Top 10 Movies on Disney+ | USA 2022

Movies on Disney+

Top 10 Movies on Disney+ | USA 2022

Streaming services are all the rage right now. We have several leading ones in the game such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+. Disney+ is a one-stop for Disney fans. From Marvel’s greatest hits to Snow White film from 1937, you get it all. It is a dream come true for movie fanatics.

However, we are here to walk you through the top movies on Disney+ as of 2022, and the ones you have to watch immediately if you have not already. Nevertheless, do not miss out on having one of the best internet connections before you start streaming.

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So let’s get into Disney+ vault and get the top 10 movies.

1. The Princess Diaries

The coming-of-age narrative is about an ordinary girl in San Francisco who learns how to be a princess. But the main story is about that girl learning to be — and love — herself. Garry Marshall’s family comedy is a hit from start to finish, with a surprising number of terrific lines and sequences.

2. Iron Man

Iron Man established the template for practically every subsequent comic book film. Unlike many of its MCU peers, this film has a more grounded feel to it, as Tony Stark had an epiphany after being kidnapped by terrorists in Afghanistan. Rather than selling guns, Tony decides to construct an armored suit unlike any other ever made. It undoubtedly set the tone for all subsequent Marvel marvels.

3. Edward Scissorhands

When creating this iconic romantic fantasy film, director Tim Burton was inspired by the Edward Fortyhands; a drinking game. This game demonstrates the film’s cultural impact and longevity, which was added to Disney+ in late 2021. It stars Johnny Depp as Frankenstein’s monster, a charming, sensitive young man who is secluded from society due to his differences but only wants to love.

You can also watch the amazing chemistry between Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp who plays one and the other’s love interest in the movie. It is the epitome of their peak in acting powers, so do not miss out.

4. The Last Song

The story follows Ronnie, a troubled adolescent who is sent to spend the summer with her father. Ronnie never forgave Steve for divorcing her mother, Kim, and she even passed off higher education because Steve insisted on her attending Julliard. Ronnie eventually falls in love with Will Blakelee and reconnects with her father. However, due to Steve’s fatal illness, he and Ronnie only have a limited amount of time to write a song together.

5. Togo

Togo is a Disney+ original film that follows Leonhard Seppala and his dog Togo through their lives. Togo has an uncontrolled streak that irritates Leonhard as a puppy. Togo’s ability to sled and lead dog teams, on the other hand, rapidly wins over his owner. When Togo is 12 years old, he and Leonhard are members of a relay team tasked with delivering a critical consignment before an epidemic spreads. However, Togo’s life is genuinely in danger as they continue on their trek due to the bad weather conditions.

6. Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is based on the true story of Sonora Webster, a Depression-era orphan with an uncommon passion for horses. Sonora dreams of becoming a horse diver and performing in front of large crowds. However, a personal catastrophe threatens to destroy all Sonora has worked so hard to achieve. Sonora must find a way to return and restore what she has lost.

7. Hamilton: An American Musical

The musical that swept Broadway and became one of the most critically acclaimed and fiercely disputed musicals in recent memory is brought to life in Disney’s feature-length film. The film is essentially the only opportunity to witness the show – which follows the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton — performed by its original cast, including Miranda as the lead character.

Leslie Odom Jr., a Tony Award winner, plays Hamilton’s longtime antagonist, Aaron Burr, in a performance that garnered him industry acclaim and one of the theater’s highest distinctions.

8. Black Panther

Black Panther isn’t just a film. It was a cultural turning point that blew open the doors to what and who could be considered “super.” It’s also a knockout of a film, with all the thrills of a Marvel film as well as more serious discussions about the obligations of Black identity. The world is now waiting for Black Panther 2 to hit theatres, but Chad Boseman will be missed forever.

9. The Straight Story

A pleasantly hidden treasure of a film about an elderly guy named Alvin Straight who drives his old John Deere tractor from Iowa all the way to Wisconsin to visit his dying brother, with whom he hasn’t talked in over a decade. The plot is straightforward, with Alvin meeting all kinds of people who assist him on his adventure. It’s a straightforward, warm-hearted piece of Americana that avoids sentimentality.

10. West Side Story

Spielberg’s film West Side Story was a labor of love for him, and it shows. The outcome is one of the most visually stunning film musicals in recent memory, possibly even surpassing the 1961 rendition of the popular musical. In the film, Rachel Zegler plays Maria against Ansel Elgort’s Tony.

They are in 1957 when they are in love. Unfortunately, they are divided between the Jets and the Sharks, two local gangs. This is a Romeo and Juliet story, so don’t expect everyone to be happy at the end.


It wasn’t easy to pick out the top 10, but we did it! The list has got something that everyone will enjoy no matter what.

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Top 10 Movies on Disney+ | USA 2022

Top 10 Movies on Disney+ | USA 2022
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