Where is Rose Bundy Now? Ted Bundy’s Daughter Today

Who Is Ted Bundy Daughter? – Meet Rosa Bundy

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile show Ted Bundy’s ability to be a family man. He lived with Liz Kolepfer and her daughter, Molly, for seven years, and hid her eagerness to kill people she considered her family.

Bundy and Kloepfer did not stay together once he was incarcerated, but Bundy had a daughter while on death row. This is what is known about her.

Carole Ann Boone gave birth to a daughter, Rose Bundy, in October 1982. That means Rose is 36 years old today. It is unknown where Rose is or what she has been up to in recent years.

This may be because her parents divorced in 1986 and moved from Florida, where Bundy was on death row, and Boone never saw her again.

Many sources assume that Rose now lives under an alias, although no one has confirmed her whereabouts. The most common rumors claim that she changed her name multiple times and that she no longer lives in the United States.

Where is Rose Bundy Now? Ted Bundy’s Daughter Today

Photos of Bundy, Boone, and Rose can be found online from the family’s visits with the serial killer prior to her execution.

Bundy is widely believed to have confessed to Boone just before her death. It is unknown whether or not she held the belief that he was innocent.

Rose, apparently, would fall under beliefs similar to those of her mother. Boone went missing from the public shortly after leaving Florida and has been difficult to trace. This led many followers of crime to think that she probably also changed her name.

While multiple reports of Boone’s death have surfaced, most recently a claim that he died in 2018 of septic shock, there are no reports of Rose’s death.

Some Facebook groups host posts where members upload photos of strangers online who they think could be the daughter of the infamous killer.

Nothing has been proven in fact, in terms of rumors and claims about Rose, or even Boone. The only obvious thing is that the couple, live or not, is not, and has never wanted to be found.

Who Is Ted Bundy Daughter? – Rose Bundy

Let me guess: You’re halfway through a binge of Falling for a Killer and stuck in an internet deep dive of anyone and everyone related to Ted Bundy’s life. We get it.

The Amazon docuseries is from the perspective of Bundy’s longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer and her daughter, Molly, which has likely caused a million more questions to pop up in your brain.

Bundy was a father figure to Molly in her younger years, but they’re actually not biologically related. However, he did father a child while he was on death row.

His actual daughter, Rose, was born in 1981. Her life is understandably a mystery, but here’s what we do know about her:

Bundy met Carole Ann Boone during the height of his murder career in 1974 when they were both working at the Washington State Department of Emergency Service. And get this: He was actually helping to search for several missing women…whom he’d killed. Woof.

Where is Rose Bundy Now? Ted Bundy’s Daughter Today

“I liked Ted immediately. We hit it off well,” Boone recalled, according to The Only Living Witness:

The True Story of Serial Sex Killer Ted Bundy. “He struck me as being a rather shy person with a lot more going on under the surface than what was on the surface. He certainly was more dignified and restrained than the more certifiable types around the office.”

The pair started dating (while Bundy was technically still in a relationship with Kloepfer), and Boone seemed relatively unbothered when he was, ya know, arrested for potential murder.

In fact, she regularly visited him in jail and gave him cash, which helped him plan one of his escapes.

Ted Bundy Daughter

Boone moved to Florida to be closer to Bundy during his trial in 1979 and testified on his behalf as a character witness. At which point-like, literally, at that very moment—he casually asked her to marry him and declared that they have legally wed thanks to a weird Florida law. Of freakin’ course.

Regardless, Boone gave birth to her daughter, Rose, in October 1981, even though conjugal visits were not allowed in Bundy prison. I guess that rule was nothing that some casual running around couldn’t fix!

“After the first day, they just didn’t care,” Boone said of the Bundy prison guards in a recorded recording used in Netflix’s Docuseries talks with an assassin: The Ted Bundy Tapes. “They found us a couple of times.”

Right now, you’re probably wondering what WTF Boone was thinking, but all I can say is that it seems like she really believed in Bundy’s innocence.

When he finally confessed before being executed, she felt “deeply betrayed”, refused to take his call on the day of his capital punishment, and returned to Washington state with her daughter.

“She was hurt by her relationship with Diana [Weiner],” wrote Bundy’s attorney Polly Nelson in Defending the Devil: My Story as Ted Bundy’s last attorney, “and devastated by his sudden confessions in his final days.”

Where is Rose Bundy Now
Where is Rose Bundy Now

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Side note: Weiner, whom I just mentioned a second ago, was another of Bundy’s lawyers, and it has been speculated that his relationship changed for the romantics.

Out of the public eye, that’s where. At the age of 37 and allegedly using a pseudonym, Rose, understandably, doesn’t want her serial killer father’s shadow to haunt her forever.

According to author Ann Rule, who volunteered with Bundy at a suicide crisis hotline center and wrote The Stranger Beside Me, Rose is living away from the spotlight but doing well: “I have heard that Ted’s daughter is a kind and intelligent young woman, but I have no idea where she and her mother may live. They have been through enough pain.”

She added to this sentiment on her official website, writing, “I have deliberately avoided knowing anything about Ted’s ex-wife and daughter’s whereabouts because they deserve privacy.

I don’t want to know where they are; I never want to be caught off guard by some reporter’s question about them. All I know is that Ted’s daughter has grown up to be a fine young woman.”

FYI, there’s speculation about who Rose is and where she’s living floating around some truly sketchy message boards, but since she’s clearly trying very hard to stay private, we won’t be linking to them here. As you were!

Ted Bundy Daughter?

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