Should I Take Creatine Before Or After A Workout 2021?

Should i Take Creatine Before Or After A Workout

Should i Take Creatine Before Or After A Workout 2021?

On workout days, research shows that it may be better to take creatine shortly before or after you exercise, rather than long before or after. On rest days, it may be beneficial to take it with food, but the timing is probably not as important as on exercise days. Creatine should be taken as part of a pre-workout supplement, or about 30 minutes prior to the training, but also as part of your post-workout shakes just after the exercise to leverage the maximum benefits.

Although it may seem complicated, the answer is very simple. If you are taking a creatine supplement, it would be convenient to take it about 30 minutes before training and immediately after it as part of your post-training shake.

That’s the short part of the answer, but Myprotein readers always want to know a little more to make sure they are the best choice when it comes to their supplements.

In this article you will find:

  • Why take a creatine supplement?
  • Creatine benefits
  • When to take it and dosage
  • Why take it before and after training
  • The ideal post-workout shake

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Why take a creatine supplement?

This compound works by increasing the muscle storage capacity of a type of energy called Creatine Phosphate (FC). HR plays a very important role in energy production for short-term intense exercise.

Without getting too into the chemistry or technicalities, when you take creatine supplements, the storage capacity of FC increases by helping the ATP-FC energy system, which is the main energy system we use in the gym when we train with a lot of weight and high-powered exercises.

In addition, when FC is distributed throughout the muscle, muscle fatigue increases. Increasing creatine storage in the body helps increase HR levels to peak during anaerobic activity.

The answer to the question in the title begins to become clearer now, so we are seeing that you will benefit from:

  • Increased levels of creatine that are stored in the muscle, which means more energy for high intensity exercises.
  • Creatine levels replenish faster, leading to better recovery and a larger supply of creatine for the next time your body uses its own stores.

As we have briefly said before, increasing the amount of creatine in the muscles helps to slow down the decrease in phosphocreatine. This leads to an increase in muscular endurance, as well as an increase in strength and energy.

Creatine benefits

Studies on creatine supplementation have shown the following benefits

  1. Increased strength, energy, and endurance
  2. Increased development of short, high-intensity exercises, as well as greater and better recovery between sets.
  3. Increased agility
  4. Increased energy in the legs when cycling
  5. Increased energy and weight lifted in Olympic weight exercises (kettlebell or kettlebell)
  6. Increased strength in squat and bench press exercises
  7. Increased endurance during sports, such as soccer or rugby.

Creatine also helps the muscles look “fuller” due to the fact that they transport water to the muscle cells, increasing the volume of your muscles.

They not only transport water to muscle cells and make them appear larger. Especially at night, this form of cellular replenishment can have an anabolic effect on the muscles themselves, and increase protein synthesis.

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Put more simply, taking creatine makes your muscles appear larger in the short term, and in the long term, it is easier for them to increase in size.

Creatine also reduces the amount of lactic acid and hydrogen that is produced as a result of intense workouts.

These are the reasons why you feel that warm sensation in your muscles after a hard training session.

The fact that creatine alleviates that feeling can help you do some extra repetitions in your training. More repetitions with the same weight will result in greater growth.

When to take it and dosage

When you take it, a loading phase of 20 g per day divided into 4 servings is recommended first, ideally at meals. This loading phase should be done for 5 days, followed by a maintenance phase of between 4 and 10 g per day.

It is recommended to do the loading phase first to help the intramuscular creatine stores as quickly as possible.

Once the body has assumed that the loading phase and the reserves are at maximum, we will only need to take a lower amount to keep those reserves full. Although the loading phase is recommended, it is not essential.

Why take it before and after training

Ideally, take creatine 30-60 minutes before training and immediately after as part of your post-workout shake.

Taking creatine 30 minutes before allows it to be digested by the body and reach the muscles, to take effect immediately.

Your creatine stores can drop very quickly, and it can take too long to refill, so make sure you are getting enough creatine to reap the full benefits.

Taking creatine, which is a source of energy, right after training may not seem to make much sense, but if you think about it, the main goal after training is recovery and increasing the effectiveness of your training.

Your muscles after training are more sensitive to nutrients, so it is normal to give those nutrients to the body so that it recovers, replenishes, and gains more strength.

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I hope that after all this you have realized why it is so effective to take creatine before as after training

The ideal post-workout shake

  • Protein and amino acids to increase protein synthesis and reduce muscle breakdown. Like Impact Whey Protein from Myprotein and the fantastic amino acid complex THE Amino + .
  • Carbohydrates to replenish muscle glucose and glycogen levels and create an insulin spike for increased anabolic response. Amylopectin is ideal for this option
  • Creatine Monohydrate to help muscles recover.
  • Water to hydrate muscle cells and make them appear larger.
Should i Take Creatine Before Or After A Workout
Should I Take Creatine Before Or After A Workout?


Creatine should be taken as part of a pre-workout supplement, or about 30 minutes before training, but also as part of your post-workout shake, right after exercise to take full advantage of its benefits.

Our articles are written for educational and informational purposes, they should never be taken as a medical consultation. If necessary, visit your doctor or a professional instead before starting to use supplements or make changes to your diet.

How should I take creatine before a workout?

Due to the muscle’s natural state of suboptimal creatine levels, supplementation can increase muscle stores. The best way to maximize these stores (if you are supplementing for the first time), is to take creatine (about 5g, or 0.3g/kg body weight) 4 times daily for 5-7 days.

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How should I take creatine for the best results?

Research proves that a creatine loading phase can maximize your muscle stores within one week or less (2). This strategy involves taking 20 grams of creatine daily for 5–7 days to saturate your muscles rapidly, followed by 2–10 grams daily to maintain high levels (2, 6 )

What happens if you take creatine before a workout?

Creatine Before a Workout: Generally, the case for taking creatine during a workout is built on ATP (adenosine triphosphate) an organic chemical that contributes to cellular energy and muscle contractions. When supplementing with creatine, you’ll be taking on more ATP around your muscle cells.

How long should you wait to work out after taking creatine?

Most athletes use creatine either less than one hour before or immediately after working out. Using it after exercise can be beneficial because exercising stimulates blood circulation and cells can then be supplied with creatine more quickly. Nevertheless, creatine can be taken at any time.

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Should I Take Creatine Before Or After A Workout 2021?

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