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How to Improve Skills & Experience as a Nurse [With Time for Family]

How to Improve Skills & Experience as a Nurse [With Time for Family]

How to Improve Skills & Experience as a Nurse [With Time for Family]

Fortunately, in the modern world of nursing (as indeedmany other careers across various industries) it is now entirely possible, and in many cases actively encouraged, to cultivate a family life as well as dedicating time to professional pursuits.

However, this can often be easier said than done, especially when working in the pediatric field when it is even harder to separate your working life from your personal one due to the similarities in ages of your patients and your children.

With that being said, continue reading for a concise guide to improving your skills and experience as a nurse while still finding time for family. 

Undertake an Extra Qualification 

First and foremost and as you might expect, one of the most common routes, is to successfully complete additional qualifications, either to expand your knowledge in your current working field, or with a view to moving into another specialism. 

One such specialism is in the field of pediatrics and if you have always wanted to care for young children and even babies in your professional career, then looking into one of the accredited, reputable and renowned pediatric nurse practitioner programs for where to begin. 

Connect with Other Parents Who Nurse

You probably have colleagues in your current ward or department with young children too, but either never seem to work together on the same shift, or much more likely, simply do not have the time to ever strike up a conversation other than on strictly professional topics. 

However, just trying to find ten minutes to speak to a fellow nurse who juggles parenthood with a full-time nursing job could well throw up other ideas on how to better balance the two, some of which may be so simply you yourself had never thought of before. Even just having someone who appreciates the same struggles can really help your mental health. 

Work Hard to Establish Professional Boundaries

Establishing your professional boundaries and working out where the line is for your personal ones is a much simpler concept in theory then in practice. 

However, if you,for example,choose to undergo a further educational qualification in a nursing specialism online, you would need to address how well you set such boundaries to avoid burnout. Completing academic qualifications at home on the computer is certainly great for fitting around your shift patterns, but you would also need to make it clear to your partner and children that when you are working, you cannot be distracted or disturbed. 

It is also important that you try to establish work boundaries so that you take breaks and leave as close to on time as possible. Learning how to stop thinking about work when you’re off the clock is also important. How to Improve Skills & Experience as a Nurse [With Time for Family]

Put Yourself First

Finally, as downright bizarre as it sounds to be told to put yourself first when you are a professional and practicing nurse, as well as a mother, this last point is perhaps more important than any other. 

Putting yourself first means to focus on what you need to feel complete, fulfilled and productive in terms of your career, but also at least attempting to find a couple of minutes to practice relaxation techniques, such as deep meditative breathing and resting your body when you can. If you have no time to invest in yourself, then it is important to realize that you are not coping and to seek help. This might be normalized behaviour, but it’s not helpful to anyone. 

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A Concise Guide to Improving Your Skills & Experience as a Nurse While Still Finding Time for Family