Why is sniffing panties a thing? Being turned on by smelling dirty panties and the problems…

Why is sniffing panties a thing? Being turned on by smelling dirty panties and the problems...2023

Why is sniffing panties a thing? Being turned on by smelling dirty panties and the problems…

It is nature’s attractant; at the end of the day, we are still mammals, and men subconsciously pick up on pheromones. When I am in the mood, I whip my knickers off, shove them under Mr.’s nose, and make him have a lungful of my “Smell of Female” (Smell of Female is the name of an album by The Cramps).

When my best friend is with us, we have both taken our knickers off a couple of times, and I get my husband to sniff them both and ask which he prefers.

Most of us women have experienced that.

I get so turned on knowing I’ve squirted all inside my knickers, then I invite my cousin around, and when he arrives, I tell him I’m going to shower, and I leave my soaking wet knickers outside the door, knowing he will see them, and use them for his pleasure. I get so horny and naughty.

Well, I would say that pants are an item of clothing worn closest to a female’s genitals. And as females get a natural vaginal discharge, the sniffer wants to smell this. But let me tell you, I have sniffed my pants after taking them off to shower, and the strongest odour I could detect was urine. Now After peeing, I always pat dry, but that’s it

Why do dogs smell the crotch?

When humans think of bad smells, we immediately imagine something like that walks in the woods where someone accidentally steps on the rotting corpse of a skunk, and the smell is so bad that it can make anyone throw up their lunch. For dogs, there are no bad smells. Just smells.

Dogs are so superior to us in the olfactory department that they are capable of smelling layers. Also, they have no preconceived biases with which we are brought up. When a dog smells like someone’s crotch, this tells you several things about their health, whether they have a disease such as cancer, diabetes or kidney problems, are of reproductive age, are young age, or are elderly. It will run its nose through everything it can smell on you and decide if you are an enemy, a friend, your strengths and weaknesses, etc.

When a dog comes up and smells your crotch, you have to get away from thoughts like “Ehhh, he’s sniffing my privates or my butt” and understand that there are no negative connections for him. It is his “luggage.” And yes, they will smell a menstruating woman because that smell tells them much about her. Sometimes they get aroused because that smell is similar to the smell of their females when they are in heat. That smell was made to arouse them because they have a job.

sniffing panties

We adults are so much like the fifth-grade selves that we laugh at dirty words and always see things with double meaning. When a dog comes to me, or I come to him, I allow him to smell (obviously, I would not allow it to happen next to the wrong company).

As with any pet, we need to learn their behaviours and why. Whenever you come across a new dog, you should calmly put your hand on it so it sniffs first and can then be petted. A tail and body language will tell you when they accept you.
The next time a dog sniffs you, you realize you are seeing an incredible evolutionary process that shouldn’t be fun or embarrassing. It is a natural and incredible ability to have.

Why do some people sniff their pants after they wear them?

I can think of three reasons this might be done.
The wearer might be concerned about foul body odors from their genital area and be checking to see more closely.
Or they may be trying to determine if they need to change their pants after being worn for however long they have been on. If they had been worn only for a short time, the pants could have been worn again, especially if they were very special pants that they didn’t want to be exposed to the harshness of washing.
Sheer pants from the bra and pants set I recently purchased will always be washed sparingly.

And the last reason I can think of at this point is that they have a kinky fetish for pants and intimate scents and find doing so an erotic turn-on.
Hopefully, others will read this answer and offer different opinions.

Do you like sniffing underwear?

Yes, I did, especially those sisters.

Why is petrol sniffing dangerous?

To begin with – I love the smell of gasoline. I never thought it could pose a problem, but apparently, it can become an addiction for some people.
Petrol has a unique scent, and it can overwhelm your olfactory nerves. Try sniffing it at gas stations or from a container; you will know how suddenly all your other senses are numb. This sensation is quite similar to what a person feels about drugs. It contains a mixture of organic hydrocarbons like toluene and benzene, which the body and brain quickly absorb to produce high odors. sniffing panties

Petrol fumes pass from the lungs to the bloodstream and brain. It slows down brain activity and depresses the central nervous system, like alcohol. Within seconds, a person can feel euphoric, relaxed, dizzy, disoriented, numb, and light. sniffing panties

It is possible to die from sniffing because the gasoline is taking the place of oxygen in the blood, and not enough oxygen is being taken to the brain. People have died this way from sniffing with a jumper or blanket around their heads because it stops oxygen from reaching the lungs.
I hope this helps.

Why do dogs sniff for a certain spot when they pee?

