Things to Consider when Buying a Phone in Singapore

Things to Consider when Buying a Phone in Singapore

Things to Consider when Buying a Phone in Singapore

Buying a phone seems to be easier but with all the available options from trusted brands. However, some phones are not what you’ve expected since there are plenty of frauds out there. So, it’s essential to be vigilant when you’re purchasing a smartphone in Singapore.

You need to consider certain factors before buying your new smartphone, whether online or at physical stores, to get the best quality phone possible.

When Buying in Physical Stores

Buying in physical stores is the safest way to find your next smartphone, as you can examine the product closely. It can also save you from getting low-quality phones and risking your money.

Here are some of the things that you can consider when buying a phone in physical stores:

Test the Phones Features

When buying in stores, you can test if the phone is functioning well. In addition, you can check the features such as the camera and sound features. If you love taking photos or filming videos, it’s best to check for the camera quality. Then, you can choose the one with higher MP or megapixels for clearer and high-quality shots.

It’s also essential to check if the speaker and mic of the phone is working. You can check them by recording a voice clip and playing it to know if it has clear audio.

  • Check for the Processor

The processor is one of the vital parts of a smartphone; it’s like the heart that helps the phone function smoothly. So if you’re fond of downloading lots of applications on your phone, you should opt for a higher-speed processor.

There might be plenty of unfamiliar words, such as Snapdragon, MediaTek, etc., but you can easily spot a higher-speed processor by looking into the term GigaHertz(GHz). Choose the phone with higher GHz for a smoother and excellent quality phone.

Check for Memory

It’s also essential to check for the memory of the phone that you’re buying. Since you’re buying in a physical store, you can check if the smartphone you’re buying has enough storage. The more storage, the more you can have a great experience in using the phone. You can also check if it’s capable of having external storage for additional space for your photos, videos, and other media files.

  • Know the Warranty

Once you’ve checked every feature of the phone you’re buying, you have to ask about the warranty. It would help you secure your money if the phone malfunctioned after you purchased it. Usually, the warranty depends on the store and brand. So, be sure to ask around.

  • Compare Prices

Besides the smartphone features, you should also compare the prices depending on your budget and needs. You can also look for price comparisons online. So whether you’re looking for Huawei phone prices in singapore or other brands, you can always find price comparisons online.

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Things to Consider when Buying a Phone in Singapore
Things to Consider when Buying a Phone in Singapore

When Buying Online

Unlike buying in a physical store, it’s riskier to order mobile phones online, especially if it’s a third-party online store. Therefore, you really have to consider the following:

  • Buying on Trusted Brands Online

Most of the big brands that sell mobile phones in Singapore have their own website to order their products online. It’s safer because they are already established and trusted by the people.

  • Checking Reviews

If you’re considering buying on third-party online stores, it’s beneficial if you check for reviews. You can also check if their website is legitimate.

Buying a phone online is riskier as you can’t closely examine the product.

However, if you look for a legitimate and trusted online shop, it can do. Just be sure to know if you can guarantee a return or refund if the phone is not working.

Things to Consider when Buying a Phone in Singapore

Things to Consider when Buying a Phone in Singapore

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