Author: Karan Deswal

What does visa sponsorship mean?

What does visa sponsorship mean? A Visa Sponsorship means someone is Sponsoring you to support your application for a visa. Sponsor means to support, to take responsibility for. If an individual sponsors you for a visa, they are taking responsibility for you and your actions while in the country. Usually when you travel to a foreign country, you need to get a visa to enter […]

What computer Generated document helps organize and display data?

What computer Generated document helps organize and display data? Answer: A spreadsheet  Explanation: A spreadsheet is a computer application for organization, analysis, and storage of data in tabular form. What computer-generated document helps organize and display data? Basically document management systems are used to store and manage the documents in digitized form. The DMS reduces […]

Where is Rose Bundy Now? Ted Bundy’s Daughter Today

Who Is Ted Bundy Daughter? – Meet Rose Bundy Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile show Ted Bundy’s ability to be a family man. He lived with Liz Kolepfer and her daughter, Molly, for seven years, and hid her eagerness to kill people she considered her family. Bundy and Kloepfer did not stay together once […]

Seiichi Miyake – Japanese Inventor

Seiichi Miyake – Japanese Inventor Japanese inventor Seiichi Miyake, whose desire to help a close friend turned into an innovation that drastically improved the way those who are visually impaired navigate public spaces around the globe. In 1965, Miyake spent his own money to invent tactile blocks (or Tenji blocks as they were originally known) to help […]

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