Is post nut clarity an actual scientific thing? If it is, how does it work?

Is post nut clarity an actual scientific thing

Is post nut clarity an actual scientific thing? If it is, how does it work?

Yes, it is a thing, and it has to do with blood and oxygen. The penis and vagina, when you’re aroused, engorge with blood, oxygenating the sexual organs. In men, it is what allows for an erection.

This blood is taken away from the brain while at the same time during sex the brain is flooded with endorphins, adrenaline, and serotonin. This heightens the sexual experience.

The same is true in women but the effects can last much longer and multiple orgasms are possible for both men and women although more likely for women.

Once you ejaculate arousal quickly subsides and the blood rushes back to the brain and dumping a ton of oxygen.

The endorphins are the first things to subside in the brain leaving adrenaline. This puts the body into an active response state, not unlike flight or fight mode. Thus post-nut clarity.

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Is post nut clarity an actual scientific thing
Is post nut clarity an actual scientific thing

This is an evolutionary trait, especially in men, that goes back over a million years when we were still the prey. Sex was dangerous, it put the couple in a vulnerable state.

Once sexual congress is completed the male needed to be alert for any predators almost immediately so as to defend their now hopefully pregnant partner. In almost every mammal this state of post-coitus alertness is found.

After an orgasm, the brain is in what could be called an altered state.

Given that, seeing things differently is to be expected. Likewise for seeing things you don’t usually see.

Of course, that doesn’t mean those things are right. A lot of folks have “brilliant revelations” when high that are really just junk.

Is post nut clarity an actual scientific thing? If it is, how does it work?

As for post-sex guilt, I see that differently. It’s easy to ignore the fact you’re going to do something wrong when your body is screaming for sex.

Then when you orgasm you see clearly not because of the orgasm but because you are no longer blindingly horny.

It would be like stealing food when you were hungry then feeling guilty when your stomach was full.

I had to Google it since I had never heard of the term. Now that I know what it means, I can say that it used to happen to me all the time.

Something about guilt at the thought of taking advantage of a woman. And perhaps not understanding the refractory period after orgasm that makes me just want to go to sleep.

Those are the only two reasons I have been able to think of. And believe me, I have thought about it endlessly for at least 5 years.

If this is an actual psychological phenomenon that does exist, my intuition would be that it might just be a useful product of destressing.

This is reasonable as during an orgasm there is a rush of endorphins in order to produce a pleasant feeling and thus the eradication of stress would allow for mental clarity as the mind is at ease.

Dopamine which is part of the endorphin family is also responsible for concentration, learning, and translation of long term memory.

Also, the fluid released from ejaculation does contain toxins that are expelled from the body, but I don’t know how that would help.

I would like to add that Schopenhauer once stated ‘ Directly after copulation the devil’s laughter is heard.’

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Is post nut clarity an actual scientific thing
Is post nut clarity an actual scientific thing

How do you feel about post nut clarity?

Post nut clarity? The sensation that follows male ejaculation? I’ll see if I can convey my feelings about it in such a way that the younger ones can read and not be scared.

A hungry African lioness sees a wandering zebra and chases it. The lioness must kill and eat this particular Zebra because she’s been starving for a few days.

The lioness finally takes down the animal by tackling its back legs and before the Zebra can return to its feet, the lionesses jaws clampdown against its soft neck, draining blood and life.

When life goes, the lioness tears the animal with savagery at first bu7t as time goes on, she gets more and more satisfied.

Eventually, If shes far from home, she leaves the carcass and heads back home. Now that the hunger is gone and her mind is no longer tortured by its want, her mind belongs to her again.

This is what post nut clarity feels like to me. It is a release that comes after ejaculation. A secondary release.

It is released from the stress and tension that the desire for sex puts on your mind. Once you achieve this state, your mind is yours again for a few minutes or hours, if you nap.

it is a real thing after the drive slows and before it is a fave to keep a man give a lick here and there. however, always hold back not to give everything away for nothing a man will bust a nut to get to you hot stuff girlie.


Well, first off I’d love to point out one of the categories this is in is “nuts”. Love that.

Essentially put, you become so focused on thinking with “the wrong head” in the antics and actions prior to achieving “post-nut clarity”, that you aren’t thinking as you normally might.

Upon achieving said clarity, oxygen, and other things your brain needs to think properly begin flowing to where it should again. It’s all just biology! (:

All the thoughts that have been running through his mind wondering how magical sex feels vanished.

Did I mention how emotionslly orgasmic it feels like when Sean ejaculated semen. As if the secrets and inner-workings of the universe have suddenly been unraveled before his eyes.

Then scientist has it that:

The benefits of sex range from slashing stress levels to lowering your risk of cancer and heart attacks. Sex facilitates bonding and feelings of intimacy with your partner.

This kind of connectedness does more than make you feel warm and fuzzy, it actually reduces anxiety and boosts your overall health.

So to answer your question,

When has post-nut clarity helped you the most?

It has helped me both mentally and reduced my chances of contracting cancer and heart attack.

Is post nut clarity an actual scientific thing?

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Is post nut clarity an actual scientific thing? If it is, how does it work?

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