How to be most productive if you are introverts, extrovert, or ambivert

How to be most productive if you are an introverts, extrovert, or ambivert

How to be most productive if you are introverts, extrovert, or ambivert

Your personality type determines how you prefer to work, socialize, and relax. Introverts are energized by silence and solitude, sipping tea and write paper, while extroverts are energized by noisy company. Ambiverts combine the traits of both types. If you’re not sure which category you fall into, take our quiz. And then use the tips that are right for you.

Tips for introverts

Psychologist Jonathan Cheek identifies four types of introverts: social, reflective, anxious, reserved.

Social introverts are most like those who are usually imagined when they talk about introversion. They prefer to be alone or socialize with small groups of people. That said, they do not suffer from shyness or social anxiety.

Reflective introverts do not avoid social activities but are often lost in their own thoughts. They are thoughtful and self-absorbed.

Anxious introverts feel insecure in society. Moreover, the anxiety does not always pass, even when they are alone with themselves. They tend to indulge in speculation about what could go wrong.

Restrained introverts think before they act. They live at a slower pace, making sure their every action is deliberate.

Control your environment.

Open-plan offices are supposed to promote collaboration and facilitate communication. But the constant background noise of music and other people’s conversations is distracting. If you can’t focus on the workplace, look for a quieter corner of the office or work in a coffee shop. Ask the office manager to set aside offices for work that requires special concentration.

Choose one-on-one communication

Working in large groups and crowded events is an introvert’s nightmare. There are positions where this is unavoidable. Nevertheless, find time for one-on-one conversations. For example, talk to important clients in person after a meeting. Meet with each member of the team separately. You’ll feel more comfortable this way, and you’ll get better results.

Don’t work in a hurry.

Introverts do better when they immerse themselves in one thing and think carefully about a problem. But your colleagues won’t know that until you tell them. Discuss with your supervisor the most comfortable way to work. Challenge yourself to projects in which your skills will be useful.

Prepare for meetings in advance.

Don’t wait for the right moment to speak up, it just might not come. To motivate yourself, familiarize yourself in advance with the topic of the meeting and write down briefly what you want to say. Try to speak as early as possible, because, by the end of such meetings, the conversation usually moves on to other topics.

Tips for extroverts

Extroverts recharge their energy by being among people. If they spend a lot of time alone, it tires them out. According to researchers, there are two types of extroverts: agentic and affiliative.

Agential extroverts are energetic and goal-oriented. They are confident, persistent, and striving for success. They are comfortable in the spotlight and in leadership positions.

Affiliative extroverts are very sociable. They are affable and it is easy for them to make new acquaintances. Close relationships are very important to them and they usually have many friends.

Don’t sit in silence.

For extroverts, the silence in the office can be deafening. They need music and conversations in the background to inspire them. If a creative crisis hits you in the workplace, work in a coffee shop. Or take a short break and walk around outside. A change of scenery will help you recharge.

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Be active, but don’t overdo it.

Some people are exhausted by multitasking and constant meetings, but that doesn’t apply to you. If you like this rhythm of work, offer to take on big projects. Just be sure to set boundaries for yourself, so as not to burn out.

Have a social hour.

Meetings don’t count. Consciously make time to socialize. For example, have lunch or coffee with a new person every week. This is especially important for those who work remotely. Take advantage of flexible schedules and work in a co-working space. Go to group fitness classes or make business contacts at events.

Leave time for reflection

When you’re multitasking, it’s hard to notice your accomplishments. So after each important milestone, set aside 20-30 minutes to reflect on the work you’ve done and analyze the results.

Tips for ambiverts

According to psychologist Barry Smith, ambiverts make up 68% of the population. They are comfortable in social situations, they like companionship, but they also appreciate solitude. It is most important for ambiverts to strike a balance. Their tendency to be introverted or extroverted changes depending on the situation.


Make the most of your flexibility

You have features of both types, so you easily adapt in a noisy room, but also alone do not get bored. To increase your productivity, consider your surroundings. Be flexible so that you and your colleagues can work comfortably.

Experiment and look for what works for you

Try the tips for introverts and extroverts and choose the right ones for you. Depending on your mood will help you one or the other.

General Tips

Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Introverts find it helpful to occasionally socialize with colleagues to strengthen relationships with the team. And extroverts should not pull all the attention on themselves and delegate tasks.

In any case, do not forget about cooperation. Perfect working conditions are quite rare. Try to make compromises. And after work, recharge as you like: in the noisy company of friends or with a book on the couch.

How to be most productive if you are introverts, extrovert, or ambivert

How to be most productive if you are introverts, extrovert, or ambivert

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