Top Cars for Students: Affordable & Comfy

Top Cars for Students: Affordable & Comfy

Top Cars for Students: Affordable & Comfy

Does the student need a car Everyone answers this question for himself, although the topic itself is a wide field for debate? If you remember the Great Combinator, who said that “a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation,” the answer will come by itself.

What kind of car should a student get? 

So, if a student does need a car, it is time to find out what kind of car it should be. It is much more interesting to deal with buying a car for a “trashy” student, who does not have much money: obviously, a car for a student is, first of all, a cheap car. Secondly, a car for a student (like any other car), should be reliable and should not break down.

As far as it is possible with our budget. Buying a cheap car be prepared for the fact that it will require additional investment and labor. But if done well, your “swallow” will fly. Thirdly, the first car for a student should not be new. It is that car that will heroically endure all “shoals” of the beginning driver. And you cannot do without them, of course.

Top cars for the student

Daewoo Matiz

It’s cheap, it’s not old, and it drives. For a small amount of money, you can buy a car of the relatively recent year of manufacture. But be especially attentive when inspecting the body – “Matizes” rot very quickly. Yes, and it is not especially beautiful, but it will deliver you from point A to point B.

Volkswagen Golf/Passat

We mean the second Golf or Passat B4. There are fewer and fewer of these cars in good condition, but you can find them. These cars have proven themselves as reliable workhorses. 


One of the variants for those who want ponces and to drive girls. It goes against the statement of Ostap Bender, but nevertheless. It is possible to find quite presentable “three” for under 200000 rubles. However, be ready for repairs which will not be the cheapest and the simplest.

Toyota Corolla

Be sure to pay attention to “workhorses” from Japan. Corolla is a simple, reliable, ideal combination of price and quality. Like golf, only from the country of the rising sun.

If you are just beginning to get the hang of it, go see the car with an experienced colleague. This way you’ll understand faster if the car is really “not beaten and not painted”, or if they are trying to sell you the real “bucket with nuts”. Also, it is not recommended to get a car loan for the student, it’s better to postpone this pleasure for later. It is impossible to name the best car for a student: it all depends on what a person wants to get from his car.

We wish everyone to make the dream come true and to come to the university with their favorite car. And if there are any problems with studies, remember: do my homework for me service will always solve them quickly.

Top Cars for Students: Affordable & Comfy

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Top Cars for Students: Affordable & Comfy

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