When a dog urinates, he leaves a very specific scent mark on that spot, a scent that we can’t detect nearly as well as he can. It is why housetraining problems are so common; as a dog will urinate in a spot, the human will attempt to clean up the mess using common housecleaning products, only for the dog to go there again. Normal products might clean up that nasty yellow puddle on the floor but won’t remove the smell. This smell encourages the dog to urinate in that exact spot again.

This encouragement works because of a ‘nesting instinct’ that most animals, including dogs, have in one form or another. Essentially, the dog will identify the place where he sleeps, eats and rests, and will generally keep this area clean of any ‘spillages’ while he will also identify another area where he can relieve himself. House training teaches the dog that the house is the nesting area and the garden is where you do your business.

sniffing panties

Now this isn’t a housetraining question, so I won’t explain that process, but every time the dog goes outside, the process comes ever closer to completion, as he will have left his mark on that spot in the garden. Take him out again, and you’ll probably find that he’ll start sniffing, and his nose will take him straight back to that spot before promptly urinating again. It is common for dogs to have several spots in the garden where they urinate (our dog does).

It also applies when out on walks, as it is very common for one dog to urinate somewhere, and then another dog comes along and smells the urine before urinating there. This isn’t due to nesting instinct but more to communication. Humorously, I have witnessed a rather extreme example with a pair of Lab-Retrievers who would conga-line everywhere. The first dog would urinate somewhere, and in typical fashion, the second dog would be right behind him, pick up the scent, and immediately go down to sniff. Note that the first dog is still urinating. He would frequently end up with urine on his head, not that he seemed to mind too much.

What is sniffing gasoline?

I worked at a gas station for two years when I was young. Sure, I would be able to smell gasoline fumes regularly, but it was just the smell. Anytime one refuels a car at a gas station, either as an attendant or as a customer, the open air dilutes the gasoline fumes and has no ill effects.

People who sniff gas to get a buzz will have their faces as close to the source as possible to prevent it from diluting, and they will inhale deeply to get as much of an effect as possible. I have never tried it, nor do I intend to. From what I hear, however, the buzz is fairly short-lived compared to more conventional drugs, but the negative effects can last anywhere from hours to forever.

If you are worried about negative effects or becoming addicted while refuelling, I wouldn’t. However, if you are still worried, try to refuel on windy days or in windy areas. Even the slightest breeze will reduce any minimal risk even further. sniffing panties

What is content sniffing? – sniffing panties

As mentioned in the other answers, content sniffing is also known as media-type or MIME sniffing.

Now, what exactly is it? Before I get to that, let me briefly give you a little background.

Whenever a person accesses a website through their browser, there is a short data exchange between the website and the browser. It is called the metadata for that webpage. This data tells your browser what files are on the page and how to process them.

  • For example, your browser will display a preview if it sees a . JPEG file.
  • If it sees an MP4 file, it will play it.
  • If it sees JavaScript, it will execute the code.
  • Now, this happens if metadata is present, if the creator or administrator of that website has defined the file types.
  • If not, the browser will be in trouble if the data type is not specified. It wouldn’t know what to do and display garbled code the viewer can’t understand.
  • To combat this issue, browsers like Internet Explorer and Chrome (through extensions) started sniffing content.
  • Suppose the administrator has provided the file types in the metadata; Perfect! The browser will do the needful.
  • However, if that’s not the case, the browser will ‘sniff’ around in the body of your page and figure out what to do for itself.
  • If it sees a.jpeg file, it will preview it by itself. If it sees the a.mp4 file, it will play it. If it sees HTML code, it will process it by itself. You, as a user, don’t have to ask for it. On the website, people don’t have to ask for it.
  • That is what content sniffing is.
  • Like all features, it can also be misused, and content sniffing is known for making web pages vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks.
  • So, as a web developer, you and your client should decide whether to allow web browser content sniffing or restrict it. And measures you will take to balance both out.
  • Hope the answer was helpful!

Why do dogs have to sniff everything?

It is like asking why most humans have to “see” everything.
Sight is the primary way humans sense the world.
The smell is the primary way dogs sense the world.

Is sniffing an addiction?

It depends on what you are sniffing: sugar, chocolate, perfumes, body odour, etc. Then it is no issue.
If it is cocaine, MDMA, meth, Fevibond, or the alike, then my friend, you need to stop that ASAP

What is meant by a sniffing attack?

Sniffing is the technique of capturing the packets in between networks to cause harm to a person or an organization. For example, tapping mobile networks, stealing information like bank details or useful information like passwords, etc.

Why is sniffing important?

Evolution provided our brains with the ability to sense unsafe air and other odours for our survival.

