Best waterproof backpack for paddle boarding

Best waterproof backpack for paddle surfing

Best waterproof backpack for paddle boarding

Keeping our belongings safe when we go out paddling on our paddle surfboard is a great concern for anyone who starts in this exciting sport. We want to be calm paddle as long as we feel like it, without having to think if our mobile phone, wallet, or any other valuables that we need to carry will still be dry when we decide to end our paddle surfing.

Many prefer to leave their belongings in the car or hidden in a corner, as they consider it safer than taking them with them when paddling on their SUP board. But there is nothing safer than taking your stuff with you!

If you know how to wear them, of course, That is why we are here today. Fortunately, the solution for this issue is very simple and cheap.

We will use one of the essential paddle surf accessories for anyone who wants to have fun without any worries.

A vital paddle surf accessory

A basic backpack will not be enough to protect your most delicate belongings from the water. The first time we drop it in the water, everything will end up soaked, and, even if we don’t drop it, the constant sparking while we paddle will surely cause the water to end up penetrating the backpack.

For this reason, what we need is a waterproof backpack to protect the essentials.

We are safeguarding our personal belongings while paddle surfing is as simple as buying a waterproof bag, which keeps us safe from water and other adverse factors.

Types of a backpack for paddle surfing

Within the wide range currently on the market, waterproof bags or backpacks can be worn around the neck, on the back, or attached to the mooring ropes of our paddle surfboard, depending on the size and capacity of the backpack.

Most SUP boards usually have elastic straps on the nose with several anchor points, which allow the waterproof bag to be held securely. In this way, we save ourselves the hassle or inconvenience of carrying it on our back, especially in the hottest months.

In addition, since we will not have to carry it ourselves, we can buy a slightly larger waterproof backpack, in which we can even store clothes or take a snack in case we get hungry during our SUP session.

There are several resistance levels for dry bags, and each one protects in different ways and different proportions. Thus, some waterproof backpack can only withstand short showers, while others are completely submersible.

To make it simple, we can differentiate three degrees of waterproofing:

  • Water-resistant material.
  • Waterproof material.
  • 100% waterproof material.

Indeed, crossing quietly on our paddle surfboard is not the same as catching waves while practicing SUP surfing because, in this last modality, we will fall into the water much more.

For this reason, in this post, we will focus on the higher grades of waterproofing since we want our belongings to be completely safe, regardless of the type of paddle surfing that we want to practice at any given time.

The waterproof backpack among SUP accessories

As the name suggests, 100% waterproof dry bags are completely waterproof. They can even use for long drives. They are ideal for long or demanding water activities, in which the backpack will be in continuous contact with the water, as in the case of paddle surfing.

In addition, these waterproof backpacks float in the water so that, if it falls off the board, we have no problem recovering it from the sea, river, or lake in which we find ourselves. Thanks to the material with which they are made, the 100% waterproof backpack protects our belongings from water, dust, sand, and dirt in general.

Many of them also come with hydrophobic treatments, which add an extra line of defense. To guarantee protection, the 100% waterproof dry bags have a closing mechanism that consists of rolling the upper part of the backpack many times and, finally, sealing it, either using Velcro or hooks.

 waterproof backpack

The sealing systems can vary from one bag model to another, but the important thing is that it is practically impossible for water to penetrate inside and spoil our things in all of them.

As you have seen, the waterproof bags for paddle surfing vary in specifications and capacities, so it can be a hassle to choose the right one. The market is full of options to choose from!

Take a look at the offer of the waterproof backpack on the market!

For this reason, we have decided to create this super guide with the six best paddle surf waterproof backpack of 2022 to help you find the perfect one for you.

Right now, these are the waterproof backpacks that are rocking it.

Look at them!

The best waterproof bags for paddle surfing in 2022

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The TOTOBAY PREMIUM dry bag has a capacity of 20 liters.

It is 100% waterproof and submersible. And it is made of high-density PVC fiber, ensuring tightness and long useful life. It has a sealing system that rolls the opening three times and then hooks a buckle. In this way, there is a kind of upper handle that can also carry the bag. Given the features it offers, its price is very, very affordable.

TOTOBAY PREMIUM pack includes:

1. The 20-liter waterproof bag with a measurement of 48*24 centimeters.

It has two adjustable straps as suspenders, which will allow you to carry it comfortably on your back. The straps are “removable,” so you can hook only one of them and carry the waterproof bag as a shoulder strap.

