Where can I download movies free?

Where can I download movies free

Where can I download movies free?

None. Well I mean some obviously would be better than others but do you really want to be ripping people off by stealing their content for free? 

Just get a Netflix subscription or go to your local rental place, in this day and age there are plenty of cheap options that don’t involve piracy.

I tend to subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, CBS all Access, Newsmax, Amazon prime, among other services. With these subscriptions, I can watch movies all day long.

I suspect though, the question is really about where to watch them without paying the subscription price either. I would like to point out that there is no non-subscription place you can go to watch full-length movies free because someone has to pay the royalties to those who made the movies.

Sure there are illegal sites that you can go to, but if you do, you can get into legal trouble because you are stealing from the movie. There are those who say that it is a victim less crime. I disagree.

All those creative thoughts and magic that makes a movie something we all want to watch are important to the success of the movie. Watching it in a pirated venue or mode steals the money from their next project.

We all want to see the next really great movie… But it takes money to make them. When one cheats and does not pay that, it makes the rest of us a victim, because it has an effect on the profit which drives our next movie.

There are a lot of websites from which you can download movies but none of them would have everything that you need. So you need some tricks.

The key to finding your movies lies in the google search you make. If you search for something like “download name-of-the-movie free” chances are you won’t find desired results.

So what you have to do is just follow these steps :

  1. Open Google
  2. Type the name of the movie that you want to download. If you want to download X-men Dark Phoenix (just an example), type that name.
  3. Do not press search button. There’s more to do.
  4. Simply put the quality in which you want the movie. You can have 480p, 720p or 1080p. 480p works the best.

Suppose you want MIB International, you have to type in the google search this thing-

MIB International 480p

90% of the time you will be able to find your movie in the first link itself. With this method, I have found many movies on the first day of release as well (including the examples).

Where can I download movies free?

I use PirateBay Torrents online to download old & new Movies, Series, Books, Games etc.


  • Just search for pirate bay proxies in Google or any search engine.
  • You will be shown many results, in Maximum cases click on the 1st search result.
  • This will be shown number of proxies listed, first link works well for your ISP.
  • you will be directed to pirateBay home page.
  • Enter the name string that you want to search for in the search box and click enter.
  • Click on the best suitable file to download it in form of Torrent.

PS: You need any torrent downloading software like Utorrent/Bittorrent.

This is not a legal Method, just for Educational/Answer Purpose only

Open any movie website from mobile, stream the movie, their you will see a downward arrow button on your screen. By clicking on it will directly download the movie for you.

On the other hand for the desktop, you could use any downloader such as torrent, internet download manager, etc. Extract the link of the movie from whichever website and paste it on. Your work will be done.

Sometimes you want to watch movies but it’s difficult to maintain a Netflix subscription. Free movies for download could be the best way for you to go.

But there are issues you may enter when getting movies from some illegal site, so it’s the best to stay on the safe side and uses ones that are safe and legal.

Here is a list of some free sites to download movies for free.

  1. YouTube
  2. Sony Crackle
  3. Classic cinema online
  4. Pluto TV
  5. Snag films
  6. Vimeo
  7. Internet Archive Movies

Many people in there answer write that purchase the subscription of that website (Netflix etc).

But there are many websites and apps that support piracy.

I never purchased any of the Netflix or any other subscription as it is very easy to get any movie, series, Anime, or anything else.

Ever heard name of an app Telegram.

I think it’s the best app for downloading high quality movie easily without any adds or pop-ups.

Rather than the website where you couldn’t find High-quality movies and every single click brings you to add and pop-up.

Where can I download movies free
Where can I download movies free?

You can also try “INDEX”.

like if I want to download ABC than I have to write: index of ABC and click on the first address that comes on Google.

Where can I download movies free?

(1) Commons – Those movies are Free and in the Public Domain. Some are old but they part of our cinematic history.

(2) YouTube has some full movies and they are usually Linked to sites where they came from. They are GOOD.

(3) The Best Source is The Public Library. Some you can go rent (free) but their new service allows you to download, watch, and then delete. While the library does not have enough employees to put every movie on this list, You can swing by on the way home and pick up new releases, an audiobook or two and load some novels on your eBook. With their new service, you can download directly to your eBook. With the CoronaVirus Outbreak, I have about 40 kids hooked up with accounts and reading instead of sleeping on the couch with the TV on.

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Where can I download movies free?

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