What is a niggly wiggly in a Hershey’s kiss?

What is a niggly wiggly

What is a niggly wiggly in a Hershey’s kiss?

Top definition. Niggly wiggly nigglywigglies. I made a Niggly wiggly mustache with them. Niggle definition, to criticize, especially constantly or repeatedly, in a peevish or petty way; carp: to niggle about Derived Forms niggler, noun niggly, adjective .

Noun: the small strip of paper that comes inside a hershey’s kiss. i was eating hershey’s kisses when i noticed one had two nigglywigglies.

The paper in a Hershey’s KISS is called a “plume”. The plume originally had “Hershey’s” written on it and it designed by Milton Hershey to distinguish the Hershey’s KISS from competitor chocolate products.

In 1921, Hershey received a design trademark (Reg.# 0186828) for the plume and foil wrapper. For an interesting history of the Hershey paper plume.

(From a practical point of view, we’re told you can use the paper to “unzip” the thin foil wrapper on the candy. Funny; we’ve eaten a lot of these, and that never worked for us.)

Otherwise, this is all about branding. Branding is making your product different. You can go to any convenience store or grocery store in America and buy milk, and you are getting the same flavor, the same nutrition, and probably the same plastic jugs with the handle.

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What is a niggly wiggly
What is a niggly wiggly

The caps on the jugs indicating the fat content will be red, blue, light blue, or yellow. (We think green means egg nog.) Because of branding, we have Borden. We have Elsie the Cow. We have Dairy Fresh. There’s a picture of a dairy farm.

What is a niggly wiggly in a Hershey’s kiss?

We all know now that confectioners can pour chocolate into any shape imaginable. Chocolate bars, spheres, pyramids, cubes, beans, Easter bunnies, you name it, they’ve done it. (Pause) What?? Well, they’ve even done that, you perv.

And basically, is any milk chocolate really any better than any other? Not much. It’s easy to make it worse, but hard to make it better. So, branding is important. You want people to associate your brand with consistent goodness.

Therefore, the little strip of paper with the brand name on it.

BTW, the candies are called “kisses” because the machine that makes them “looks like it’s kissing the conveyor belt.”

“A narrow strip of paper called a plume sticks out from the top of each Hershey KISS wrapper. Originally designed as a flag for the “Hershey’s” brand, the printed paper plumes were added to the KISSES product wrapper in 1921 in order to distinguish the Hershey’s KISS from its competitors who offered similar products.”

It does make opening the wrapper easier. Instead of trying to find and peel back the seam on the foil, just grab the paper tag and pull down. It brings a section of foil with it and zip-bam-boom your candy is ready to eat.

The original purpose of the paper plume (as it is officially called) is to identify a genuine Hershey’s kiss from an imposter. The other most common reason is quoted as to making them easier to open.

Did you know that the plume is actually edible?

Why does Hershey’s chocolate taste so bad?

Butyric acid!

Economies of scale have long been known, so bulk purchasing of fresh cream for chocolate has been standard operation forever.

However, keeping that milk fresh requires you either go through it incredibly quickly (which requires significant manufactory capabilities) or advanced refrigeration technology (which didn’t really exist back in 1900).

Milton Hershey had neither of those things, as he was starting from scratch after the sale of his caramel company.

So he did what anybody with a fourth-grade education and one million dollars would do: he experimented.

In the course of working out how to make milk chocolate he discovered that while the milk would go bad if not properly stored, it could stay mostly not-bad if he intentionally dosed with butyric acid, turning it into a sort of proto-cheese.

With storage requirements for the semi-spoiled milk significantly lowered, Hershey was able to dramatically lower costs, which in turn allowed a lower price-point for the consumer. He then tweaked his milk chocolate formula to use it and opened up the now-famous chocolate company.

Fortunately for Mr. Hershey (and unfortunately for enthusiasts of the European variety), chocolate candy was still something of a delicacy in the United States.

Since the best chocolate needed to be imported from Europe, it was restricted to people with the means to obtain it.

So, with inexpensive pseudo-cheesy chocolate in hand, he took the American market by storm. That is how Hershey Chocolate, with its weird sour milk undernote, became the default chocolate flavor of the United States.

Butyric acid, incidentally, is why parmesan cheese smells funny and is the main driver behind the characteristic odor of vomit. Fun!

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Do you eat the Niggly Wiggly paper strip in your Kisses candy?

Friends, I was eating Hershey’s kisses when I noticed one had two Nigglywigglies. I made a Niggly wiggly mustache with them.

I know what “Niggly Wiggly” means, but if you’re talking about the paper flag inside the kisses wrapper, no I don’t eat that. Why? Because it’s not food. It’s not meant to be eaten, it’s just a piece of paper.

The only paper wrapping I eat is on Botan rice candy, because they wrap it in rice paper, so it is edible.

Like I say to my child all the time, don’t eat things that aren’t food.

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What does Nigglywiggly mean? Top definitionNigglywiggly nigglywigglies. … Niggle definition, to criticize, especially constantly or repeatedly, in a peevish or petty way; carp: to niggle about Derived Forms niggler, noun niggly, adjective 

The reason for the “paper strip” is to allow customers were able to recognise an original Hershey’s Kiss. The paper tail is known as a “Niggly Wiggly”. It’s actually called a paper plume. “Niggly wiggly” is just a slang term someone came up with.

What do you call the paper flag or tag that sticks out from the top of the KISSES Chocolate foil wrapper? That parchment paper strip is called a “plume”. Originally the paper plumes were also referred to as identification tags, possibly because they looked like miniature brand flags.

The common little paper tail is known as a Niggly Wiggly. In 1907, Milton Hershey introduced a new candy, bite-sized, flat-bottomed, conical-shaped pieces of chocolate that he named “Hershey’s Kiss“. Initially, they were individually wrapped by hand in squares of aluminum foil

Hershey’s Kisses were first introduced in 1907. How they received their name isn’t exactly clear, but a popular theory is that the candy was named for the sound or motion of the chocolate being deposited during manufacturing.

The basic concept of the present-day wrapping machines for Hershey’s Kisses dates back to a single channel wrapper developed in August 1921.

The famous plume that extends from the wrapper was added around this time. Before these machines, Kisses were wrapped by hand. Today’s machines can wrap up to 1,300 Hershey’s Kisses per minute!

Originally designed as a flag for the “Hershey’s” brand, the printed paper plumes were added to the Kisses product wrapper in 1921 in order to distinguish the Hershey’s Kiss from its competitors who offered similar products.

What is a niggly wiggly?

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