Top 6 Funny Things to do on Halloween

Top 6 Funny Things to do on Halloween

Top 6 Funny Things to do on Halloween

As Halloween approaches, ghosts, witches and ghosts wake up for that night. Do your family and friends love Halloween and all sorts of horrors? Then a Halloween-themed party is right for you! Not only for Halloween but also the next day, a Halloween-themed party will be well received by young and old.

Do you follow old traditional customs or do you intend to have a day like any other? October 31, Halloween, is one of the most diverse days of the year. We offer tips and tricks, as well as creepy Halloween party ideas for a scary but also fun experience!

Halloween movie marathon

Halloween is approaching, the scariest night of the year. Both children and adults are preparing to go out in ghostly disguise, ready to have as much fun as possible. If you still don’t have plans for this October 31st or if you are one of the people who prefer not to go out, then a terrifying movie marathon is the ideal option to live a scary Halloween without leaving home.

The list of villains in horror movies is very long. This is why Halloween was the perfect day to watch movies that sometimes make you shudder. Here are some classic movies that shouldn’t be missing from your list:

  • Halloween
  • Friday the 13th
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • the Exorcist
  • Addams family
  • Clue
  • Corpse Bride
  • Saw

And if your guests aren’t having fun with Halloween movies, try gambling online. This way, you will surely have fun and maybe you will have a scary win. Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy the horror of cinema. Are you ready for a terrifying marathon between zombies, witches, and mysterious creatures?

Halloween pumpkin hunt

We are inspired by the hunting of Easter eggs. We decorate small pumpkins with lights and glitter. We identify a lawn or a park where we can hide them here and there. While the children parade, a parent runs to prepare the game. 

When the group arrives at the park, the search begins. We have fun, move and win prizes. This is a super fun Halloween activity for kids. Of course, not only children can participate but also parents. Whoever finds the most pumpkins in time will win.

  1. Halloween-themed scavenger hunt – Top 6 Funny Things to do on Halloween

A night of Halloween games offers many options for organizing a treasure hunt. A Halloween treasure hunt should be fun and macabre at the same time so that we can properly celebrate the October 31st party.

A scavenger hunt does not need much space to be successful. A few rooms and the terrace or garden, if you have them, are enough. What matters is good planning of the tracks and tests that you are going to subject the participants to and the ability to create excitement until you reach the goal.

Zoom costume party

One of the most classic Halloween activities for adults: the costume contest! Notify all your guests in advance so that they can arrive with an original and terrifying costume. You can also do this contest on Zoom.

Organize a costume parade and reward the most original, most terrifying, most fun look. In short, everyone will have a prize! Tell your guests before the party that you have a costume party and that you will offer various prizes for:

  • The most terrifying
  • The funniest
  • The most original
  • The most colorful

Pumpkin carving contest + pumpkin decorating

A carved pumpkin belongs to Halloween. If you prefer something quieter while enjoying a cocktail and good company, a pumpkin sculpture contest is as traditional as it is successful. It sounds easy, but it has its technique and the results can be just as terrifying as it is fun. It is one of the traditions of Halloween and will allow you to end the night with the scary company. 

To start, cut the top of the pumpkin with a knife. Then open it and empty it with a spoon. Then, with a pen, you can paint the face that scares you the most to make it easier for you to do it. Finally, pierce a pumpkin until it looks like a face with a bad smile, you can put a candle inside it to make your face look terrifying in the dark.

Tell ghost stories

Halloween serves to raise the dead, but also horror stories. When Halloween night is near, we all prepare to enjoy a night full of extremely terrifying experiences. To create a meeting atmosphere, there is nothing better than to know and tell scary stories.

Ghosts, darkness, witches, fears, skeletons, or monsters. We all like them at home, as long as they have a great sense of humor and are not very scary. For older children, Halloween it’s a good time to explain to them the traditions behind this holiday, which has a very interesting origin. I always say that behind the costumes and candies there is a deeply fascinating tone.


Like Christmas or Mother’s Day, Halloween is a time of year you shouldn’t miss. Don’t you want to stay home alone for Halloween? Organize a party and invite your friends. Of course only in the right Halloween costume. You don’t have to be scary, you can even be funny. Try one of these Halloween ideas and you will have an unforgettable day. 

There are no limits when it comes to Halloween costumes. Whether it’s scary, sexy, funny, or bizarre, anything is possible! Trembling can be a lot of fun – and even more terrifying for others. A Halloween party is the perfect opportunity to sneak in scary costumes and turn your own house into a haunted castle or zombie cemetery.

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Top 6 Funny Things to do on Halloween

Top 6 Funny Things to do on Halloween

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