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How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

It’s important to note that respecting privacy and following the law is crucial when addressing concerns about surveillance in any establishment. It is generally illegal and unethical to secretly record individuals without their consent, especially in private areas such as massage rooms. If you have concerns about video cameras in a massage parlor, here are some legal and ethical steps you can take:

  1. Ask Directly: You can inquire directly with the management or staff about their policies regarding surveillance cameras. Most businesses have clear policies about privacy and security, and they should be transparent about any cameras they use.
  2. Check for Visible Cameras: In public areas, surveillance cameras may be visible. Check for obvious signs of cameras in waiting areas, hallways, or reception. If they are present in private massage rooms, they should be disclosed.
  3. Read Policies: Some businesses may have written policies regarding surveillance in their terms and conditions or privacy policies. Check any available documentation to understand the establishment’s practices.
  4. Online Reviews: Check online reviews or forums for the massage parlor. Previous customers might mention their experiences, including any concerns about privacy or surveillance.
  5. Local Laws and Regulations: Familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding surveillance in businesses. Laws can vary, but there are often strict regulations about recording individuals without their consent in private spaces.
  6. Contact Local Authorities: If you have serious concerns and believe your privacy is being violated, you can contact local authorities to report the issue. They can investigate and ensure that the establishment is in compliance with privacy laws.

Remember that attempting to find hidden cameras without proper authorization could lead to legal consequences, as it may be considered trespassing or an invasion of privacy. It’s essential to address concerns through legal and appropriate channels to protect both your rights and the rights of others. If you are uncertain about the legality of the situation, consider consulting with legal professionals for advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

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How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

That can be difficult. Most do not come from my visits. However, I ask that I prefer a room with no camera, and I would like to check out the room in detail. Usually, they do not. Mostly to avoid extra costs or getting caught, customers will not visit in the future. I was at a massage in China. You need to be careful in China.

They mentioned they have cameras in the room, and I can elect to have the session filmed, which I can take with me for an extra fee, or I can ask for it to be covered up and turned off. I have been a few times and have three movies of myself getting a full-body massage I can view anytime. face is not included in the picture. Someone would need to know my body to detect that it is me.

I always check, and anything suspicious, I get up and leave. I have been to massage places in many countries and many states in the USA. I get a minimum of four massages a month, and all usually include some form of happy ending. I never ask; I just go with the flow. I only found cameras in three different places that i could find The one where your face is covered or not filmed is the best since if anyone found the movie, they could not tell it was me unless they knew my body and my scars, etc.

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How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

I dated a gal who was super. We were not in love with each other, but we were very intimate, and I enjoyed sex with her very much. She was not in the top 10, but in the top 10. She took me to a party where it was a little wild. They were mostly married couples, and they played one game to see if the woman of the man could detect her date by only feeling the penis. She was blindfolded. The only option you had was touch and oral if that was needed to determine which penis was your date. My date picked mine very early.

Men are behind a wall and poke their penises through a hole. I could not see who was touching or sucking on my penis. Nor could the woman see the man, only his penis. I was shocked at how many women could not pick out their husband’s penis. It was almost 75% the wrong penis It was hilarious since some of the ladies spent extra time touching and sucking on penises, which they thought were their lovers.

What should you do?

I second the idea of getting a device that scans for cameras from Amazon. Just Google-search it. The obvious answer is to simply ask the attendant or staff. In all my years, their security has been primary externally, and internally, it only covers the entrance and main hallways.

Rooms do not have cameras. What goes on in the room stays in the room and is kept very private. In no way would the parlor have evidence that might be used against them or their staff. Your concern lies primarily upon entering the building, and visually, the palors don’t hide the cameras as it’s a deterrent for some types of people to behave themselves.

What happens exactly when a man visits a massage parlor? (From first entering until he leaves.)

Hello, here is my recent visit to a massage parlor. If you like more detail, just let me know. I usually get a massage 3 to 4 times a month. I travel a lot for various business opportunities via airlines, mostly, and a good massage relaxes me and provides relief from sitting on crowded planes to reach destinations.

I go to Asian Massage Parlor, but on occasion I will find a person that travels to my hotel room or I travel to their lone massage facility in their home or apartment. Everyone is slightly different. I always make sure they have a shower or table shower available since it relaxes me prior to the massage. Some may even have a bathtub or spa where you can soak and relax prior to a massage.

