Gmail search by date

Gmail search by date

I may have already migrated to G Suite for Education on campus or are waiting for its release date, but I receive this question all the time in training and thought it was time to publish it.

Friends, if you are looking for an email or chat in your Gmail files on a specific date, follow this simple search technique.

If that is not enough, we have included some more advanced search terms to help you.

As of date, when you have to search for Gmail then your headache increases if you do not know about it properly.

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How to Search by Date in Gmail?

  1. Open Your Favorite Browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your User name and Password.
  4. Click Sign in to log in to Your Gmail Account
  5. Find the search bar, located on the top of the web page.
  6. To find Mails Before a Specific Date.
  7. Type in “Before: 2021/23/06”. This will show all your mail before 6th June 2021.
  8. You can also find mails from a specific person By adding From: and the person name next to it.
  9. To Find Mails After a specific date, Just Change Before to After.
  10. This is How You Can Search Mails By Date in Gmail.

Lets us go to step by step

  • Open Your Favorite Browser.
  • Go to
  • Enter your User name and Password.
  • Click Sign in to log in to Your Gmail Account
Gmail search by date

Type in “Before: 2020/01/01″. and Hit Enter This will show all your mail before 1st January 2021.


You can also find mails from a specific person By adding From Name and the person name next to it.

Example: I type here From: Hostripples and then click Enter. it’s showing the same person Hostripples‘s all Mails.


To Find Mails After a specific date, Just Change Before to After.


Do not use a different format for the date.

Entering the date with the year at the end instead of the beginning, for example, will display the incorrect results.


  1. Before: 01/01 2021
  2. After: 2021/01/01
  3. From: Name (John)

This is How You Can Search Mails By Date in Gmail.

Gmail search by date

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If multiple pages of results appear and you want, for example, to delete all those messages.

Be careful: remember that garbage is permanently removed after 30 days in Gmail), you can see the “Select All” box in the top left corner.

Now my search tells me that I have 09 email pages dating back to 2021.

You can go through each page and select and delete all, or make things easier, Gmail will display a message asking if you want to select all conversations matching this search. Huh.

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