What are the hours for the McDonalds breakfast menu?

What are the hours for the McDonalds breakfast menu

What are the hours for the McDonalds breakfast menu?

McDonald’s has quite different times from others that might have answered. When the stores are operated 24-hours, the times usually start around 3:30 AM.

It is because it gives sufficient time for the changeover giving some wiggle room in between lunch and breakfast.

This continues until 10:30 AM from Monday to Thursday and 10:45 or 11 AM on weekends depending upon how busy the store gets.

If the store is NOT a 24-hour store, they usually have workers come in an hour or 45 minutes before the store opening and they pretty much start everything and cook everything.

When the store opens, 4 or 5 AM usually, it’s breakfast time until the same changeover mentioned for 24-hour stores, 10:30 AM on weekdays and 10:45 or 11 AM on weekends.

P.s. I really love the fact that everyone has mentioned about All-day breakfast and are damn pretty accurate, scrambled eggs aren’t available throughout the day. Meanwhile, everything else is.

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There are two breakfast menus.

What are the hours for the McDonalds breakfast menu
What are the hours for the McDonalds breakfast menu?

“What!?” you say?

Yeah, there are two. There is breakfast, and all day breakfast. Now, these vary from store to store.

Breakfast is every single breakfast item. Bagels, Biscuits, McGriddles, Muffins, Burritos, and so on and so forth. This menu runs from (generally) 6 AM – 10:30 AM (on the weekdays. 6 AM – 11 AM on the weekends).

Keep in mind the start time varies per store. Many 24 hour stores switch over at 4 AM. Any store that opens and closes will have the start time as the open time. However, at the end time (10:30 weekdays, 11 weekends), this is where the all-day breakfast steps in.

McDonald’s recently (sort of) announced all-day breakfast. This is a limited subset of the breakfast menu served, you guessed it, all day.

Generally, this is only Muffins, Burritos, Hash Browns, and Hotcakes. Some stores might do other ones, but this is the basic menu that all stores share.

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What are the hours for the McDonalds breakfast menu?

The change-over to breakfast at most places starts no earlier than 3:30am and was completed no later than 5am. Some locations start serving a restricted breakfast as early as midnight.

Friends, I surveyed several 24 hours McDonald’s from around the US and found that they state to serve breakfast starting at 4 am to 5 am.

I called up one in Iowa and they serve partial breakfast items starting at midnight which includes Egg McMuffins and several other major items, but they don’t serve full breakfast until 4 am.

I worked the graveyard shift at a fast-food chain (not McDonald’s) in the Midwest and have a bit of experience with the change-over to add some color.

Even if there are stated rules about when to do the exact changeover, the graveyard shift is pretty fluid and loose with about 1.5 hours worth of work over the 2:30 am to 5:30 am stretch.

When I worked the graveyard, we were pretty dead, so we’d fire a burger if someone wanted it during the change over (and assuming that we weren’t in a bad mood).

We didn’t like to have burgers on the grill with eggs and sausage (I’m sure there was a rule against this, but there was minimal training), so if we fired a burger for someone, we had to clean the grill again, but that was only about 3 to 5 minutes of work.

We couldn’t clean the grill for one-off customers by the time people started to trickle in at 5:15 or 5:30 — the first rush usually happened by 5:30 to 5:45 and after that, there was no turning back once this happened and it was breakfast until the lunch change-over at 11 am.

What are the hours for the McDonalds breakfast menu
What are the hours for the McDonalds breakfast menu?


Officially, the main breakfast menu starts at 5am to 10am. Actual times they start and end serving breakfast may vary in a per location basis depending on demand and the type of customer base they serve.

For example, locations that serve nearby offices may offer the breakfast menu until 11am and start it as early 3am.

Of course, depending on where you live, some locations may even offer a limited all-day breakfast menu and/or a hybrid menu during brunch times.

Availability totally depends on the individual location based on the physical store itself (can they add in the extra equipment to offer all-day breakfast items?) and what kind of customers they are targeting and the demand from these customers.

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Hours for the McDonalds breakfast menu

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