How many units to get drunk

How many units to get drunk

How many units to get drunk

It used to take about sixteen shots of vodka to get me truly drunk. But since claiming that the wet floor was my bed, laughing at banana chips and several other similar incidents, I have considerably toned it down.

Now it takes about 5 Long Islands or 5 White Russians(my favorite poison). It’s still a bit much though.

I honestly don’t know much except for my and my friend’s personal experiences. Like others have mentioned, it depends a lot on the person. Height, weight, even gender, how used you are to drinking, and what you drink.

As you start drinking more often, you kind of become more “alcohol tolerant” and need more of it to get drunk. Mixing drinks, for example, is almost always a bad idea. Don’t ask me why but It’s actually a thing.

Another factor that affects how drunk you get is how quickly your alcohol intake is. If you drink alcohol super fast, you’ll get drunk equally as fast since your body has less time to process it and absorbs it faster.

How many units to get drunk

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That’s kind of why drinking competitions are NEVER a good idea, especially if it’s a girl vs a guy as they have a higher tolerance and taking a shot of tequila or vodka hits you harder than a prepared drink with any of those (tequila + soda or vodka + juice, etc).

The best way to have a good time is to know your limits, drink at your own pace, and know which alcoholic drinks your body can handle best. 

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How many units to get drunk? 2020

It depends on the person.

Factors for the amount of alcohol needed to get drunk are:

  • Size. Larger people need more alcohol to spread out in their bodies before alcohol levels are high enough to give them a feeling of being drunk.
  • Fat content. Alcohol spreads in water, not in fat. So if you are big, but most of your body weight is fat, you will react like a smaller person.
  • Genes making liver enzymes. Some people have genes that make fast enzymes. These enzymes break down alcohol quickly, so they need more alcohol to top up on the removal rate. Other people have slow enzymes; their livers will soon be overworked and the alcohol will spread in their bodies.
  • Adaption. If your body is used to large amounts of alcohol, it will adapt, developing a tolerance. It will make proteins and cell membrane components that prevent intoxication, so you will need more alcohol to feel inebriated.

Generally, it is estimated that one unit (12g) of alcohol is enough to make the average person too drunk to be acting safely in traffic and such.
12g alcohol is about 9mL pure ethanol.
The alcohol content in a beverage will usually be given in vol%.

vol% = (mL pure ethanol/mL total liquid)*100%

So you can calculate how many ML of pure alcohol there are in each beverage you mentioned. 

How many units to get drunk

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It depends from person to person and his level of acquaintance with alcohol.
For an occasional drinker, usually, any of these would qualify as “drunk as not being able to walk in a straight line”:

  • 350 ml of Whisky (8 shots)
  • 300 ml of Vodka (7 shots)

    75 ml beyond these and you are “well and truly drunk”.

    As far as the question of “absolute maximum” is concerned, I guess that would be whenever your blood alcohol concentration is > 0.5%, in which situation you’d either be in a coma or better yet, dead. Personally, I’ve seen people go for 10-12 shots (450ml) and doze off soon after.
  • I don’t know what to do with my life?

Conclusion: How many units to get drunk,

It’s not a question of absolute quantity, but rate. If I did 1 shot a day for 30 days, I would never get mildly drunk.

But enough being a smartass. As a male at 170 lbs, it takes me roughly 2-3 drinks within an hour to start feeling the effects of alcohol (in earnest).

“Mildly drunk” would probably be slightly more than that, so 4-5 drinks would get me mild-to-moderately drunk in that same time period.

For your personal estimate, I would suggest consulting a BAC table and look to the “0.08%” range. Alternatively, if you are of age, you could conduct your own experiments.

Simply stated, not much at all. Alcohol is very powerful. In fact, nobody who expects to live consumes it straight. And “straight” means as high a proportion of alcohol in liquid there can be. 100% is not possible. It’s not molecularly stable.

It’s too volatile. It’ll evaporate very quickly. All that said, alcohol may be a beverage additive at low concentrations, but every indication – hangovers and on up – show in greater quantities, it’s poisonous.

So, while “drunk” is a generalized, non-scientific descriptive term, it isn’t specific enough to presuppose a specific quantity. Answerers here on, astutely and correctly, that inebriation depends on body weight, last meal, attitude, degree of rest, other infirmities, physical and mental, and perhaps even biorhythms!

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All I want to add is that “alcohol” is powerful, and only dilution, restraint, moderation, and balance make it potable at all. My point is, drinkers, don’t be idiots about it.

How many units to get drunk
How many units to get drunk

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Another thing that might affect is what you had to eat just before or during (affects absorption rate). This is linked to how quickly you drink as well – the body deals with so much alcohol in a given time.

Also worth considering what exactly is “drunk”? It’s fuzzy, so you’re probably looking for a legal definition of how when you are not allowed to drive a regular car (other vehicles & professions will have different regulations). This also changes between jurisdictions.

  • A good rule of thumb in order not to get drunk is “drink less”.
  • Yes, I know, it’s mind-bogglingly complex.
  • For an average-sized healthy adult, about one drink per hour.
  • Don’t drive after your second cocktail.
  • Don’t text your ex after the third one.

The way to keep to one drink an hour is to intersperse it with a lot of non-alcoholic drinks in between. Anything from water to a virgin bloody mary. Keeps the social aspect fun, and your head clearer.

  1. I’m usually good at one or two and go with the third.
  2. But that depends on a few factors such as if I haven’t eaten anything the whole day or if I’ve only been drinking long islands instead of keeping to beers.

I’ve never quite understood this generally American competition of who can drink more than the other, but I can say that I’m very happy with the fact that I don’t need much to get drunk.

Although bad to do, when I feel like getting tipsy or drunk I don’t eat much before I go out and I’m gone with one drink. In the end, I’m happy and my wallet is happy. And I’m also a cheap date 

How many units to get drunk?

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How many units to get drunk

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