Last week I was in a city that was a 4-hour flight from my residence, about 2300 miles. I arrived at my destination around 2:30 p.m. I checked into my hotel and started to inquire about a massage. I called a couple, and one was fairly new, and it was an Asian massage facility. They mentioned they have showers and also table showers. I never had a table shower and wanted to try. So I booked a full-body massage with a table shower. A table shower was available prior to the massage, and after the massage, a regular shower was available.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

It was just last week, and it was a hot day, so I wore shorts and a T-shirt to the location. It is not far from my hotel and is in a very safe area of the city. It was within walking distance. I arrived at the spa. very nice facilities and a very nice young Thai lady provided information on the massage, table shower, etc. The table shower was first. They told me to remove all my clothes and put on a robe and slippers available, and they would return and escort me to the table shower.

First-time table shower. However, I have had showers where an employee of the spa would give me a shower and wash my body, so I was not shy. The Table shower room was very nice A young lady removed my robe and told me to get on the table face down. They put a small cloth over my anus area and proceeded to scrub my back all the way to my feet. It was so relaxing. They scrubbed my anus, butt cheeks, etc.

When I was lying face down, my penis was hanging low, and they occasionally removed the cloth covering that area and washed my private parts. They asked me to raise up my butt so they could reach in and wash my penis, balls, anus, etc. I will say it was different and very relaxing. I was trying to keep from getting an erection. They finished with back legs, etc., and asked me to roll over.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

They placed a small cloth over my penis and washed my chest, face, shoulders, legs, and inner thighs. I completed it by washing my penis, which did react a little and was slightly erect. They didn’t talk; they just washed me, and it felt great.

When the washing was over, they rinsed off all the soap suds and had me stand naked while they ran a blow dryer to dry my entire body. They touched my penis and had me open my legs so they could dry each area. It felt great. They put the robe back on me, and we walked to the private massage table. They had nice relaxing music and had me lay face down, and I had a sheet placed over me. I had my penis hanging down, as that was the most comfortable position.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

She started to massage back and forth with the sheet on, and it was delightful. After a light massage with the sheet covering me, she lowered the sheet and placed a small towel over my lower buttock. I don’t think it covered my penis hanging down, and I really didn’t care. She massaged my back to the top of my buttocks. Then my legs, from toes up to my inner thighs.

She brushed my penis, had me open my legs and moved the penis over to massage all of my inner thighs, buttocks, etc. She was excellent at massage. I was slightly erect since, while she massaged my lower abdomen and inner thighs, she would touch my penis on occasion.

Time to roll over. I rolled over and was very relaxed. She placed a small washcloth over my private area. I covered my balls and part of my penis. She massaged my chest, abdomen, front of my legs, and again, my inner legs, and occasionally brushed my penis. She was not focusing on my penis.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

She used a very nice fragrance oil, and it was so relaxing. She massaged my head, chest, abdomen, and inner thighs, occasionally touching my penis to move it around. I was on my back and could not contain my erection. She said I was very large, but she probably told that to every man. I have been told my penis is larger than normal, but not too large. Always made me feel nice.

Well, she finished the massage, and the only area she did not massage in detail was my penis. She asked if I liked the massage and if I needed any special attention in any area. I was slightly erect and very relaxed. I just had to ask if she offered any special services, and she smiled.

She said yes, but no intercourse, and it would cost extra money. I asked for the price, and it was reasonable, and I said I was open to her stimulating my private area. I did not expect her to get naked, but it was a bonus. She spoke good English. She said she could give me hand release or oral release but no sexual intercourse, but I could touch her. I said okay.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

She was magical and very sexy. Good english. She did comment that my penis was large, and of course she said she liked it. She went slow, and it was delightful. I had a large orgasm, and it was great. She washed me off and washed my penis, and it remained hard. She said you wanted more time. I said I would be okay with extending the session. She said I could touch her vagina if I wanted, and she would be open to providing oral stimulation. She asked for a nice tip.

It was delightful. The best oral sex I have experienced. I did not provide oral instructions to her, as she said maybe in a future visit we could discuss other type of massage, etc. It was amazing. I had three orgasms and was so relaxed, plus she was very lovely and spoke great English. She said it was time for me to take a shower. She escorted me to the shower, and she joined me in the shower, washed me off, and allowed me to rub her slightly.

