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How do I remove a security tag from clothing without breaking the ink?

How do I remove a security tag from clothing without breaking the ink?

How do I remove a security tag from clothing without breaking the ink?

One of the most popular online hacks for removing security tags requires only a large, thick rubber band. Wind the rubber band around the pin (between the fabric and one side of the tag). Keep winding the band around and around until the elastic force of the band pops the locking mechanism apart.

Why do all these idiots assume it’s been stolen? The store forgets to take them off sometimes; maybe you live an hour from the store and are looking for an easier way than driving two hours to get it off., not stolen a-holes.

Go back to the store. Most stores use a unique magnetic device, so taking the tags out yourself is difficult. I don’t know what makes you think there is ink in the tag.
Learn from it; next time, check and remind the person at the checkout. We are all only human.

Where can I get a clothes security tag remover?

If you want to get the tag removed on your clothes, no, you cannot. I bought a blazer from Banana Republic a few years ago, but they still need to remove the security tag. While going out, it did beep, and the security waved me to go. I checked when I wore it on the day of my interview. I went to Old Navy, which was the closest to getting it removed. Since they were sister companies, they said they could not since every company has a different device tag. When Old Navy can’t remove BRs, you cannot get a universal remover.

See Sensormatic security tags if you want to open a company and need them for your clothes. They provide for retail stores.

Can I use any strong magnet to pull out a security cloth tag?

Yes. I’m not sure of the specifics, though. Also, to the folks answering with “don’t steal”. Have you considered the kids ended up with an item where a store clerk forgot to take the security tag off and doesn’t want to go through the process of melting shit and that whole mess to get it off?

How can you remove a magnetic security tag without a magnet?

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Caution: Physical work Ahead (LOL)

I have gone to Reliance Trends during my vacation. The billing desk forgot to remove the magnetic tag, and I didn’t notice that the sensors started making a beep sound while my exit was about to be over. I couldn’t recognize what it was, even the security couldn’t.

After coming home, I was in a hurry to trail my shopping clothes. Then I saw this Iconic white object on my shirt, similar to the image below.

As a useless engineer, let me answer this for the time being…

For this, you will need,

  • Candle
  • Cutting pliers

And Peace of mind.


  • Burn out the domed portion(right end) of the tag deeply using a candle.
  • Then, remove the melted plastic portion using pliers toto remove the spring attached to the base cylinder.
  • Then, you will find a needle surrounded by a ball bearing.
  • Gently push out the needle.
  • These are the residues after a successful destruction of the tag.

Thanks for scrolling…

PS: I have shown this to my mom after getting many views; she didn’t understand any of these but was happy that it was pretty helpful…

How do you remove safety tags from clothing?

If it’s the type with a dome on one side, get a neodymium magnet, hold it up to the dome, push the pin inward from the other side, and pull the parts apart.

If it’s the pyramid type:

Some contain ink to stain the clothing if you tamper with it. Freeze those for 24 hours before tampering.

Speaking of freezing, if you can access some liquid nitrogen, you may be able to freeze the tag without damaging whatever it is attached to and then whack it with a hammer. It should shatter into a pile of rubble.

Can I use any strong magnet to pull out a security cloth tag?

It depends on the alarm, and I will leave it at that.

But I will say this.

In many countries, you go directly from shoplifting to theft (I don’t know if the terminology is correct, but I think you get my meaning). You have gone from a lesser impulse crime to a planned theft.

I read that you are 17. I can understand if one shoplifts a candy bar, a low-price DVD, etc. I can understand that as a trill, being adventurous and rebelling as a teenager, and I have never been brutal towards those.

But when you start to use tools and go from petty shoplifting to planned theft, I have seen people go from normal kids to problems. It is not that they turn to crime but rather that they are in the police system and develop bad relations with authorities. I don’t say that you should “Love” authorities, but there comes nothing good from learning to despise police and security and starting to misbehave. I have dealt with at least a hundred of those that usually end too late, and they regret it later in life.

Do you want to have that in the trunk when you are 40? Have kids and all?

Don’t do it, please. Those clothes look good. Maybe a cute girl (or boy, if you lean that way) likes expensive taste. But your teachers and your parents will notice a sudden wardrobe change and be alarmed. Once you have started, how are you going to stop? Are you going back to less expensive clothes in half a year? Are you going to steal more clothes and sell them to a fence so that you can buy something else? Maybe accessories?

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You see my point; it goes very fast south when you go from nicking a piece of candy to bringing tools, and many stay hooked when they find easy money and can wear all the clothes of the right brands. But they also tend to go back and forth in juvenile correction and miss out on school. When you are 25 and work at a car wash, the cute girl doesn’t think, “Hey, look, it’s that cool guy” (No offence, people, people at a car wash).

Stay out of thefts, kids; I have seen more thieves than thieves themselves probably have.

What kind of magnet do I need to remove security tags?

Wow, people suck! Why did so many people go straight to accusing this person of stealing? Has no one ever had a security device left on something they bought at a store? Not only are you people so quick to accuse this person, but then you’re insulting them on top of it. Why don’t you point that finger back at yourself because you officially are an even worse person than you accusing them of being!

What is the best solution if the store sold me clothes without removing security tag?

