Swinging: How It Can Do Wonders for Your Relationship

Swinging: How It Can Do Wonders for Your Relationship

You have probably heard about swinging but never had a chance to think about it thoroughly. Or, on the contrary, are at the beginning of exploring what swinging is. No matter the case, the important part is that it is proven that such a practice could potentially improve your relationships, especially if it is long-term. So if you are looking for a chance to change your love life for the better, dive in.

Understanding the Concept of Swinging

So, what exactly does “swinging” mean? In simple terms, swingers are people who have a few sexual partners while still maintaining a serious relationship with one person. In fact, it has many different forms, and not every swinging relationship implies sex – the rules are usually established by participants so that everyone involved feels comfortable enough. Still, most of the time, couples that engage in swinging just switch their partners to have sex with someone outside their relationship.

It may be hard to believe, but those who practice swinging on a regular basis claim that their self-esteem had significantly increased compared to when they had to stick to one sexual partner. Many also say that it helped to revive their long-term relationship because couples who can have sex outside their marriage feel less pressure in the bedroom. It concerns those couples where one person can’t satisfy the other sexually, but both partners still want to be together and save the relationship.

Exploring Online Dating Scene for Swingers

If you have finally decided to try swinging, you are probably wondering where to start. The first issue you are going to face is where people look for swinging partners, how to arrange such an encounter, and what to say to make everything happen the way you planned. The good news is that you don’t have to go outside and embarrass yourself, approaching people on the streets and asking them if they’d like to have sex with you or with your partner. Sounds weird, especially when taken out of context.

Instead of exploring the local dating scene on the streets, consider trying any free swinging website designed specifically for people who know everything about swinging and practice it regularly. In fact, it allows you to achieve two goals at once. First, you get the chance to talk directly to those who know about swinging firsthand and learn a lot about it on the spot. Second, you can approach anyone and be sure they are interested in swinging activities because this is why they are on the website – to find like-minded swingers.

Approaching people who caught your interest shouldn’t be a problem. Communication takes place in direct messages on the given site, where those interested in switching their partners talk about their experience in swinging and arrange dates. Introduce yourself, have a little chat, ask questions you are interested in, and offer to meet to get to know each other better. You don’t have to have sex on the first date. Many swinging couples become good friends prior to getting intimate with each other. So go at your own pace and always discuss everything with your partner. 

Common Questions on the Topic

Before trying a swinger relationship, though, you should study enough information on the subject to know what to expect. We have compiled some of the most common questions and answers for those who are ready to explore this topic in-depth.

– Can single people enjoy swinging?

Of course! Swinging can involve couples in relationships as well as singles who are just looking for casual dating or friends with benefits. Any single person can be a friend to a married couple, but one or both partners will sleep with that person from time to time.

– Does swinging equal cheating?

Swinging is an agreement between two partners in a long-term relationship that implies that one or both partners may change sexual partners. Precisely because this type of relationship involves open dialogue about having sex with other people, such practice of partner-swapping is not considered cheating. It’s just one of the ways to spice up your sex life.

– Is it possible to quit swinging?

It’s not like you’re signing a contract that would result in a big loss if you cancel it. If, after trying once, you don’t feel that this is your thing, you can quit anytime. The main idea behind swinging is that both partners should be okay with everything that is going on, so if, at some point, you start to feel uncomfortable or doubting, discuss it with your significant other to come up with a common solution.

Myths and Misconceptions

Of course, as with any other phenomenon, there are many myths and misconceptions about swinging, so it is essential to carefully pick the information you find on the subject. What are the most common myths about swingers? Let’s take a quick look.

– Swingers are old and creepy people

Somehow, there is a misconception among people that swinging is only for older individuals who haven’t been able to find another way to improve their sex life. When in fact, people of all ages can enjoy swinging. Some even get married already engaging in swinging, so this is definitely a myth.

– The risk of getting STDs is higher

At first glance, it seems quite reasonable, but only if you don’t know how swinging actually works. In fact, an average person is tested for STDs once every few years at best, when, in contrast, swingers prefer to be tested on a regular basis. All you have to do is choose the partners who are responsible and reliable in this regard.

– It’s always men who drag their women into swinging

In fact, there are hundreds of cases when a woman takes the initiative to try swinging; it doesn’t depend on gender (much like it doesn’t depend on age). However, when meeting a new couple, one of the first questions to ask must be, “Who’s idea was that?” because it is not uncommon for one partner to be unaware that their significant other is looking for a swinging experience.

It’s clear that such a bizarre practice as swinging is not for everyone. But if you look at the issue from another perspective, it can be quite beneficial, given that everyone follows the established rules. Discuss the idea of trying swinging with your partner, learn some useful literature, and start the frisky journey of your life!

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Swinging: How It Can Do Wonders for Your Relationship
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