Tips And Tricks For Writing Young Adult Fiction Novels

Tips And Tricks For Writing Young Adult Fiction Novels

Tips And Tricks For Writing Young Adult Fiction Novels

Young adult fiction is one of the most exciting genres when it comes to book writing. According to research, the young fiction industry is one of the fastest growing. That’s why many book writers are turning to young fiction. However, writing a young fiction book is one thing, and selling it successfully is another new thing. It takes techniques to craft the best book. Use the right young adult book editors. To help you take your YA novel to another level, this guide will highlight top young fiction book writing tips and tricks.

Characteristics of Young Adult Fiction

The YA literature genre bridges the middle edge and adult fiction novels. It targets people who are between the ages of 12 and 18. The following are common characteristics of YA fiction:


This type of fiction targets people who are over 14 years of age. However, it can be used by those who are above 20 years old.

High School

The primary target of this type of fiction is high school readers. However, all age groups can read these novels. It depends on the tastes and preferences of the reader.


YA novels feature mostly teen protagonists. However, certain YA novels can feature characters of any age.

Risqué Topics

Certain topics that are considered risqué can be present in these novels. Such topics include sex, violence, as well as death.

Words Count

Typically, the length of a YA novel should be between 60,000 and 100,000 words long.

Common YA Fiction Genres

YA fiction can fall into different genres. As long as it can make excellent YA literature, it can be considered a YA fiction novel. A good YA novel should have a very strong point, evoke emotional truth, and be entertaining.  Common genres in these YA fiction novels include horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Others include sports novels, thrillers, etc.

Tips And Tricks To Use

Here are top tips and tricks worth considering when creating YA novels:

Moral Lesson

It’s not all about the moral lesson. So, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to teach the kids a moral lesson through your YA novel. Your book can be about entertaining the kids. So, embrace creativity. Entertain the kids. Excite them. This will make your novel stand out.


Kids love entertainment. Your novel should entertain them. Create a novel that will keep them glued to it. Capture their attention. Bring in exciting characters. If you can, bring in imaginary characters.


Consider the target audience. You should understand that you are writing for kids. So, stick to that audience. Use characters that excite kids. Don’t be too formal. Your aim should be to entertain the kids. Use the right words. Bring in thrilling colors. The characters should appeal to kids between 12–16-year-old kids.

Consider Hanging Out with Children

Kids are special human beings. They have different needs and preferences. To understand them, consider hanging out with them. Pay close attention to what they like, their friends, and things that interest them.

You can also ask your friends about their kids. Ask the family members about their kids. Try establishing their behavior. Consider volunteering in kids’ schools. Remember, most kids are smart. They tend to read what they like. If something is out of reach, they will switch off. Understanding kids is the best thing to do before writing your next YA novel.

Capture Their Minds

Kids love getting into what they read. They get carried away with nice books. Thus, consider capturing their minds. Create a world that will make them excited. Captivate them with thrilling stories.

Write For Kids, Not Adults

You are writing about kids, right? Well, keep this in mind, especially when creating themes. For instance, when creating a fiction book for the middle grade, consider entertaining them with creepy, spooky, and exciting stories.

Don’t terrify them at all. Keep real-life terror out of your stories. Instead, invest in middle-grade-based humor. Create positive relationships with kids. Cultivate confidence in them with nice stories. Stay away from stories that make them vulnerable.

Short Sentences

Don’t bombard your audience with a high level of vocabulary. Understand their vocabulary levels. Don’t make them struggle to learn new words. It’s not the time for learning new words. It’s all about entertainment and cultivating creativity in kids.

Stick To the Rules

If you have decided it is a horror story, do it. However, keep in mind that horror stories come with explicit rules. Don’t do it too much. Your language should be measured. Things to do with sex, violence, etc. should be handled with great care. For instance, heavy kissing is not the best option when it comes to YA novels.

How To Hire The Right YA Novel Editor

Of course, you can be one of the best YA writers. However, anybody can make mistakes. Thus, it’s important to get a second opinion to make your novel better. Choose an editor who has handled YA novels before. Choose an editor who has a passion for kids. A professional editor will go through your novel, edit it with precision, change the themes, and give you a book you can be proud of.


Read reviews when selecting a YA novel editor. Reviews will tell how professional that YA novel editor is. Professional editors have websites. You will find reviews on their websites. Don’t choose an editor with no reviews.


Request testimonials from potential editors. Contact them to get a clear picture regarding that editor. Call past clients. Ask questions. Inquire about the services of that editor.


Ask for referrals from close family members. Also, successful writers out there can give you recommendations. However, you should carry out a background check to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t just write a plain young fiction book. It will not attract more readership. Write the best book. Write a book that captivates the young generation. Ensure that the plot is ok. Use the right characters. Use the above tips and tricks to write an excellent young fiction book. 

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Tips And Tricks For Writing Young Adult Fiction Novels

Tips And Tricks For Writing Young Adult Fiction Novels
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