She really was very nice. returned me to my room, where she helped me dress. I asked her if she knew of a nice restaurant nearby where I could get a nice dinner. She asked if I liked Thai food, and I said yes, good Thai food, and I told her I had traveled to Thailand.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

She asked what time I wanted to eat. I said about 7 or 7:30. She said okay; she would call the restaurant, and she made a reservation. I said she would like to join me. I was surprised when she said she had never had dinner with a customer and she loved this restaurant. I said it would be only dinner and conversation. She accepted and said she would pay for her meal.

I went back to my hotel, put on casual clothes for dining, and she met me at the restaurant. We were in telephone contact, so neither of us had to wait for the other for a very long time. It was a delightful dinner, and she picked the right place. After dinner, she said, Do I like ice cream? I said that was my favorite light desert. We walked to an ice cream parlor, and it was very American and just fantastic.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

Oh, I forgot she wanted to pay for her own meal and ice cream, and I said she was providing me with a special evening to see the city, and her time was valuable, and I would pay for it all. I will say I have not had a better massage or been with such a lovely lady who did not boast, listened to all my stories, and spoke great English.

It was the best massage, and the extra services were ideal. I plan on coming back to this city and indulging in her massage. She did mention that I could call her, and if the massage facility was closed or had no opening, she would make time to provide massage at my hotel or her apartment. I exchanged dinner for a great massage.

If you need more information, just ask

How do you know if extra services are available at a massage spa?

From what I read you can get pretty much anything you want in the Asian massage spa businesses. Table shower, oral sex to you, touchy feely to them and you etc etc etc you get the picture. On the other extreme is the spa’s at a mega resort or any spa in a business that is run by a major national corporation.

If you return to the same spa and have the same person massage you every time I am sure in time a little bit of “extra” could cum your way but those would be few and far between and expensive to the pocketbook to get to that point. With a spa like that with several employees and a manager looking over the shoulder of the workers and the corporations reputation on line for mostly being a family resort don’t count on extra’s Now, right down the middle of those two extremes is where the extras happen regularly.

A fully licensed professional massage person who owns the business and is usually the only person giving the massages will bend the rules and go a little extra for the clients. Don’t expect them to disrobe or let you be too touchy and feely to them during the massage but you can be nude and fully undraped during the massage and they will use only their hands to massage you places you would like them to touch.

A happy ending, a hand release, whatever you want to call it is readily available at these establishments. And that includes in even the most upscale person, upscale location and upscale decor of the business. An unspoken fact so those that are stern naysayers about that type of practice going on will never realize it is going on. With the stigma it holds among the puritans of the United States it is just a pleasant quiet reality that it readily happens. So seek and you will enjoy of the extra is what you are after

What’s your opinion on hidden cameras in massage parlours (spas)? Is it possible?

Originally Answered: What’s your opinion on hidden cameras in massage parlours (spas)? Is it possible?

The use of hidden cameras in massage parlors or spas is a matter of ethical and legal concern. It is important to respect individuals’ privacy and ensure that any surveillance or monitoring activities are carried out within the confines of local laws and regulations.

In many jurisdictions, the use of hidden cameras without explicit consent is illegal and can be seen as a violation of privacy rights. It is essential that business owners and operators adhere to the laws and regulations of their respective regions to ensure the privacy and safety of their clients.

However, I prefer in-home massage as it’s more convenient and safe.

What happens exactly when a man visits a massage parlor? (From first entering until he leaves.)

I have two massage therapists I use. By some strange coincidence, both are named Rose.

Rose 1: I arrive, escorted to the massage table. She exits the room. I disrobe, lie down, and drag the top sheet up over my buttocks. She comes back in (I call out ready) and begins working shoulder mussels and gradually works down to the buttocks or glutes. She does a deep tissue massage. Eventually, it returns to my shoulders and neck area, then the back of my legs down to my feet.

Then she holds up the sheet and asks me to turn it over. She then works the top of both legs in turn, applying deep pressure, and she often moves the limb around while pressing on the muscles. Eventually, she returns to doing both arm and shoulder sockets in the same manner. Before I know it, the 90 minutes are over; she leaves, I get dressed, she returns, and I give her a tip or payment and book a date for her next visit.

