What is the meaning of collateral beauty?

Collateral Beauty

What is the meaning of collateral beauty?

The funny thing it is, I was really thinking about some topics of my life and I decided that even though so many things didn’t go the way I wanted them to, I could try and find beauty even in the things that made me sad.

Then, yesterday I watched the movie and they came up with this term that I had never heard before.

I thought about what I was thinking. Collateral beauty is the beauty that seems impossible to be seen. But it can turn to the best thing in life. When you forget about your goals and your ego and everything you´ve always wanted and fought for ( and didn´t get it) and think of the beauty of the things you actually have.

That we can still be fulfilled and happy with the way things are. In my humble opinion, it´s better than being angry or upset about the way things turned up. And so many other examples.

The loved ones who left us, the job we lost, the car that broke, the neighbors yelling, the boring mother or crazy sister…….where is the beauty in all the things around?

when we look at things as they are, not to punish us or to make us happy, but only what they are…..where is the beauty in every little thing?

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Woulnd´t that be the biggest challenge of all?

Unfortunately, the movie puzzled me a little. I can´t say that I loved it, but I could see its collateral beauty since I got to find out an expression that can tell what I was feeling about life.

Live more for life and not so much for ourselves and our big egos.

Everything has its beauty.

Collateral beauty… Youre times, and love, in memory with the ones you lost.

Your memories, and love, and the world you shared with that person are your collateral beauty in that particular instance; because they are no longer with you. Collateral beauty something that will always last in your heart and mind, but maybe hard to accept at first.

Once you truly accept your loved one is gone, you can accept your collateral beauty, which was once shared with that individual, and that is what you are left with.

collateral beauty can give you your life back because you understand that you experienced what life was meant for; Love, and there is nothing greater.

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What is the meaning of collateral beauty?

The meaning is simple, the damage of a child’s death is so dark and severe that a parent cannot see the full picture because of the tragedy.

It may take a lifetime to understand that within that dark and ugly place there was a beauty and love there so strong that not even death could dishevel it ….that in fact, the beauty is that love continues even after and through death and the impact of that trauma brings us closer to the love that we shared for that person and all the ways love of that individual has affected our lives and the lives of others.

The secondary beauty that has an everlasting ripple effect on other people’s lives and through eternity is what living is truly about.

All about the quality and not so much the quantity. Life is a teacher and Love is the reward in all its forms.

When we can see love where darkness used to reside we can finally turn our lives and those around us into something glorious.

“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens – Rumi

There was a profound beauty and joy available to me when my father died, and it was something that I had difficulty explaining to others; especially my family who were in their own pain over his loss.

It’s as if the pain and the joy, the love, and the loss existed as two sides of a coin that was spinning so fast I couldn’t tell one from the other.

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where there is no beginning and end… that love doesn’t have to stop when life ends because death is just a symbolic beginning – for the ones left behind to live and love life. that in death, there is love.

Time is a concept. there is no beginning, no end. we only feel time when we feel it in our bodies. time is set to measure existence. but really, what is time? real-time is when you interact with the people you love to create an impact, to live a life full of love, not even death can conquer.

love transcends time and death. and in death, there is love. and in time, there’s no death – if we are filled with love with the people we love who loves us back, unconditionally…

Collateral Beauty
Collateral Beauty

we are all connected.

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Collateral Beauty – Precious things that kept in between and shared among the people who are in #Love with you, over for a certain #Time doesn’t fade away in value even after the #Death separates you with those people!

So the life you live and share among the people is filled with Beauty and yet to become a #CollateralBeauty for your loved once when you are separated from them by nonreversible universal truth, which is death.

Sometimes your parents may tell you the truth directly, that “we don’t have much time left to live with you all, we are living on our bonus time!” Then that deep feeling of love overwhelms you?

In that, you see this collateral beauty, because it starts to make you remember all the things your parents may have done for your well-being and the how good and bad memories you have shared with them, and how fortunate you might have been to be among them. And that’s the collateral beauty of it, which you would feel and experience about time, death, and love.

What is the meaning of collateral beauty?

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What is the meaning of collateral beauty?

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