Top Psychological Thrillers to Watch on Hulu

Top Psychological Thrillers to Watch on Hulu

Top Psychological Thrillers to Watch on Hulu

Hulu has a lot to offer you but when it comes to some of the best chilling, mind-bending, and thrilling content, you can definitely count on this platform in providing you with an impressive list of all the best psychological thrillers. There is a very thin line between horror and a thriller. These two genres play with your mind very well to the point that you start to tell reality apart from what your mind has probably made up. But when it comes to psychological thrillers, it does not take support from any elements like demons, ghosts, or ghouls and still manage to send chills down your spine. 

With so many hits on Hulu, it can get pretty hard to pick those films which are truly mind-bending and frightening. To save you from all that trouble, we have curated and put together some of the top psychological thrillers that can make you look behind your shoulder multiple times while going down the street. So, sit tight because we are going to walk you through this exciting list. 

But before we move forward, let’s first make sure that you have the right utility needed to stream these movies online and that too in HD because what is the fun in watching a psychological thriller if not in top-notch quality? This is why we suggest you get the fastest and most reliable internet connection the United States has to offer, which is, of course, fiber optic. 

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When a Stranger Calls (2006) 

If you haven’t watched this Camilla Belle classic, then you are really missing out on some good content. This psychological horror thriller is a remake of Fred Walton’s film of the same name that came out in 1979. It keeps you guessing who the caller is till the very last scene, and this makes everything even more horrifying. 

The film basically revolves around the main character Jill Johnson, who is a sixteen-year-old high school student. She has taken upon the responsibility of babysitting two kids for the Mandrakis family. The house is in the middle of nowhere and the parents have to go out of town for the night. Jill has no clue what awaits her in the darkness of the night and the kind of danger she is about to face. 

As the night begins to progress, she starts to receive troubling calls from some stranger, that only begin to turn more dangerous with each passing moment. 

  1. Deep Water (2022)

This recent addition to Hulu is one of the most-anticipated releases of this year. Every movie enthusiast has been talking about it. Deep Water features a stellar cast consisting of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas as Vic and Melinda. This erotic thriller takes you on a ride that you never saw coming. 

Vic and Melinda are married to each other but they are no longer in love with one another. As a result, both of them start to have extramarital affairs. But soon enough, it is revealed that all of the lovers of Melinda have started to vanish out of blue. Of course, in these circumstances, everyone questions Vic. But is the truth really what you think it is? Or is there a reason more sinister than this?

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

Ezra Miller did it again, with this film, he gives us one of the best performances of his life, leaving us in an absolute shock. The film makes you question what appears to the eye. Your judgments may not turn out to be quite true, and there could be something else hidden behind the curtain. Top Psychological Thrillers to Watch on Hulu

This psychological thriller is centered around a mother-son duo. Eva and her son Kevin don’t hit it off well, and it is very obvious from the start. Kevin is a very unique boy, even from his childhood. He has his outburst in very unhealthy ways but with age, his actions, behavior, and words increasingly turn more dangerous than ever before. 

  1. Death on the Nile (2022) 

If you are a fan of Agatha Christie, then this is going to be a treat for you, Death on the Nile is an adaptation of one of her famous novels and it is way more intriguing than Murder on the Orient Express. On one hand, Murder on the Orient Express idealizes luxury, while on the other hand, Death on the Nile openly depicts what it is like to be deprived of such luxury. 

The movie expands further on the character and cases of Hercule Poirot, a Belgian detective, as his vacation in Egypt turns more into his search for a murderer when the honeymoon of a seemingly perfect couple is cut short. 

Final Words 

When it comes to psychological thrillers, the collection Hulu has for you is absolutely to die for. All these abovementioned films are epic and a must-watch. If you come across some other equally amazing movies, then don’t forget to comment down below. Meanwhile, check the ones we have mentioned in this article and do let us know your opinion about them. 

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Top Psychological Thrillers to Watch on Hulu

Top Psychological Thrillers to Watch on Hulu
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