Is black clover good?

Is black clover good

Is black clover good?

This is just my personal take on this. Here goes.

Black clover is something that we can easily associate to many anime such as Naruto, Dragon Ball z, and so on. In these anime, we see there is a protagonist who is initially an absolute joke of an individual (example Naruto couldn’t even do a proper shadow clone, Goku couldn’t even beat Raditz and had to sacrifice himself to kill me.)

Asta is a joke in the beginning. No magic ability, a loudmouth and a pure-hearted young man. But as the story goes he gains one unique ability (magic nullification sword) which is only suited for him.

Then his evolution is fast paced where in starts to grow the minute he starts going on mission. Now coming to the anime.

The first 10 episodes were very slow where they depict some of the boring things like their journey to the capital city and so on. But from there, things get interesting especially with the intro of the black bulls and from there the anime takes a huge leap in excitement.

Now coming to the reasons I like this anime.

  1. It follows the manga and it isn’t deviating from the original storyline.
  2. It is a fantasy anime and I am biased towards this.
  3. There are a ton of interesting characters and you will feel like rooting for characters other than the protagonist (my personal favorites are Yami captain of the black bulls and Jack the ripper)
  4. The antagonists are literally a very unique twist and while their motive is very easy to understand, they are still really kick-ass

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Is black clover good
Is black clover good?

The show isn’t exactly one of the best anime to come out but is decent, has good amounts of action, adventure, comedy and is a refreshing anime to watch.

Is the Black Clover anime worth watching?

You decide for yourself. I’ll tell you about the Anime without going too deep and without giving any spoilers.

So the Anime is a typical Shonen type. It has a standard protagonist like Naruto (and Luffy). He is simple-minded, people look down on him and he is determined to change his life. He is on a journey to find strength and learn things that’ll make him strong.

Some might say it is just like Naruto and some might say it is different. But let me tell you that the basic idea or you can say the basic things about the main characters are same in some manner.

Like both are driven by a similar goal attaining the top and respected position of their village, the way their family conditions are and such. I’m not saying they are the same but similar.

But the world, it’s superpowers and adventures are totally different. That gives you the satisfaction of watching something new. And you can observe the main character become stronger by overcoming his problems. And that is satisfactory too.

So overall, yes it is worth watching if you liked Naruto. But it’s gonna be long at least 100 episodes.

As a newer anime viewer, I have to say that a fair number of shows are based on the central theme of a loser or powerless kid trying to become something more than what he or she (usually he) starts out as.

Everyone says how much this anime is like Naruto, but I’ve had limited exposure to Naruto, having never watched an entire episode.

I know it has the same kind of central theme as My Hero Academia and Rising of Shield Hero, but the background stories and surrounding characters are different.

In the beginning, the focus was mainly on Asta, a boy born with no magical powers who wants to be the supreme wizard king, but more recent developments put him in the background.

Asta does have some pretty neat weapons of mass destruction that enable him to do amazing things and compensate for his lack of magical ability.

Newer episodes show that he has more power than initially imagined, making him probably one of the most powerful characters in the show.

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Is Black Clover that bad?

According to many viewers, Black Clover is like a slight remix of Naruto, with 2 boys – a loudmouth and a calm, intelligent, genius kind of guy.

One cannot use magic, while the other was deemed as a brilliant sorcerer, with the legendary 4-clover book. That is the reason why watchers think Black Clover is boring.

HOWEVER, as we progress, it does show a totally different story, and how the healthy rivalry between Asta (Aster) & Yuno (well, compared to Naruto & Sasuke) grow, as well as the battles between various villains being more like a cliffhanger kind of thing, AND without too brain-hacking buffs like Naruto, it is clear that Black Clover is a pretty interesting series to follow, to be honest.

May I have your attention ladies and gentlemen. I shall now give you the answer you have been searching for….

No, it ain’t a bad show.

*waiting for a round of applause*

Okay, so in all seriousness, Black Clover is nowhere near the embarrassment people claim it is. At the very least, it’s a magical Naruto. (Take that how you please). So if you’re like me, you get a lot of your anime info from youtubers such as Gigguk. Because of this I originally gave Black Clover a wide berth. However when I finally ran out of animes to watch, I dared to watch what I thought was a shit show.

Low and behold I got a pleasant surprise when I began watching it. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, certainly with Black clover. At least watch the first 3 episodes before calling it a piece of shit. (I would recommend the dub as yeah….the sub voice actor of Asta is pretty annoying).

Apart from that, it plays on the old cliche trope of the main character has no particular talent, but wants to become the strongest, then suddenly boom and basically becomes Jesus. I have missed these types of shows.

But yeah, thats just my opinion on the matter.

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Black Clover Anime Review

Black clover anime is Shonen Jump’s dark horse which Shonen is currently riding. Fans are loving it’s characters, animation, fight scenes and dramatic but hilarious events.

Black Clover anime series started to air since 2017 and until now it’s an ongoing series with a new episode every week.

This series about a boy named Asta who is the main character of the series and he wants to achieve his goal of becoming a Wizard king. Wizard king actually the kingdom’s most powerful magical warrior like Hokage in Naruto Universe.

The important factor is that in the world where everyone has magical attribute powers (like fire magic, water magic, wind magic and so on).

Asta born with no magic but instead of giving up on his dream, he chooses to follow his path with hard training and one-day demonic powers choose him and granted a 5 leaf rare Grimoire of Anti-Magic powers.

This means he can neutralize any magic with his anti-magic swords. And thus he began his journey to become a Wizard king of Clover kingdom.

Until this date, this series aired 131 episodes with only 7 reported filler episodes despite being so successful Black Clover anime has so little filler percentage less than 5%.

That can actually be enjoyable and joyful if you decide to watch them.

But still, many fans wanna skip these fillers as they draw away from the main storyline. That is why we decided to make Black Clover filler List that can help you to skip those episodes.

Quick Black Clover filler list

Only Fillers: Episode 3, 29, 66, 68, 82, and episodes from 123 to 124.

Canon Mixed with Fillers: Episode 2, 8-9, 30, 69 and episode 102.

And remaining episodes are canon and go according to the original manga storyline. We mentioned Black Clover arcs episodes below in the article, so don’t forget to check that out!


Yes, the black clover is worth watching for fun but it gets boring as the character in the anime has no deep background story, and the story center around one or two people only.

If you want to watch it you can for fun but it does not get good after some episodes as writers they do make a story to get it interesting after every 5 or 6 episodes but it still doesn’t get much attention as there are better anime like that it still up to the person’s own taste as he or she will like it or not. It mostly depends on the person.

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Is black clover good
Is black clover good?

It is worth a watch, definitely a great story and naturally, it’s course is not too fast and not too slow either, it’s continuing in a consistent pace, though I would recommend you to read the manga more than watching anime because the animation is rather stiff as it is than smooth and fluid.

In the sense, you’ll not have as much fun watching the anime better to read the manga which will keep you hype and excited.

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