Top Interior Design Ideas for Your Luxury Apartment

Top Interior Design Ideas for Your Luxury Apartment

Top Interior Design Ideas for Your Luxury Apartment

The choice to move into a luxury apartment can greatly simplify your life. Not only will you need to downsize your possessions to settle comfortably into your new apartment, but the right community will provide you with a shared gym, lounge, and pool space. To make sure that your home is exactly what you need to relax and sink into the space, consider the tips below.

Use Muted Colors

Choose a base color that will work well with your favorite tones. If you are keen on warm colors such as rust and burgundy, base tones of cream and tan can be a good start. Your foundation colors will be found on your walls and floors. While replacing the flooring may not be an option, changing up the wall color will be simpler if you get it done before you move in.

Carefully study the color of light in your home before you change the wall color. If you are moving to a new area that has a markedly different humidity level, the light in your space may be warmer than the filtered light of the northwest.

Create Rooms with Rugs

Many luxury apartments feature large, open rooms that you can separate into smaller spaces. A simple way to reduce a large space into usable “rooms” is to use rugs. One plush rug that will complement your sofa can become the base of your living room. As possible, look for ways to plug in a lamp in any seating area.

You can also customize your dining area with a custom-painted floor cloth. Many of these can be found painted like a vintage rug. Not only can these provide a bright definition for your table and chairs, but they are easy to clean in the event of a spill. Another option is to skip a dining table altogether and use your breakfast bar. If you live alone or with one other person, a commitment to seating for four may not be worth the real estate in your apartment.

Use Minimal Window Dressings

Unless you love lots of fabric, use minimal window dressings. Yes, you need privacy. You may need some protection from the sun. When you rent an apartment like Paradise Valley Village apartments, you won’t have to worry about privacy issues. 

Blinds and sheers can offer a great deal of privacy while not limiting your light. Do invest in a room darkening blind or set of drapes for your sleeping space; darkness is critical for quality sleep, and one lined set of drapes can actually be good for your brain while you snuggle in and sleep deeply.

If you have windows that get direct southern or western exposure, you may also choose to add an exterior window covering to reduce heat build-up between the window and your window coverings. If the heat can’t get in, you will stay more comfortable in your home during the hottest months.

Start With Black, White & Gray

You may be starting fresh in your luxury apartment. If you’re not sure of what colors to use in your space, go ahead and stick with white blinds and sheers, gray and black furniture, and rugs in similar tones. Against this palette, you can add small pops of color as you find items you like.

For example, you may find a purple throw that looks snuggly and warm. If you enjoy curling up on the couch with a great book during the chilly months, that purple throw will work in your home. You may find a beautiful set of pillows that feature colors and patterns that make you smile. These can go on your bed, your sofa, or your favorite armchair. If you start with the simplest of design palettes, you can easily add colors you love.

Use Temporary Dividers To Hide Clutter

If you work from home, you will need a workspace in your apartment. Many of us are more comfortable with a little mess in our office but need a tidy home. Consider placing your office in an alcove or closet and adding translucent sliders to cover the space. If you’re in the middle of a project, you can easily leave a project half done, close up the room, and maintain your tidy home with these simple doors.

Your luxury apartment can easily be customized with simple touches once you get the basics in place. Don’t be in a rush to set up the perfect decor. Get comfortable with open spaces and enjoy the luxury of free-flowing light and air.

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Top Interior Design Ideas for Your Luxury Apartment

Top Interior Design Ideas for Your Luxury Apartment
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