you create them.
You can no longer use your number after certain occasions if you generate an account that needs your phone number.

Usually, it starts having trouble when you use it for 4 or 5 times. When setting up an email account, you should build one email address for all your email requirements. This is a simple idea, but maintaining all your messages in one account will make email management more complex. It’s better for distinct reasons to have various email addresses.

Alternatively, you can use a service such as AppSally, which provides plenty of fresh and aged accounts. This email account can create online profiles and use all Google services. There will be more time can be saved when you need to create it by yourself.

Gmail account has countless benefits such as enormous storage room, access to online anywhere, cheaper and fewer resources to maintain and high data security. The first is you can get a lot of storage room. Businesses offer 25 GB of storage space, so there should be no issue with restricted storage space. It can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Meanwhile, in terms of maintenance, Gmail is low cost, has zero maintenance, and data storage is ‘in the cloud’, meaning your email, document, and events are always available anywhere you can connect with a web browser. Google have tight security and is backed up on the Google platform, which gives it a guarantee of service and uptime.

Gmail search by date

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