2. A small waterproof backpack to carry around your waist.

It has a measure of 15*22 centimeters. This bag will allow you to store your smallest personal items. It can be a waterproof bag for keys, wallet, watch, etc. The strap is adjustable to hold it comfortably around our waist.

3. A transparent waterproof case to wear around the neck.

It has a measure of 21*10.5 centimeters. In it, you can store your mobile phone or your documentation with the certainty that they will not get wet. This mini waterproof bag for mobile lets you take videos and photos with your phone in the water. Both sides of the case are transparent and made with touch-sensitive material. It is valid for iPhone 6 and 7 PLUS, Samsung S7 and S7 EDGE, and other smaller phones.


This fantastic set of dry bags will satisfy all your needs every time you go paddling on your paddleboard.

The TOTOBAY PREMIUM pack is available in two colorsyellow and black.

The fanny pack and the protective mobile phone case work perfectly and are completely waterproof. The waterproof bag is also very large.


This pack of THE FRIENDLY SWEDE brand includes two waterproof backpacks, offering various combinations of capacity:

  • 2 liters, with measurements of 30*25 cm. each
  • 5 and 10 liters, with 37*31 cm. and 52*31cm
  • 10 and 20 liters, with 52*31 cm. and 55*37cm. 

One of them is blue, and the other is yellow. There is also a pack of two waterproof bags of 10 liters each, in this case, black. In addition, THE FRIENDLY SWEDE brand has launched a limited edition for this year, consisting of a single 10-liter dry bag in two beautiful colors: fluorescent pink and ultraviolet! They all include an adjustable strap, which allows us to carry our dry bag hanging on the back, except the 20-liter capacity waterproof bag, which includes two straps to carry it as a backpack. In any case, we can row without limits in total comfort.

These are waterproof and durable backpacks, resistant to scratches and friction. They are made of industrial-grade waterproof PVC tarpaulin. They feature double taped seams and a reinforced vinyl bottom, ensuring maximum protection for items stored in them.

We must remember that these dry bags are extremely resistant to water. Still, they are NOT 100% waterproof, so it is not advisable to completely submerge them or place electrical devices in them. But, come on, if we plan to use them to store our belongings while we make trips on our paddle surfboard, we can rest assured that they will be safe, even if we fall into the water from time to time.

THE FRIENDLY SWEDE pack of waterproof bags has a top closure that rolls upon itself, sealed with a buckle. This system ensures an airtight and absolute seal against water.

An extra factor to consider is the lifetime guarantee offered by the manufacturer, THE FRIENDLY SWEDE.

I recommend this product. And I find it very useful to go on a trip and put the necessary things, and you can wet the bags that nothing at all gets wet. I am very satisfied because they are of good quality.


The OVERBOARD PRO SPORTS dry bag is one of the best on the market (if not the best).

The OVERBOARD PRO SPORTS presents an original design, far from the simplicity that the most normal waterproof bags usually show. It is available in two colors: yellow and blue. It is a 100% waterproof backpack with a capacity of 20 liters and measures 44*24 centimeters. This new version has been made with ultra-light materials. Its weight is one kilo, which is surprising given the many features that this waterproof backpack has.

The materials with which the OVERBOARD PRO SPORTS waterproof backpack is made make it very resistant and completely waterproof. It can completely submerge with the certainty that our belongings will remain safe. Friends, it is built based on high-frequency electronic welding. It is a completely airtight backpack through a double sealing system, protecting what we carry in it from water, sand, dirt, and dust.

An additional feature of this waterproof bag is its high buoyancy in falling into the water. It can even serve as a lifesaver. Although it has many pockets, which will allow us to store objects of different sizes, we must bear in mind that the only pocket that is 100% waterproof is the main one. It has a top handle and two padded shoulder straps, making it comfortable to carry. In addition, it has two adjustable buckle straps, one at the waist and the other at the sternum. These elastic straps are quick-release if we have to undo the backpack in an emergency.

Best waterproof backpack for paddle boarding

On the main face and the shoulder straps, the OVERBOARD PRO SPORTS has two strips of reflective material that will be very useful when we go out paddling in reduced visibility conditions (in fog, for example). It has a ventilation area on the back, a detail that we will especially appreciate in the hottest months.

