How to Clean Roller Blinds; Tips and Advice

How to Clean Roller Blinds; Tips and Advice

How to Clean Roller Blinds; Tips and Advice

Roller blinds are a wonderful method to provide privacy while also controlling the temperature of your home. It is stylish and adaptable, and it mixes in beautifully with the rest of your home’s decor. However, it requires care and cleaning to be able to be used for a long time, especially with dust, filth, insects, and cobwebs quickly accumulating on it. Cleaning roller blinds also helps in keeping your home’s air condition better. So, if you’ve been thinking about cleaning your roller blinds and seeking tips and advice on how to do it properly, you’ve come to the correct place.

Clean roller blinds without taking them down

There may be times when you do not want to entirely remove the roller blinds and instead merely clean it without unhinging them. And, honestly, roller blinds don’t often require heavy cleaning; all you’ll need is a vacuum cleaner with a little brush attachment; if you don’t have one, an old sock will suffice. While following the methods below, you will also need a bowl of warm water, mild detergent, and a towel.

  1. Roll down the shades entirely to ensure you can reach every nook where dust or filth has accumulated.
  1. Start at the top of your vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment and work your way down. Work from left to right and along the grain of the material in a sideways motion. If you don’t have a brush attachment, simply lay a clean sock over the suction nozzle of your vacuum cleaner and follow the same methods as described above.
  2. Next, combine two tablespoons of mild detergent in a basin of warm water. Then, dip your cloth in the solution and completely wring it out. Wipe your blinds down from top to bottom.

Cleaning fabric roller blinds

  1. This step is identical to the previous one. You may begin by vacuuming your fabric roller blinds to remove any dust, insects, cobwebs, or filth that has been trapped in the material.
  1. Soak your towel in a bowl of warm water and mild detergent, wring it out, and begin wiping from top to bottom. When you’re finished, you may let your fabric roller blinds air dry on their own. It’s important to remember that rolling them up before they’ve dried out might result in mildew or even more filth.
  • Cleaning Vinyl Roller Blinds
  1. Again, use your vacuum to remove any debris that has become trapped in your blinds.
  1. Wipe clean your vinyl roller blinds with a damp cloth. Due to the material used in these roller blinds, they do not collect water and may be wiped down before allowing to air dry.

How to deep clean your roller blinds?

If you believe your blinds are still not clean after following the preceding methods and there are evident tough stains, the best alternative is to thoroughly clean the blinds. This will not only help them clean completely, but it will also help them preserve it as new as possible.

  1. Take the roller blinds out of the sockets and hinges.
  1. After removing the roller blinds from the hinges, immerse them in a bathtub half-filled with lukewarm water combined with some mild detergent. If you’re wondering how to clean white roller blinds, mix a little bleach into the water.
  1. To clean minor spots on your roller blinds, use a toothbrush or nail brush. To remove bigger stains, use a larger sized brush.
  1. After you’ve cleaned away the spots, rinse the blinds with your bath’s showerhead. Ensure that all of the soapy water has been washed away, since residual soap can function as a magnet, drawing additional filth in the future.
  2. Place your clean and damp roller blinds on a drying rack or outside on a clothesline to dry before bringing them inside and hanging them up again.

Cleaning Roller Blinds Mould

  1. As a first step, dust off any tougher and bigger particles of mould from your roller blinds. Begin by removing any particles of the mould with a feather duster. At this point, you should wear a protective mask to avoid inhaling mould. Then, using your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment, remove any remaining mould bits.
  1. The next step is to combine water, lemon juice, and salt solution in a bowl. This is beneficial for light-colored blinds. Keep in mind that bleach should not be used for this purpose. After that, soak your cloth in water, rinse it dry, and begin cleaning the mould off your roller blinds with your DIY solution.
  1. Depending on whether you removed your roller blinds first or left them fully rolled out over your window, after the cleaning and mould removal, you will want to leave your blinds outside or just hang them to air dry. Air drying is the best way to ensure that no more mould growth occurs as a result of neglected moisture.

Final words:

Maintaining your roller blinds is a simple activity that you should consider completing on a regular basis. Cleaning your roller blinds at least twice a month is best. You may also want to perform some spot-cleaning on occasion for tougher stains that don’t come out easily.

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How to Clean Roller Blinds; Tips and Advice

How to Clean Roller Blinds; Tips and Advice

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