How to wave on messenger in 2021?

How to wave on messenger in 2021?

In messenger open the chat of the person you want to wave and you can see a hand symbol saying wave, just click it and you just waved, in other case you can go to online active friends list and where you can see direct wave option, just click it and you are good to go.

I’ve seen that option on Facebook Messenger only. It appears when you’ve just added someone to your friend list. Right after you’ve friended someone back or someone else have friended you back, the messenger sends out the notification that you’re now connected on messenger, ‘Say hi to …. with a wave’.

You can wave to anyone in your contacts who is “active” Now you should see a list of all your friends who are currently active in the app. Assuming someone is listed that you’d like to wave to, tap the gray hand icon to the right of their name, and voila! You’ve added a hand wave to your ongoing chat with that friend.

It looks like that:

So here, you can wave to that person once you enter the conversation with him on messenger:

It’s simple as counting 123,

Go to Facebook Messenger or Facebook In Your Laptop .

In messenger open the chat of the person you want to wave and you can see a hand symbol saying wave , just click it and you just waved , in other case you can go to online active friends list and where you can see direct wave option , just click it and you are good to go.

In laptop or pc, its the same open chat, and you can see wave option or go to active friends list and just wave.

Go to the messenger and goto the blue mark tab Active. See the right side the hand wave seen. Click on them. It is the user.

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Else, you can wave to a person from your friend list when he’s active at the same time with you (meant online, no idea why Facebook uses such weird descriptions:

So, for that you open Facebook messenger app and go to ‘Active’ tab. Here you have a list of active friends and you can wave to any of them using the hand icon on the right of the friend’s name.

Facebook’s Messenger app is a popular and great way to connect with your friends and family for free. However, it’s sometimes a little confusing to use — and one tricky feature is being able to “wave” at someone. Don’t worry, though: We’re going to make it easy for you!

You get one automatic wave when you add a new contact

When you add a new contact in Messenger, you’ll see a new message appear even if neither of you has said anything yet.

Open this message and you’ll see a note from the app itself telling you that your new friend is waving at you (and the familiar yellow hand will display).

You’ll automatically have the option to wave back, just tap the second waving hand icon! This will only work one time, though. To wave at a longtime Messenger friend, you’ll have to use a trick.

How to wave on messenger in 2021?

The “wave” feature on Facebook is a replacement of “Nearby friends” which is no longer accessible and is replaced with this option.

With `Wave`, users have the option to send a wave to friends they see on Facebook nearby to let them know they are interested in what that friend is up to.

Everyone can easily send a wave to other people by pressing waves in private messages on messenger.


Waving to others on Facebook messenger is a new option for Facebook users and you can wave to any body you want in private messages.

in messenger,

  1. go to people tab (on the bottom part in the middle).
  2. Then, Click add contact (on the upper part right).
  3. There is a wave icon next to the list of your friends so you can wave.


  1. Go on their profile
  2. Tap on three dots under the profile picture (if there’s nothing shown straight under the profile picture)
  3. there should be a list of things that you can do.
  4. Choose the one you wanted.

How to wave on messenger

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