Rose 2: If she greets me at the door, she will escort me back to a private room and start French kissing me. If not, I get escorted back, pay the basic fee for the massage, and disrobe down to underwear to await her. Once she comes in, the kissing begins in the same manner. (She is very friendly.). During the kissing, both of our hands begin to roam; she checks my stiffness; I check to see if she is “damp,” and she pulls my pants down and off.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

I do the same for her. And then the fun begins. She has me lay down face-up and do a full body-to-body massage. Sooner rather than later, she slips my now rather stiff body part between her boobs to massage that part. Eventually, she will sit up, and we tend to either go cowgirl or she flips around for a sixty-nine position, using her mouth to massage part of me while using my tongue to massage her.

Sometimes we want to do both. Eventually, I get a “therapeutic release”; she hops off and uses a hot towel to clean us up. She then will massage my neck and shoulders (boy, am I relaxed at that point) along with my legs (all three) and feet. Towards the end, she will then lay down alongside or on me, and we will cuddle a bit to further relax me. Eventually, time is up, I get up, and she helps me get dressed. Before leaving, I give her a really good tip because I so enjoyed her massage.

Do Chinese massage parlors have hidden cameras in treatment rooms?

It’s important to approach questions about privacy and surveillance with caution and respect for individual rights. While it’s not appropriate to make blanket assumptions about all Chinese massage parlors or similar establishments, the use of hidden cameras in treatment rooms or any location without consent is generally considered a violation of privacy and may be illegal.

In most countries, including China, there are laws and regulations that protect individuals’ privacy and prohibit unauthorized surveillance or recording in private areas.

Violating these laws can lead to legal consequences.

If you have concerns about your privacy when visiting a massage parlor or any other establishment, you can take the following steps:

  1. Research the establishment: read reviews, check the reputation of the establishment, and inquire about their policies regarding privacy and security.
  2. Ask Questions: When you visit, you can ask the staff about their privacy policies and whether they use surveillance cameras in treatment rooms. Establishments that value customer privacy will be transparent about their practices.
  3. Report Concerns: If you have reason to believe that your privacy has been violated or that hidden cameras have been used without consent, you should report your concerns to the appropriate authorities.

It’s important to respect the privacy and rights of individuals, including yourself, when seeking services or entering private spaces. If you have concerns about privacy or surveillance in a particular establishment, addressing those concerns through open communication and legal channels is the appropriate course of action.

How can you tell the difference between professional massage parlours and the ones which offer “special services”?

A few years back. A building with a neon sign, with a buzzer on the door with a nearly naked woman answering the door to let you in. The more recent public sentiment have changed things. In this day, it’s can be difficult to know. You walk into a lobby with a reception counter in most cases.

It’s not uncommon for the people to be dressed in scrubs or a casual professional. My current therapist wears yoga pants. Most, if not all places still offer “special services“ with certain hints you will receive during your massage, although full service may not be an option.

Many times I could not tell. In USA, when I was powerlifting I often used massage to improve my recovery/performance. About 2 out of 3 of the regular professional spas I went to ended up offering or suggesting happy endings or sex even though they looked like they never would. It happens less and less the older I get.

I have read but do not know if it is true that if a massage therapist charges the same whether or not they perform a sex act, i.e., do not add a charge for that service, then at least in some localities it is not prostitution because the sex act was done for no charge.

Is it safe to visit massage parlors? Will I get filmed/mugged?

Yes, might be some are safe and genuine and some are burglar also. Try to get know some good experience about the parlours from your friends or from your trusted circles. There are many chances that they can blackmail you for money. Everything in world filled with risk. Try to reduce the risk by as much as possible by analysing the parlours. There is no such thing can be said as no risk for 100% first analysis needed before trying it. If you found fearful then my advice would be don’t visit and waste your money because that won’t fully satisfied you with peace of mind.

If still feel fearful try to go with no string attached either with FWB or stranger sex (Be careful atleast meet him personally before session). Don’t get into trap with Gigolo findings. it’s like finding pin in deep sea unless if you’re experience in it you definitely won’t get it by 100%

I used to hangout in parlors for casual meet and also for no string attached sexual behaviour with some of stranger girls. If you really looking for kinky stuffs let me know in private. As I already mentioned don’t fix meeting with me or with any stranger person for sex with fearful thoughts. Most of the times it would spoil for both of the persons. I too experience this struggle from some random girls. So be prepare for the day and happy hangout!