It also has D-rings for multiple attachment options. Although the price of the OVERBOARD PRO SPORTS waterproof backpack is indeed higher than the rest of the bags included in this guide, its high quality and the features it offers make it 100% recommended for our paddle surf outings.

It will last us a lifetime and guarantees that everything we need to store inside it will stay away from water and sand, whether we go out on a cruise or practice SUP surfing… and fall into the sea a million times.

Very functional and well made, with multiple exterior pockets and an additional interior zippered pocket. The truth is that in its genre is the best I’ve seen. Great buy.


The FE ACTIVE dry backpack is crafted from a 5-millimeter-thick, waterproof, eco-friendly, nautical-grade PVC canvas. Its heat-sealed, and high-frequency welded seams are ready to withstand the toughest outdoor activities.

The FE ACTIVE waterproof backpack is black. It has a capacity of 30 liters. It has measures of 59*43 centimeters. And it has two padded shoulder straps and a mesh lining for better air circulation, as well as padded inner support to provide greater comfort on your back. Plus, it includes side mesh nets for carrying water bottles and other accessories, along with an exterior drawstring for carrying items.

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The top closure includes heavy-duty reinforced buckles for better insulation and airtightness. Therefore, it is a very complete, comfortable, and elegant waterproof backpack.


This waterproof bag of the AQUAFREE brand is made of 7.5 millimeter thick PVC material. One of the most water-resistant materials to keep all our belongings dry and safe. It is a round bag with a 20-liter capacity. It measures 37*58 centimeters, and its weight is around 600 grams.

Friends, it is available in three colorsyellowblack and blue. AQUAFREE dry bags are equipped with a strong top closure that rolls upon itself, then sealed with a buckle. This system guarantees the safety of everything that we want to carry in our backpacks. It has two padded and adjustable straps as suspenders, which allow us to carry this waterproof backpack comfortably on the back. In addition, it has two carrying handles, one on the top and one on the side.

paddle board
Best waterproof backpack for paddle boarding

The new version of this waterproof backpack that AQUAFREE has launched on the market has an additional elastic strap to hold at the waist, which will allow us to transport it with greater stability. It is a sealed bag with a valve. On one side, it has a thread: if it is turned in one direction, it allows air to enter inside once it is closed at the top, and if it is turned in the other direction, the valve is closed, and the air inside does not come out.

Although, indeed, its prolonged immersion is not recommended, this backpack is 100% waterproof and floats in the water, so we can be calm if, at any time during our paddle surf outing, we drop the board.


The AQUA QUEST HIMAL is a waterproof bag with a 20-liter capacity. It has measures of 28*18 centimeters. Weighing only 525 grams, the AQUA QUEST HIMAL backpack is ultralight and robust at the same time. It is available in four colors: blue, red, black, and camouflage.

Friends, it is a 100% waterproof backpack that will protect your personal belongings from water, dirt, and sand. It offers protection even in cases of momentary immersion. The AQUA QUEST HIMAL waterproof backpack has a resistant top closure that rolls upon itself and then is sealed with a buckle. It is made of polyurethane for thermal insulation and reinforced with heat-sealed seams.

The waist and shoulder straps are fully adjustable, soft, flexible, and quick-dryingThey adapt perfectly to the shape of your body. The soft Air-Mesh back section offers breathability and comfort all day. It integrates a watertight main compartment and a quick-access front pocket with a splash-resistant zipper. In addition, the backpack folds into its front pocket, in case we want to take it comfortably on a trip without taking up much space.

The AQUA QUEST brand offers a two-year warranty that protects all its products, strengthening our confidence in the brand. In this post, we have talked about one of the accessories for paddle surfing that cannot be missing from your kit. The waterproof backpack is essential to protect your items (mobile phone, keys, watch, wallet) whenever you go out paddling or catch waves with your paddle surfboard.

Water can wreak real havoc on our belongings. Imagine that you finish your paddle surfing session, get out of the water and realize that the car key does not work because it got wet.


And we don’t even talk about mobile. We consider the six waterproof backpacks that we have collected in this guide to be the best on the market. All of them present a total hermeticism to safeguard, protect, and keep everything we keep inside.

Given the multitude of options on the market today, it is very difficult to say which is the best dry bag. The best option will largely depend on your particular needs. However, we have analyzed those that we consider best for paddle surfing, with features that allow us to enjoy it comfortably and without worries.

Best waterproof backpack for paddle boarding

Best waterproof backpack for paddle boarding

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