Stephanie, thank you for the great suggestion. Things went exactly as you mentioned. It turned out that they gave me a USPS label to return the sweater and sent it back to me after removing the security.

They could not give me a new one because there was no other available. In addition, they gave me a gift card to compensate for all the inconvenience. The service desk of American Eagle was very kind, responsive, and prompt. I have a very great experience with the way they handling this issue. Again, thank you for the answer. Problem solved.

I was on vacation, and the store left the anti-theft tag on. How can I remove the anti-theft tag?

It depends on whether or not you could prove you did purchase the item. Hopefully, you have a receipt or can show a recent purchase for the item on a bank statement. While that wouldn’t 100% prove that you purchased that exact item with the tag, it would help. 

Then, you could contact the store and explain the situation to them. If the store has a branch near your home, they suggest you go to the nearby branch for help. Otherwise, they may agree to let you mail it back to them.

Lastly, even if you can’t find the receipt, you could always call and ask. Assuming that this is not a super-high-priced item, most stores would be very reasonable in removing a security tag that is left on an item. 

This frequently happens with clothing, for example. Stores know that issues like this occur from time to time. You might have to mail it back to them, and I would get the name of the person who tells you to send it back, hopefully a manager, but you could try it.

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How do you remove a security tag a cashier never pulled on dress pants so you make it to work on time?

This is going to depend on the security tag. I bought a pair of jeans across town and didn’t notice until I got home that the cashier did not remove the security tag, even though they scanned it (it didn’t set off the detectors at the door).

The security tag was the sort that had enough give that you could see the metal wire that goes through the security tag. I was able to slip some cutters in there and then break off the outer knob with a little applied force. That worked just fine for a pair of jeans, but I would worry about damaging the pants on something more delicate.

The other day, I bought shorts at Aero, and the lady didn’t remove the security tag. Is there a way I can take it off myself without having to find my receipt and go back to the store?

The best idea is to take it back to Aero and remove it; as long as you have your receipt, it will be fine; this happens more than you think. 

I’ve discovered security tags before on purchases made in the U.S. that needed to be morewasn’t feasible when returning to the store. These tags can be removed with a BBQ lighter. Go to YouTube and search “Removing Security Tag” There are several tutorials there. Good luck!

How can I remove a target security tag without a magnet?

Recently, I ordered my jeans from an online store. It was a perfect fit, except that they gave it with the tag. I noticed it when I was wearing it.

I had no idea how to remove it. The next best thing I could think of was breaking it open. I took one screwdriver and a hammer and started turning and twisting the tag. But damn, these things are powerful, plus I didn’t want to tear my cloth, so I was a little gentle. 

Thank you, it was a pair of jeans if it were some other clothes. It would have got torn. I could finally break it open after spending more than half an hour. Here are some pictures of what I found inside.

Some wires, bearings, springs, pins etc. I suggest you not try it open as it takes a lot of effort. It would be wise to go to any shop with a bill and get it removed unless you need it urgently.

How can I remove a sticky label from my shirt without damaging the fabric or leaving any residue?

I like a product called Goo Gone. If you use it sparingly and wash it out, it should not damage the fibers.

How do I remove a skin tag at home without cutting it off?

I have tried an old trick of my father a long time ago. He taught me to use a very thin thread or a strand of abaca to tie the tag nearest your skin. Leave a short allowance of thread to hold and tighten. Tighten the thread slowly every day, and you will notice the colour of the tag turning dark. Until one day, it will just fall off by itself. No trace.

I was on vacation, and the store left the anti-theft tag on. How can I remove the anti-theft tag?

If you still have it, bring it back to the store with the receipt and ask them to remove it. It would help if you had a unique tool to remove it; some were filled with ink. If you do it wrong, the ink leaks and ruins the item.

I was on vacation, and the store left the antitheft tag on. How can I remove the antitheft tag?

It would help if you never attempted to remove antitheft tags yourself. Doing so indicates you intend to steal the item and will result in you being charged with shoplifting. All you have to do is pay attention when you are being checked out at the cash register to ensure the cashier removes the antitheft tags. 

You should already be paying attention to the rung prices anyway to ensure they are at or below what the prices say on the shelves. If the cashier doesn’t remove an antitheft tag, take your receipt to customer service, and they will remove it once they confirm you paid for the item.

So, you do no need to know how to remove the antitheft tags. There are many reasons for you never to attempt something that would end up being charged with shoplifting, something that you paid for or intended to steal that you hadn’t paid for and never intended to pay for.

How can you remove security tags without damaging the garment?

I Can not, and why would you want to unless you were shoplifting? I am sure store employees know how to do this. If you want to get this kind of advice, you’ll probably have to wait until you’re incarcerated, and then I’m sure you’ll learn all sorts of exciting things.

In my opinion, forms like this should not be used to post information that will lead to illegal activities. If you buy the garment, I am sure the store will be happy to remove the tag for you and solve your problem, and as the other people who posted mentioned, keep your bill in case you have to return it, or they forgot to remove the tag.

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How do I remove the security ink tag?

Take it to the counter and pay for the item, or return it to the place you bought it, show your receipt, and they will remove it for you.

You can’t just buy these removers at any store, and most stores have unique ones that will only remove their particular design.

There are ways to remove them without said machines, but then you are critical.

How do I remove a security tag from clothing without breaking the ink?