What is TV Plus on my Samsung QLED TV?

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What is TV Plus on my Samsung QLED TV?

TV Plus is the universal guide on Smart TVs from Samsung TVs, where the TV is connected to satellite or aerial connection. You can view TV programs, get suggestions for content and other services, and it acts as a TV guide to allow you to navigate your way around this.

It can pump recommendations from various TV providers and apps so that you get content geared to what you watch on your TV and serve all of that content in one place. For example, you can watch a show on Rakuten TV and then be offered similar or more content from them, i.e., kids’ shows or UHD movies, etc.

Samsung TV Plus is an app launched by Samsung Electronics for Smart TVs to offer a unique experience for linear viewing behavior (TV channels).


Our channels, created especially to give you a taste of the Rakuten TV experience, will bring you entire movies and series for FREE, streaming 24/7.

Rakuten TV has created four channels on Samsung TV Plus to offer users a laid-back, TV viewing experience across four genres: Action Movies, Comedy Movies, Drama Movies, and Spotlight Movies and TV Series.

You can always rent or buy the latest new release movies and enjoy our growing catalog of free on-demand content via our Smart TV app, which is pre-installed on your Samsung TV.

Rakuten TV is offering four different channels:

  • Action Movies (4504) – Movies to keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Comedy Movies (4002) – Amusing, lighthearted movies to keep your spirits high.
  • Spotlight (4260) – What’s in the Spotlight this week? Exclusives, originals, and our top picks in movies.
  • Drama Movies (4003) – Give me drama! Stories you can connect with, characters you can walk alongside.

It will regularly refresh the content, so you always have access to a great new selection.

Currently, Samsung TV Plus is available on most of the 2016-2020 Smart TVs models from Samsung Electronics.

What is TV Plus on my Samsung QLED TV?

Samsung QLED is a premium TV, and it will provide years of great entertainment. If you are not in any hurry to buy one, the 2019 models go on sale for a week in July, so watch prices.

My method is to shop for makes, models, features, and screen size and then shop for the lowest price. To satisfy yourself, search QLED vs. OLED.

Are you buying this because it is cheap yet has a good picture? Are there others cheaper and still have good qualities?

Think about it first, then jump in ask the store manager what they think. Today’s market it’s a buyers market, so let us use it to our advantage.

My thinking on new technology is to wait, generally first and even second generation has inherent issues that reduce performance. Also, by the third year of production, the price has dropped significantly.

Where can I download movies for free?

Is a Samsung QLED TV worth its high cost?

It depends on what your needs are. QLED TVs are LCD TVs that use LED backlight and Quantum Dots to produce images.

In terms of brightness and color, QLED TVs are excellent and work well in brightly lit rooms.

However, if you have a dark room, you might find the brightness of QLED TVs too intense, which means that OLED TV might be a better choice.

Also, although QLEDs produce perfect blacks, an OLED TV can produce absolute black; OLED TVs are typically more expensive than QLED TVs when comparing the exact screen sizes.

  • QLED = LCD TV with Quantum Dots and LED backlighting.
  • OLED = T.V. using Organic Light-Emitting Diodes – no blacklight or quantum dots required.

What is my review of Samsung’s QLED TV?

Too expensive for my budget, though. All I could do was look at it from afar by examples marketing it. I can’t afford that television.

Samsung’s production is always a plus. If you’ve ever been an owner of anything Samsung, you know they aim to please their customers.

When I saw this QLED T.V. on their website, I remember thinking, WOW, that’s nice. Pictures look amazing on the screen as if another dimension is happening right before your eyes.

It’s pretty good; at least it looks good when you go through all its features. The T.V. comes with Bixby, Samsung’s assistant offering.

Another aspect that comes directly from Samsung, which is the quantum processor. The processor powers the QLED display to create a uniquely adaptive experience.

It also allows the brightness and T.V. sound control to optimize itself to different viewing conditions scene-by-scene in real-time.

The 8k resolution also adds a layer of depth to flat images with its compactly arranged pixels. Sounds impressive and looks like it too!

What is T.V. Plus?

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What is TV Plus on my Samsung QLED TV?

What is TV Plus on my Samsung QLED TV?

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