How to watch deleted youtube videos

How to watch deleted youtube videos

How to watch deleted youtube videos

Yes, you can. But it depends if the video was deleted by you or by someone else. If the video was deleted by someone else, you could try to go on archive org and search for that video there, but to be able to do that, you need to have the original URL of the video.

If you do not know how to get the unique URL, you might give a read over here; she explains easily how to do that.

If the video was deleted by you and you would like to recover it, there are also three other ways how you can do it in that article I have mentioned.

There is also a good chance that the video got unlisted or set to private. If the video got set to unlisted, you could still watch it if you have a URL of that video. If the video is private, you can’t watch it, unless you have login details for that particular youtube channel.

Through this way most of the famous publications and Organization that Publish Researched Articles like New York Times or Businessinsider find tweets from people who later deleted it. Here is how you can watch a Deleted video.

  1. You must have a Link of that Video.
  2. Search WayBackMachine on Google and Paste the Link of That video.
  3. Here we go.

In some cases, the user or the YouTuber makes a video “Private” so in that case you can only watch the video if you have the link of that video otherwise Google and YouTube search Engine doesn’t fitch it. Or It will not be available for that YouTuber subscribers to watch it.

How to watch deleted youtube videos 2020

There IS a way to restore deleted YouTube videos. At the end of 2015, I accidentally deleted a video called “The White People Song” when trying to delete the video from my Chromecast playlist on the television.

I instantly contacted YouTube Support via phone and asked them to restore it. They did. Initially, when I asked, they weren’t sure if they could, but when I told them I had JUST deleted it before calling, they seemed more confident.

They told me they weren’t sure if they could restore it with all of its statistics (likes, views, comments, etc), but when they restored the video the VERY next day, all of the statistics were restored as well.

I think their cache of deleted videos works exactly like the trash bin on your computer. Once you delete something from the bin, it’s not necessarily deleted per se, but marked as empty space for the computer to overwrite with new data later.

Hence why it is VERY important to contact them as soon as possible after deleting the video to restore it. If you wait any longer than a week, you’re most likely out of luck.

Second Way:

 The steps are pretty simple to get back the videos from this weyback machine:

Step 1First, you need to access your channel’s YouTube email account, to get relevant information related to your old uploaded videos.

Step 2. Look for the URL of the deleted video file. After you find it, click on it, but we can confirm that the video can’t be played.

Step 3After you have got the URL, you have to go to and paste the URL of the video files that were deleted. Paste it on the search box and click on Browser History.

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How to watch deleted youtube videos
How to watch deleted youtube videos

Step 4. Your YouTube video upload history will come up on the screen. Here you will find all the videos uploaded by you along with their upload date.

Step 5. Now that you have received all the available information associated with the deleted video, you can download it again.

You can also restore your youtube videofrom a Backup File


If a popular YouTuber deleted a video he uploaded, then there are gonna be tons of reuploads of it, people tend to copy it and reupload it as their own thinking that they will attract people to their channel using someone else name.

Otherwise, you cant see it once the uploaded video is deleted. So try searching on youtube and or google the deleted video you wish to see since it might be uploaded/copied on some different platform.

This might not always apply, but many YouTubers make their videos ‘private’ instead of deleting them, so to view them you might just need a link to the video that you would like to view, for example from Google Search listing or from ‘Liked’ playlist of your account.

As I said, it might or might not work but I’ve watched many seemingly ‘deleted’ videos this way.

How can you live in a house that has burned to the ground?

It’s gone. There isn’t a secret backup kept on YouTube for you to access. That file has been erased and there is no way to watch a video that has been deleted.

Short answer: You can’t…

If the video is deleted than it’s deleted, there is no way to watch it unless you or someone has saved the video and uploads it.

However, if a video is “Unlisted” then that simply means that only the creator of the video can watch it but they can also share it with other people by giving them the link to the video.

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This Tweet is Unavailable

How to watch deleted youtube videos
How to watch deleted youtube videos

And “Private” is pretty self-explanatory, only the creator of the video can watch it and no other accounts are able to watch it.

How to watch deleted youtube videos

Unless you did something unethical/illegal/fraudulent, No, there is no way to get a video removed for free speech and addressing their opinion.

Unless they are violating any of YouTube’s rules or infringing on someone’s copyright, you can’t get it removed.

I find this question offensive because I believe in freedom of speech. Would you be offended if I asked how do I destroy your company and ban your app from ever being seen by anybody just because I didn’t agree with something you said?

Focus on creating a better company/app and having people make tons of positive videos about it. Maybe this person is simply being mean and out of line, but maybe they are making some valid points—I don’t know.

What I do know is that if they made a video talking bad about your company/app, and there are a thousand of real, genuine videos that are saying great things about it, then they will look stupid and people wouldn’t care about the bad video.

I deal with this all the time on Yelp—one bad review out of a thousand doesn’t hurt you, but if that bad review is the only review you have, then that will hurt you.

How to watch deleted youtube videos

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