How can you tell if a massage parlor is a legitimate business?

If by legit you mean a legitimate legal business with a focus on health then there are several ways to tell.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

A “ massage parlour” is the loose term used for a brothel. The windows are frosted. The entrances are nondescript with a back door usually in place. The hours are usually much later as in open till midnight. They use gaudy neon lighting and eye catching signs. They advertise “ happy hour” and specials right there in the windows. Usually with a marker on cardboard. Both may use sidewalk sandwich boards to advertise. Upon entering there will immediately be an aura of something off. ( if you’re looking for an actual massage!) There may be beaded curtains. You will hear the hurried click click of stilettos.

The greeter will be wearing something sexy and revealing. A massage therapist would be most likely wearing a white lab type coat and a receptionist behind a desk will greet you. At a parlour the girls will line up like cattle if it’s a bigger parlour. At this point you would then choose one ( or two!) and retreat to either a regular room or for $20–30 more perhaps a themed room. After payment of course. A massage clinic will give you an appointment to come back if no one is available. There will be forms for you to fill out. Possibly a doctor’s referral.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

Women and men (and children) are equally welcomed inside. At a parlour you may be shocked to see children working there ( some especially foul and evil parlours have kids in the prepubescent age range and young teens – usually female with sometimes one male on call ). At a parlour either it’s all inclusive at a set rate or you haggle once naked ( always fun!) . Women wandering in often elicit panic. Although a few places may still offer their services to them.

The massage part isn’t real. They may tickle you. Or make attempts at pinching your back. Or clumsily stomping on you. It is a brothel. It is prostitution. They may well have massage tables but no certificates or credentials on display. That being said you may luck out and receive a half ass decent massage by a skilled, strong woman who knows some basic shiatsu moves.

A real massage clinic will ask a detailed history of your general health and injuries. They will be interested in your pain and discomfort. A massage parlour can make an injury worse as untrained hands attempt to manipulate you for a few minutes as the prerequisite warm up prior to the sexual activity.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

A clinic has RMTs and often shares space with other health and wellness practitioners such as chiropractors, TCM specialists and acupuncturists, as well as physiotherapists. A massage parlour shares space with back alleys, coin- op porno booths and the odd vice squad raid. I’m only semi kidding. You can actually find some parlours wedged between regular businesses.

The only sure fire way to tell if you’ve just walked into a massage parlour or a legit clinic is to ask what health insurance benefits they accept. Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against massage parlours. I think it’s safer for the women to ply their trade there rather than on the street. However remember these women pay the piper. The parlour is a pimp of sorts. And most are gang- run. The employees (and patrons) run the risk of rival gang warfare. Some have even been bombed and gunfire is routine in some cities.

They have to pay out the management. A significant amount. Some parlours even take their tips. Or forbid them if it’s all – inclusive. Most parlours charge the women to work there even if they had no customers that day. Too bad. Pay up. They actually get reprimanded and fined as if it’s their fault it was a slow day. They still gotta “ tip out”. Sucks huh?

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?

To make matters worse some women are victims of sex trafficking and are there against their will, or paying off a “ relocation debt”. The exploitation and abuse is horrific. Many are addicted to drugs. Yes even in North America the numbers are high for females brought from overseas to work off their debt. The shifts are long and the out calls (if offered) are dangerous.

If you go- by all means use a condom as they service on average 2–7 men per day (each woman). Sheets and towels are often just flipped and smoothed. Even handjobs aren’t clean as hands aren’t always washed between customers and the oil tends to stay on hands. A massage clinic will typically be clean with clean sheets and towels and disinfectant regularly used. Also, a massage clinic doesn’t offer showers but some parlours do.

I know no one wants to hear this stuff. I get it. They want to keep the “ sexiness” and allure intact. Sorry not sorry for poking holes into the not- so – glamourous fantasy perception of massage parlours. I realize it’s still a needed service for some. It’s a haven for the lonely and sexually frustrated. I also realize this is a long answer but there’s a lot to tell. The sex trade industry ain’t pretty my friends.

How can you find out if massage parlors use video cameras inside the room?