How do employees call in number at Walmart

How do employees call in number at Walmart

How do employees call in number at Walmart?

There are two options, and technically you don’t have to contact your store directly at all, but it is courteous to call and speak to your manager, or another if yours is unavailable.

Option 1: If you have the WM1 app you can place a call in or tardy directly from the app.

Option 2: You can call the associate information line and follow the prompts. 1–800–775–5944. They will require your WIN #

Here is the Best Solution

  1. First, find your WIN (Walmart Identification Number, check with Human Resources, I don’t remember the exact procedure.) Also, get the Walmart Tardy/Absence number from HR. (I’m not certain if I should post it on an open forum.)
  2. Call the number, you will be asked to enter your WIN, then you will be asked for your birthdate (MM, DD, YYYY) and finally, the number of your store.
  3. You will then enter the number of your store, you will be asked if this is an “absence,” or a “tardy,” then you will be given a series of options for your “absence/tardy” call. I usually pick #7, “other,” because “missed the bus” isn’t on the list.
  4. Then you will be given a number. You should write the number down. I have never been asked for the number, but it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!
  5. The last thing they’ll do is connect you to your store, so you can tell them you’re out (or will be late) at least once, they weren’t able to answer, and I had to recall on my own. But you DO have to call, don’t ever forget that!

How do employees call in number at Walmart?

Friends, It is very simple to call into Walmart. All you need is your cell phone that is internet capable.

You can access the Walmart Wire website and once you are on the website you can just type in “report an absence” it will direct you to the proper spot and then all you have to do is click on the drop-down menus.

I think there are three of them in total. They ask if you are calling in for today or tomorrow, is this a late tardy or an absence, and if it is an illness or an injury.

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How do employees call in number at Walmart
call in number at Walmart

After you have clicked on these you then hit submit and a confirmation number should be sent to you and you should then call into your store and talk to a manager to let them know also.

If you do not want to talk to a manager there is an 1800 number (1–800–775–5944) you can call and that will notify your store for you.

Walmart employees have an 800 number they can call. Its automated and you just put in your birthday and Walmart Identification Number (WIN) and choose absence.

Then it will give you a list of reasons and you just pick one. It will give you a confirmation code (which I don’t think you really need but you could write it down anyway) and connect you to your store so you can let them know if your calling in sick or late.

You should always contact your store when you will not be there or you will be late.

How do employees call in number at Walmart?

Call your store first and ask to be directed to hr if it is between 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Report the absence on Onewire as well or call the associate information line. Refer to hr got further details.

If after or before that time then ask for a manager also applies to Saturday and Sunday. One wire has all of the attendance policy details as well.

I’m going through my orientation right now and I’d rather just go to work. I don’t care if I’m lying on my death bed, I’d rather go to work than go through this seemingly complicated process of needing to get a confirmation number from HR and then forwarding that to my store manager or whoever.

How many days are you allowed to call in at Walmart?

Walmart tracks your attendance over time. There are two kinds of absences: excused and unexcused. Excused absences are for doctor’s appointments, and other things planned in advance.

Unexcused absences are when you just call in and say “I’m not coming in today.” If you call in sick for several days in a row, you may need a note from a doctor to return to work.

In any event, the company keeps track of all this. When it comes time for your performance review, the number of days you called in has an effect on your raise.

Miss too much time, and you’ll be let go for poor attendance. Every six months, one unexcused absence drops odd your tally.

In the event of an illness or medical condition lasting more than three days, I would suggest taking a week of family medical leave. It’s unpaid, but it stops the attendance tally.

The answer to your question depends on how long you’ve been with Walmart. If you’ve been with Walmart for less than 6 months, you’re allowed 3 1/2 occurrences. If you’ve been with Walmart for 6 months or longer, you’re allowed 8 1/2 occurrences. Once you reach 4 and you’re less than 6 months, you’re terminated. Once you reach 9 and you’ve equal to or more than 6 months, you’re terminated.

Here’s how occurrences are calculated.

  • 1 – Calling out for the day.
  • 4 – No call no show.
  • 1/2 – Clocking in more than 9 minutes late.
  • 1/2 – Clocking out between 10 – 120 minutes before your shift ends.

Please note that there is an exception to calling out that involves dangerous driving conditions. If the governor of your state calls a state of emergency because of weather, you’re not going to receive an occurrence.

There’s a myth that’s been circulated quite a bit that you might hear that if state offices are closed you won’t get an occurrence.

If state offices are closed due to weather and the governor doesn’t declare a state of emergency because of the weather, it’s NOT covered.


Well only 4 times as if you call in one more time after that, you are let go under the new policy.

Days designated as a key event day count as two points so if you call out properly notifying management and the associate information line, you will still get 2 points if it is not for an authorized reason.

If one fails to notify management on any day, that is not a key event day, you will get hit with 2 points. If you fail to notify management and call the associate information line on a key event day, then it is 4 points.

One can get occurrences removed if they have a good enough reason such as a family emergency or graduation. Some managers are more lenient than others usually there is a team of them.

Become best buds with them and they will be more lenient. The management is trained to spot legitimate call-outs versus the fake ones. So you’ve been warned.

In addition to calling your manager, you need to call the associate information line. The attendance policy has changed to a 5 point and the 9 point is no more…5 points for over 9 minutes late up to half the shift worked.

1 point for an excused absence. An unexcused absence is 2 points. Points are doubled during holiday sales periods, speak to your manager or hr for further details.

My answer is the most up to date on this question thank you, as the other answers are referring to the old policy and a new policy has taken effect now. Thank you and best of luck to all.

How do employees call in number at Walmart

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