“O” Level Secondary Maths Tuition in Singapore

“O” Level Secondary Maths Tuition in Singapore

“O” Level Secondary Maths Tuition in Singapore

In Singapore, the Cambridge-GCE “O” Level Programme is a two-year programme that prepares students to be proficient in one or two languages, mathematics, science, and humanities. O-Level Maths syllabus focuses on three strands: Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry, and Calculus.

Taking O-Level maths requires a strong foundation in algebraic manipulations and mathematical reasoning. If you know you (the student) or your children (as a parent) are having tremendous difficulties with O-Level maths, you can read more here and find out about secondary maths tuition in Singapore.

In reality, both students and parents can be stressed

When the time for O-Level maths exams is fast approaching, both students AND parents may feel frantic and stressed. But most especially, the student can harbour worries, panic, and even anxiety if they have done enough studying and preparation for the O-Level maths exams. They can feel scared about formulas, equations, and problem-solving.

Of course, we all know that the GCE O-Level Examination is the annual National Examination that students in Singapore need to take after completing their Secondary Level schooling. The outcome of the exams – especially in mathematics – could decide the outcome of their next journey towards the future.

If at this stage your children are greatly struggling with maths, perhaps you need to engage with maths tuition in Singapore (such as FamilyTutor) to help them with their studies.

Why is O-Level maths challenging to most students?

It is not surprising to find many students in Singapore struggle with their O-Level maths, regardless of whether it is E maths or A maths. This subject is indeed a difficult subject for most students who are not adept at numbers. After all, O-Level maths contains a lot of topics, concepts, and formulas that students need to continuously study and understand.

With this large number of topics to learn, students can be overwhelmed and stressed out if they cannot pace themselves or with the class. The topics are complex and take a lot of time, energy, and practice just to get a grasp on the mathematical concepts.

Another reason why students struggle with O-Level maths is that they lack the basic foundation in their former E maths and A maths. In class, students who are weak in maths tend to fall behind because they cannot get hold of the concepts that were taught, and the teacher needs to move on fast to the next topic so he/she doesn’t fall behind in the syllabus. Having a weak basic foundation even for basic concepts can cause students to get lost and incorrectly answer math questions and problems.

Attempting to improve in O-Level maths

Mathematics is an essential subject in Singapore, but still, many students have a challenging and frustrating time learning and understanding it. However, this does not always have to be the case.

  • Seek much-needed help

Many students tend to back away from asking questions in class or from teachers. This is understandable in a class of 30 to 40 and the teacher needs to focus on the class as a whole rather than individuals. However, by not asking questions when in doubt, students are setting themselves up from achieving good test scores and grades. Since it is necessary to enquire or clarify topics and problems taught that were hard to understand, students should seek help from their parents to grant them the help of a math tutor.

Practice as much as you can

In reality, though practising math problems weekly or daily is admirable, practising maths would be better achieved if properly supervised by an O-Level math tutor. This way, the student can be exposed not only to the lessons taught in school but also to potential questions such as alternate problems that haven’t been taught yet in class. Qualified tutors with years of experience have practice tests, papers, and exams that can turn any student’s weaknesses into strengths and have them better understand math concepts and problem-solving that they initially found quite daunting.

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At FamilyTutor

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“O” Level Secondary Maths Tuition in Singapore
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