What is the difference between active sniffing and passive sniffing?

Active sniffing is when your dog is on a scent and seems to be tracking it, and you can’t break their concentration. They are following that scent. My dog does this all the time. Her nose is 100% to the ground, and she goes only where the scent takes her. Passive sniffing is what many dogs do; they may stop to sniff a lamp post or patch of grass for a second, but it doesn’t hold their attention. You can redirect them and continue on your path.

Can SSL be sniffed?

Anything can be sniffed. But without encryption keys, you won’t know what’s in the packets you capture.

What causes excessive sniffing?

Do you mean sniffing? It may become a dirty habit.
Your nose may bleed due to the pulling pressure on the nostrils.

Can SSH be sniffed?

Not directly, SSH uses a public key encryption method on the connection to the server, which means that all communication between the client and the server is encrypted and cannot be read when being sniffed.

What is network sniffing?

A network sniffer monitors data flowing over computer network links. By allowing you to capture and view the packet-level data on your network, the sniffer tool can help you locate network problems. Sniffers can be used for stealing information from a network and for legitimate network management.

Is sniffing glue dangerous?

Some types of glue use the evaporation of chemicals to cure. Some of these chemicals are toxic in high concentrations, if inhaled. So, yes, sniffing
Certain kinds) can be dangerous. Read the warning labels on the
containers for further information.
To inhale glue
Fumes are not the intended use of adhesives. Misuse of almost any material can
damage human beings; it does not have to be the glue.
Common sense and information are always the best in all things in life.
That is a safe way to go.

a predominantly male problem – sniffing panties

Experts said that most fetishists they have encountered in their practice are men.

Among the handful of cases Dr Lim has seen for the fetishistic disorder, all are males. He has seen young; educated students referred to him after being caught acting out their urges, such as stealing undergarments.

Dr Lim and Dr Lam said that people who indulge in fetishistic behaviours might struggle with social interactions and finding partners. 

“They may have no real friends or prosocial hobbies and hence indulge in these behaviours,” Dr. Lam said. Prosocial hobbies refer to activities that are not anti-social or criminal.

However, not all of these individuals are socially awkward, she added. Some may be married, have children, hold stable, decent jobs, or both.

“(The fetishistic behaviour is a dark side of their life,” Dr Lam said. 

Exactly how fetishistic disorder develops and why it predominantly affects males is unknown.

Dr Lim thinks cultural factors on how sex is viewed could play a role.

“Whether biologically or culturally, women tend to look at sex as part of a relationship or love, while men may tend to separate sex and love — and therefore, the sexual part could be projected onto objects,” he said.

Dr Lam said that paraphilia, such as a fetishistic disorder, usually starts during early puberty, possibly around 11 or 12. Without intervention, the behaviour tends to be repeated.

“For example, in the case of a person with underwear fetish, it could have started from the first time he accidentally smelled underwear, got aroused from it and associated it with a pleasurable experience. If he keeps repeating it, the behaviour is reinforced,” Dr Lam said.

Dr Yeo said that seeking help early may prevent individuals from acting on their thoughts or help them stop the behaviour before they face legal consequences.


Sexual disorders, including fetishism, can be treated with medication and psychological therapy.

Dr Yeo said that medication could be used to reduce impulsivity and sexual urges, while psychological therapy addresses these individuals’ underlying bad thoughts and life stressors.

Psychological therapy also explores triggers that increase the risk of an offence, such as excessive viewing of pornography, boredom, and a lack of social support.

“It is possible to recover from a sexual disorder after a period of recommended treatment,” he said.

“However, it does not mean that one will not relapse after stopping treatment.” “Various life stressors may possibly trigger a relapse.”sniffing panties

Dr Lim pointed out that fetishistic disorders are challenging to treat and estimated that about half may relapse. The success of treatment also depends on the motivation of the individual.

“For one, it is a chronic condition, that can go on for many years.” “Many also don’t really see it as a true problem, so they may not sustain the treatment and may relapse,” he said.

“However, sometimes the fear of being arrested may turn things around for them.”

Dr Lim believes parents and schools play a role in educating children about healthy sexual behaviour.

 “I feel that sex is such a taboo subject that we sometimes underestimate the fact that we need to learn proper sexual practices,” he said.

“Because of that, children and youth may start learning the wrong things maybe from TV, Internet and somehow associate sexual gratification with objects. Having open dialogues about healthy sexual practices may be useful.”sniffing panties

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Why is sniffing panties a thing? Being turned on by smelling dirty panties and the problems…2023

Why is sniffing panties a thing? Being turned on by smelling dirty panties and the problems…
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