How to Take Apart a Bed Frame

How to Take Apart a Bed Frame

How to Take Apart a Bed Frame

If you are planning on moving home, you’ll need to break down your bed frame. This can be an intimidating job, especially if it is well-built. The good news is that this is a fairly simple process. Here are the steps to follow to make taking apart your bed frame easy. 

Strip off the Mattress

The first step is to remove the mattress and any other objects on the bed. After you do this, you should have a clear view of the base of the bed. This video shows you how to prepare a mattress for moving. If you are going to buy a new mattress, we recommend that you research the market and find it for your needs. For example, here are mattresses for arthritis sufferers.

Remove the Headboard and Footboard

Often, these elements will be largely decorative. As a result, you will be able to remove them fairly easily. To do this, look for the bolts that are connecting them to the bed. Once you have found this, you’ll need to unscrew them. You can then put the headboard and footboard to one side. 

At this point, you’ll have some screws. It’s a good idea to put these into Ziploc bags. You can then use sticky tape to put them onto the headboard. This will ensure that they aren’t lost in the moving process. Furthermore, this will make it easy to keep track of where the screws go. 

Remove Any Slats

The next thing you need to do is remove the slats from your bed. Most of the time, the slats will be connected to the bed using screws. To remove them, you’ll need to take out the screws. Before you start to remove them, you should label them in order. Sometimes, they won’t all be the same length. Knowing the order they go in will make re-assembling the bed easier. 

It’s a good idea to keep all the slats together. If you lose one, it will be difficult to put the bed back together again. 

Disassembling the Main Frame with Screws

By this point, you should be left with the mainframe of the bed. Before you touch anything, it might be a good idea to take a picture or two. This will show you where the screws are meant to go. A reference can come in handy when you are putting the bed back together. 

To disassemble the bed, you’ll need to remove all the screws. As you do this, put the screws into a Ziploc bag. Sometimes, it can be a good idea to use an electric screwdriver. While this can speed up the process, make sure that you aren’t burying the center of the screws. If you are, you might need to stick to a manual screwdriver. 

Once you have removed the screws, stick the Ziploc bag to the mainframe. This ensures that you don’t lose it. To protect the bed materials, you can wrap them in an old blanket. 

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Disassembling the Main Frame Without Screws

While most beds will have screws, this won’t always be the case. If you have one of these frames, it will likely use a hook model. In this case, you will need to slide the boards upwards. Before you do this, you might need to remove some wooden dowels or screws which help hold it in place. To remove these boards, you might need to tap them with a hammer. This should loosen them up. 

Storing the Bed Frame

By now, the bed frame should have been removed. If you no longer want it, you can dispose of it. If the bed was in reasonably good condition, you could try selling it to earn a little extra cash. However, if you are moving home, you might need to put the frame into storage for a few months. When you are doing this, it’s a good idea to wrap the mattress in plastic. This will stop it from getting dirty. Don’t put anything on it, as this can cause it to warp out of shape. Here are some other tips you can use. 


Your bed frame is a very important element of the bedroom. If you are thinking of upgrading, there are plenty of options for you to explore. This guide to bed platforms can be a good research tool. Now, making the switch to a new one should be easy, as taking the old bed apart will be a breeze. 

How to Take Apart a Bed Frame

How to Take Apart a Bed Frame

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