ITIL certification guide: Costs, requirements, levels, and paths

ITIL certification guide: Costs, requirements, levels, and paths

ITIL certification guide: Costs, requirements, levels, and paths

ITIL mainly stands for IT Infrastructure Library. It is known for its best services in the IT sector. ITIL uses a standardized approach to spread its service effectively. This certification is very popular among all the other IT certifications. It is a globally recognized certificate course, which once completed gives you various chances and opportunities in your career. 

However, to clear the exam you need to go through various solutions and papers, for that we are right here to guide you. You can easily get itil exam dumps online.  

How Much Does The ITIL Certification Cost

The cost of ITIL certification varies from one country to another. This means the cost is determined and set on the basis of geographical features. Usually, the registration fee for the ITIL certification program starts from 150 dollars to 500 dollars. 

However, if you are an IT enthused product or an external reputed institute, then your training and course fee may vary accordingly. This exam comes under the GCIH, to know more about such exams, click here to read gcih exam.

What Are The Requirements For ITIL Exams 

All exams need the documents to fill the form. And thus, the ITIL exams too need all the ID proofs, residential proofs, etc. You need to check the eligibility criteria for this exam. Other than these things, if you are preparing for the ITIL exams, you need various essential resources to learn and take help from. 

For this, Axelos has developed an online networking site, My ITIL. Some of the important resources that you need to get access to are: 

  • White papers,
  • CPD professional tools 
  • Digital badge for foundation level
  • Important books from various publications.
  • Meaningful templates

What Are The Levels Of the TIL Certification Program 

The ITIL structure is successfully maintained and dealt with by Axelos. There are various exams, and training camps under it. ATO, Accredited Training Organization deals with the training part of the ITIL program. 

Moreover, in ITIL, there is a credit system generated for the foundation and intermediate levels. Talking of which, there are mainly five levels of ITIL certification. There are: 

  • Foundation or primary level
  • Practitioner or training level
  • Intermediate level, which includes lifecycle of service, and service capability classification. 
  • Specialist or professional level
  • Master level

To achieve the certification of master level, you need to get 22 credits in total. 

Paths For ITIL Certification Level 

  • For the foundation level, you are required to be trained perfectly. Also, you have to clear the exam with the 2 credit awards. 
  • Then, comes the intermediate level, in this foundation certificate and proper training is needed. Two modules are designed and those modules will award you credits based on your potential. 
  • At the third level, you need both the prior certificates with a total 17 credits. On its completion, you will again get 5 ITIL credits. 
  • Then, you are passed onto expert lan level, where you must have all the other obtained certificates with a minimum of 22 credits. 
  • The last comes at the master level. Here, you must have the expert certificate, and five years of work experience in a management position. 

Hence, these were the detailed overview of the ITIL certification program. And if you are preparing for this exam, follow the p

guide and make sure you have a proper understanding of its different levels. 

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ITIL certification guide: Costs, requirements, levels, and paths

ITIL certification guide: Costs, requirements, levels, and paths
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