Is It Meaningful to Take CCIE Security Certification Exam?

Is It Meaningful to Take CCIE Security Certification Exam

Is It Meaningful to Take CCIE Security Certification Exam?

Network security continues to grow with its expanding influence in the IT industry. If you are passionate about network security, CCIE Security certification view here will be the ultimate certification challenge for you, which will lead you to a career in managing and creating end-to-end security networks.

CCIE Security certification locates the design, deployment, management and optimization of network security solutions, aiming to promote the training of expert talents in the network security industry.

CCIE-Security 5. 0 certification is divided into four aspects:

  1. Firewall basic technology, firewall security strategy, firewall user management, VPN, UTM, attack prevention, virtualization and flow restriction strategy;
  2. Planning, deployment, maintenance and optimization of terminal security system;
  3. Safety solutions and planning and design schemes;
  4. Best practices in security architecture and security standards.

The significance of CCIE Security certification

Passing CCIE Security 5.0 certification will prove that you have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of network security technology, have the professional ability to deal with complex network security applications, master the design, deployment, maintenance and optimization of large and medium-sized complex network security solutions, and have the comprehensive ability to use Cisco Security products to build enterprise network security solutions.

Having experts certified by CCIE Security certification means that enterprises have the ability to build information security solutions to meet the needs of network security design, plan enterprise network security according to the speed of business development and deal with increasingly diverse network security challenges.

Precautions for CCIE Security certification exam:

1. Before the exam there is presentation and strategy (you need to agree with Cisco’s exam policy and be above 18 years old).

2. Note: don’t click “end exam” to “end tutorial “.

3. During the exam, you cannot return to the previous questions. At the end of the exam, you need to answer a questionnaire with ten questions; For example, how many kilometers are you away from the exam room? Or what operating system are you used to?  Then you will get the result.

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4. The order of multiple-choice questions will change while the sequence of drawing map questions does not change

There are 40-50 CCIE Lab exam equipment. Some equipment in the exam room are real machines and some are simulators. In SPOTO’s CCIE certification training, students usually practice with simulators or real machines, which is exactly the same as in the real exam. Teachers will teach students to log in to the remote practice environment. SPOTO can enable 30 candidates to practice LAB at the same time, so that students can prepare for CCIE Lab exam anytime and anywhere. In addition, SPOTO’s daily exercises are simulated exam questions, which cover the same content as the real exam questions. 

If you also want to get CCIE Security certificate, you might as well come to SPOTO to try the CCIE certification courses.

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Is It Meaningful to Take CCIE Security Certification Exam?

Is It Meaningful to Take CCIE Security Certification Exam?

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